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Webskitters Technology Solutions Private Limited was founded in 2009. It is highly renowned for IT staffing business and software development service globally.

Webskitters is a well established brand and is amongst the prominent players in the Staffing business in India with a Pan India presence. Webskitters’ software development practice complements its staffing business through cross skilling and technology enablement for employees across business divisions. With various growth options, our aim is to attract best of talent and boasts of lower than industry attrition standards.

We are a creative agency with an energetic bunch of people, who create wonders on the web. We always take a strategic approach towards the solution sought, and then create ideas around it. We aim to use our knowledge, understanding and creativity to help you communicate better and achieve your business objectives smartly.

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  • WARNED / TRAPS/ SCAMS account has been SANCTIONED by for breaching rules (forced release, uncomplete work, not refunding, not responding to tickets)., M.D: Atanu Sarkar, Ayan Sarkar, Atanu Kumar Dev. Lost $650. They operate on NO REFUND POLICY (ADVANCE RELEASE). Clients will LOOSE DISPUTES RIGHTS and REFUND RIGHTS on Intention to deceit other Employers with new account. This project is not STARTED and is INCOMPLETE, was done by DECEPTION , as I was new. 5th day informed that we want to cancel due to MISLEADING, FRAUDULENT claims and advice. On recent Skype used SWEARING and OBSCENE on webcam. Shame on you calling your self professional. If anyone at work getting BULLIED (as reviewed before by others) by them please come forward (lot better things in world) as I have done to expose them than $650. RIDICULES, INTIMIDATES, BLACKMAILS, BRIBING, BULLIES, HUMILIATES, MANIPULATES, EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL, AVOID CALLS, NIGHTMARE, WASTE OF TIME, SKYPE RECORD, UNETHICAL, BAD INTENTIONS, UNREASONABLE CHARGES & DURATION, POTENTIAL OF LOW QUALITY WORK, NO INTEGRITY and ACTS LIKE BOSS once money is released (initially very nice and convincing). All there positive claims are SHAM, UNETHICAL, COMPLEX games. All these are ROOT CAUSE of issue. False Claims of completing work, refuses to attach work to Uses various excuses not to refund, uses nil & void, baseless allegation to cover-up FAULTS. My actions are in helpless situation! ENGLISH LANGUAGE, International incompetency issues, copies clients English, was thrown out of 3 years back. Research for logical inconsistencies, ticket Id: MBY-511-58445 on or contact us. They have no feedback for reason They mentioned that they will operate with another account if left negative feedback as done previously and feeback dosn’t mean anything to them because they have got our $650 now. These companies have been black listed so beware of their websites and new id’s and serious action is in progress. Now saying we will wait for decision when they have already decided in my favour. Don't Skype will drag in conversation and use against you in future. Uses your advance money to cover previous losses. In two months never found any other project (nil amount). Potential of low quality work once money in hand. There are enough reasons (please research you will find) for suspicions and authenticity of their existence.
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  1. 1. You Think We Do
  2. 2. About Us Web skitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the leaders in providing software and web related solutions to the customers worldwide. The company was founded by Mr. Atanu Sarkar (CEO & MD) and Mr. Ayan Sarkar (CTO) on 10th April 2009 in Kolkata. We are proud to say that we have designed and developed more than 2,000 websites in this period. Our new vertical SEO has been opened in this year. We are currently working on 300 SEO projects. Our new department iPhone apps development is launched a month back.
  3. 3. Why 2000 companies From 25 Different Countries Choose Us ? More than 2,000 website design portfolio More than 8,00 customers from different countries One of the largest web design team in Kolkata One of the largest php | Application development team in India What We Do ? ῲ Iphone Application Development ῲ CodeIgnitor Partners ῲ JSP Experts ῲ CakePHP Experts ῲ Android Application Development ῲ Bootstrap Design ῲ Magento Experts ῲ Framework Development with JSP …… And Lots More 
  4. 4. “Pursue process automation to drive standardization, improve service levels and reduce cost” We at Web Skitters reach out to IT vendors and service providers to help leverage their domain and business expertise , to become more competitive and capable of managing global business Domains we Transform Application maintenance Customer support helpdesk Product quality assurance Professional Services Solution Rollout Project Management Outsourced IT services
  5. 5. Why Our Customers Are Satisfied ? Best quality work. After Project Support. Proper Quality Control from our world class team.
  6. 6. Our Customers
  7. 7. Our Expertise We work in several Domain & Environments which are :-
  8. 8. Our Professional Training Details Professional training courses are highly in demand. The changed face of job market has made it absolutely necessary for young professionals to obtain professional training in their respective fields. Our Industrial Training Details You can get a look and feel of the real world with on-field training from professional training courses. This especially helps the fresher's to understand the working procedure of the industry.
  9. 9. Our Vocational Training Details Web skitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Winter School began in 2010, in response to the popularity of the Summer School and the demand for professionally driven technology program tracks. Held during the winter vacations, each program track is designed keeping in view the latest industry trends and needs - making it a one-of-its-kind 'industry readiness' program. Web skitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Winter School encourages engineering students to utilize their winter vacations by learning and developing their IT skills, gearing them for their future IT careers.
  10. 10. What The Training Program Includes In-depth theoretical grooming to build up developmental competency The Project Report is recognized by universities across the country as part of the Vocational Training mandate Participation and project certificate for all successful candidates Projects similar to real-life applications. Formal Project Evaluation by Technical panel
  11. 11. Thank You for your time! With Best Regards, Please visit us at Please find our contact details below, +91-6457-0423 +1-707-533-1460