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Website Navigation - How to Get it Right For Customers


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Good website navigation is essential to help you showcase your products and services for customers quickly and easily.

A good website has intuitive navigation which leads to great usability.

When you attract visitors to your website, it's really important they're not left struggling, staring at a page attempting to figure out what to do.

It's your job to ensure it's easy for visitors to quickly see what information is available and where to go to find what they're looking for on "autopilot". If they have to think really hard about what to do, you've lost them!

Remember the golden rule: If someone can't find it, it doesn't exist! You might as well not have bothered adding it to your website.

So do you and your customers a favour and make your website easy and rewarding to navigate.

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Website Navigation - How to Get it Right For Customers

  1. 1. Website Navigation and Sitemap Design Tips Presented by Colette Mason,
  2. 2. Screen real estate is at a premium. Don't make your navigation bigger than it needs to be - make it just large enough to be easy to use, otherwise you lose space to communicate relevant information to your customers Keep it COMPACT Woahh! That's nearly a fifth of the screen used for just 5 menu items!
  3. 3. Don’t confuse users - keep it simple - don't create weird new words - don't create new relationships and categories - don't use wacky icons Keep it LOGICAL Hmm, which of these 3 "Menu" items should I click on to see the types of pizza they do?
  4. 4. Make your menu links "do what they say on the tin!" Don't leave people to solve a puzzle, because they won't bother! Keep it CLEAR Where do these icons go when you click them. Answers on a postcard please…..!
  5. 5. Customers need to be able to anticipate how your site works without having to learn what to do! Keep it INTUITIVE TO USE Hmm. These don't look like normal menu choices. How do you use this stuff?
  6. 6. Response times must be quick - faster than instantaneous is ideal  Keep it FAST Navigation should be quick. Who wants to wait for the "Enter Site" link to load???
  7. 7. Make sure you've planned your navigation so it's easily scalable when you add more content to your site in future Keep it FUTUREPROOF Make sure it's easy and logical to add more menu links as your website grows!
  8. 8. Keep it COMPATIBLE iPhones do a lot of things, but not flash - so visitors can't use your flash MENU! Make sure your navigation works on different browsers and mobile devices like smartphones
  9. 9. Keep in TOUCH  Colette Mason Usability Professional
  10. 10. Keep in TOUCH  Colette Mason Usability Professional Let's Get Social
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