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Stantec's Creativity & Innovation Program


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It all starts with a good idea.

Published in: Engineering
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Stantec's Creativity & Innovation Program

  1. 1. Stantec’s Creativity & Innovation Program It all starts with a good idea.
  2. 2. Stantec’s Creativity & Innovation (C&I) program celebrates and encourages creative and innovative thinking that benefits our clients, communities, and company. The C&I program helps us live our values and deliver on our promise to design with community in mind.
  3. 3. Our $2 million annual Greenlight fund supports employee ideas that benefit our clients, communities, and company. Half the fund is dedicated to formal research and development (R&D) with the remainder supporting ideas that fall outside of traditional R&D. Employees submit ideas for adjudication and the best ideas receive financial support. Greenlight Getting behind promising ideas
  4. 4. Our Publish & Speak program financially rewards employees who demonstrate thought leadership by speaking at client-facing conferences and events or publishing articles in client-facing publications or technical journals. Publish & Speak Sharing ideas that work with our clients and communities
  5. 5. Our $3 million annual Venture Fund helps employees pursue unique market opportunities outside of normal business development activities and budgets. Venture Fund Supporting ideas for expanding into new markets
  6. 6. We strive to bring creative and innovative thinking to all our projects, large and small. For assignments that meet our “Major Project” criteria, we have implemented a C&I review as well as C&I workshops intended to bring fresh thinking to the project. Major Project C&I Review Because big projects need big ideas
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