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Seo checklist


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SEO is a continuous and lengthy process. Here's a quick checklist for professional SEO practitioners, as well as those who are seeking to implement SEO for their business. This checklist will help you ensure that you have all the basic bases covered.

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Seo checklist

  1. 1. SEO Checklist By -Shashank Gupta CEO & Founder Web SEO Services
  2. 2. A through SEO check-list. Designed keeping in mind professional SEO practitioner as well as those implementing SEO for their own websites.
  3. 3. Content in this presentation• On Page Details •DO NOT DO Details • Title Details • Keyword Details •On Page Details • Header Details • Content Details • Image Details • Meta Details • Navigation Details • Site-Map Details • Linkage Details • Social Media Details • Technical Details
  4. 4. On page Details
  5. 5. Title Details Google only displays the first 66 or so characters (with spaces), hence the title must be less than 65 characters Your keyword phrases/ keywords is placed in the title tag
  6. 6. Keyword Details• Use a good keyword suggestion tool ( Google Tool) to find relevant & high quality keywords for your website/ blog• Compare Keywords to know which offer maximum potential. You can use free Tools like Google Insights• Home page should be used to target most important keywords
  7. 7. Keyword Details• Find keyword synonyms, and inter-spread them with main Keyword• Keyword placement should be close the beginning of the page title• Keyword Density between 3% to 5%• Incorporate 1-2 Keywords per page
  8. 8. Header Details Only one H1 Header per page Most important Keywords placed in H1 tag Use (H2-H6) for sub- headers Incorporate other Keywords in sub-header H2-H6
  9. 9. Content Details• Keywords are emphasized using Bold / Italic / Underline• Content is unique, fresh, helpful, constructive & relevant• Important keywords are placed close to title and also around hyperlinked text• All the content has been thoroughly proof-read for typos and content mistakes before making it live
  10. 10. Content Details
  11. 11. Contact details of company (in case of website)/ blogger (in case of blog) have been clearly providedContent sizebetween 300-500words Website/blog is regularly updated with fresh content
  12. 12. Images Details Images are optimized for faster loading Each image has caption Images are used judiciously to create interest in content ALT tag has been used for all images
  13. 13. Meta Details• Use main keywords in meta tag• Meta tag not more than 100 characters• Do not input sundry details like company name in meta tag• Good meta description is in place, short and meaningful• Meta description tag is unique for every page
  14. 14. Navigation DetailsNavigation of Blog/Website is: Good, easy to do and wellorganized Ensure navigation menu Text based navigation is used incorporates keywords
  15. 15. Site- Map Details• Keywords are used in File name• Hyphen (-) is used to differentiate words in File Name• A valid robot.txt file is in place• HTML site map for crawler and user had been created• XML site map for Google crawler is in place• HTML & XML have been validated• Site map has been submitted to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask
  16. 16. Linkage Details Keyword used in Anchor text Outbound link no more than 10 per pageIn case of website, links to Deep linkingother pages are present on done to relatedeach page articles
  17. 17. Social Media Details
  18. 18. Technical Details• Use 301 redirection to redirect to chosen Domain• Keep a lookout for broken links and fix them ASAP• Page loading time is kept down to minimum• URL is keyword rich, subpage URL too contains keywords• Ensure coding is error free• Webpage free of any syntax error• Web page size below 150K
  19. 19. DO NOT DO Details
  20. 20. The No List• No Flash is used, in case essential keep it down to minimum• No hidden text or hidden links• No copying same content on multi page• No ‘Cloaking’ is done
  21. 21. The No List• No stuffing keywords in Tags/ Content• No spamming, content, or Tags• No copying content from other website• No dealing with banned or poison keywords / websites
  22. 22. On page Details
  23. 23. On - Page• Keep track of your competitors; check their XML & HTML map, meta tag and so on• Blog submitted to Blog Directories & RSS Feed Directories• Well informed and relevant comments posted in High PageRank Blogs• Website submitted to all major Search Engines
  24. 24. On - Page Blog is inLocal business profile created for place, andbusiness on Google, Yahoo & maintainedBing
  25. 25. Shashank Gupta Owner & Founder Web SEO ServicesTwitter: @shashankscgBlog: www.webseoservices/blogFacebook: info@webseoservices.inWebsite: