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Search Engine Optimization is a fascinating field, with a relatively recent beginning. Here's a short slideshow outlining the wonderful history of this fast catching on field.

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History of seo - SEO Turotial - Free SEO Training Course

  1. 1. History of Search engine Optimization (SEO) By - Shashank Gupta CEO & Founder Web SEO Services
  2. 2. • Internet was the oldest technology amongst those related to SEO, and can be considered as the father of SEO• World wide web which was a turning point in history of Internet, without which SEO might have never been a reality; can be considered to be the mother of SEO• Search Engines were the next major event prior to the birth of SEO and these can be considered as the elder sibling of SEO, because again only after they were created SEO would follow them and be born• Finally comes the Search Engine Optimization, which when compared to all others is a mere baby. SEO is developing and growing at a very fast pace even today
  3. 3. World Wide Web SearchSearch engineEngine OptimizationAs search engines and the World Wide Web developed SEO grew and developed into its own
  4. 4. History of SEO• As Internet was growing it was being noticed that the relevancy of ranked results was having significant impact on the traffic coming to the web pages• Rather than the web just being a collection of shared files, the World Wide Web opened up concepts of e-commerce and internet marketing• With new avenues of sales to be gained, companies found value in creating and promoting their websites• Internet was being looked upon as a viable money making industry
  5. 5. • In 1996, Christine Churchill discovered the potential of Internet marketing after she built websites for her employer and noticed the intensive labour involved with maintenance• Her husband and a friend developed software tools to reduce the burden. Soon, she created an online company selling these software tools• Many such early SEO pioneers were coming up across USA and UK
  6. 6. Many early pioneers eventually met up and learned from each othereither in person or via subscriptions to email marketing newslettersrelated to this new field of Internet search marketing
  7. 7. John Audette• In 1995, John Audette formed Multi-Media Marketing Group (MMG) in Lake Oswego, Oregon on the sale of 4,000 copies of his $30 online book about marketing on the World Wide Web• He recruited many future SEO pioneers. MMG created the famous early I-Search Internet marketing newsletter with at one time had 15 to 20,000 subscribers.
  8. 8. Danny Sullivan• John also recruited famed early pioneer Danny Sullivan to teach his staff his knowledge of the tricks of the search ranking trade, and during that meeting he coined the phrase “search engine optimization.”• Whether or not it was the first use of the term is not known
  9. 9. The early pioneers were all discovering the importance ofInternet marketing of websites and the need for optimizingthem for higher rank by search engines and increased traffic.SEO was growing
  10. 10. Data source: The History of SEOFor more information refer to:http://www.thehistoryofseo.com
  11. 11. Shashank Gupta Owner & Founder Web SEO ServicesTwitter: @shashankscgBlog: www.webseoservices/blogFacebook: www.facebook.com/shashankscgEmail: info@webseoservices.inWebsite: www.webseoservices.in