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2 intro to manufacturing


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2 intro to manufacturing

  1. 1. Gilbert Garcia Director US Dynamics Manufacturing
  2. 2. AGENDA
  4. 4. DISCRETE MANUFACTURING VERTICALS Ranges from Make to Stock thru Engineer to Order Automotive Industrial Equipment • • • • • • • Special and Large Machinery Oil, Gas, & Mining Machinery Commercial Machinery High Tech Machinery Refrigeration and Air Handling Misc. Industrial Machinery Metal Working Machinery • • • • Automotive Components and Parts Aftermarket Parts Shipping and Railroad Vehicles Recreational Vehicles High Tech • Audio and Video Equipment • Communications Equipment • Computer Equipment Mfg.
  5. 5. PROCESS MANUFACTURING VERTICALS Batch Chemical, Primary Metals, Life Sciences Batch Chemicals • • • • • • Industrial Inorganic Industrial Organic Plastics, Materials, Synthetics Soaps, Cleaners, Toilet Goods Agricultural Chemicals Misc. Chemical Products -sealants -printing ink -carbon black -chemical preparations Life Sciences Primary Metals • • • • • • Blast Furnace and Steel Products Iron and Steel Foundry Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals NF Drawing and Rolling Non Ferrous Casting Foundries • • • • Pharmaceuticals Bio Technology Medical Devices* Nutraceutical & Vitamins *Discrete Mfg. pr Mixed Mode
  6. 6. Manufacturing
  7. 7.    Industry-strength product  its intuitive and easy-to-learn healthy mix of strong out-of-the-box functionality for the selected industries customer-specific functionality built by or together with partners     certifications to make sure that their partner
  8. 8.     higher TCO for the same number of users, increased end-user complexity and less flexibility to adapt the solution to changing business requirements   complexity of the product    
  9. 9.  none of these product enhancements have been designed specifically for midmarket companies   higher operating costs,  exceed the resources and capabilities of midmarket companies  is not specifically designed for the midmarket and will not include deep industry-specific functionality.   the ratio between IT staff needed to operate the system and business end users range from 1:25 and better, but can be up to 1:10, especially in accounts with less than 70 users  too expensive for midmarket companies
  10. 10.            the UI is not yet as flexible and intuitive as some competing solutions. Data export to Microsoft Excel is supported, but writing data from Excel to JD Edwards is not possible without additional effort
  11. 11.  mixed-mode manufacturing companies  adaptations are unaffected by upgrading the underlying application code   Epicor 9 offers more than 100 predefined, role-specific dashboards       on prepackaged best-practice process templates
  12. 12.    no major transformational development has happened since then .       high complexity and costly implementation large number of ERP solutions
  13. 13.    although built by a third-party provider, has proved to be strong     SyteLine does not support running multiple legal entities or business units in one single instance.
  14. 14. DYNAMICS AX MFG. SOLUTION FOOTPRINT Core Four ERP Opportunity Management Bid /Quote Forecasting Trading Partners Order Management Planning and Scheduling Shop Floor Control Work /Batch Orders Lean Kanban Scheduling Mfg. Execution & Reporting MSDS Compliance Process Mfg. Interplant Multi-Site Performance Management WMS Test/Test Plans Logical Disposition Batch Attributes Lot Genealogy Potency HR/ Payroll GL/AR/AP/FA & Procurement Sampling Policies Financial Control Project Accounting Interoperability Microsoft Office Compliance Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Lync Microsoft Project BI & Reporting Microsoft Fast Office 365
  15. 15. DYNAMICS AX CORE CAPABILITIES Governance-Risk-Complianc Corp Performance Mgt. US Payroll Supplier Relationship Mgt. Supply Chain Mgt Financials Human Resources Inventory Customer Relations Projects
  16. 16. MANUFACTURING COMPONENTS Governance-Risk-Compliance Planning/Scheduling Demand Management IEM Options (ISV) Plant Maintenance (ISV). Manufacturing Execution Automotive Options (ISV) Inventory Control Core Quality Control ISV Solution Core Project Management
  17. 17. Manufacturing Industries Ecosystem Lean (one example)
  20. 20. ISV Solution
  23. 23. Now in R2
  24. 24. Gilbert Garcia Director US Dynamics Manufacturing
  25. 25. FY13 Goal YTD Achievement All Industry VITU Program Mfg. Industries AX 97% 90% Mfg. Industries CRM 107% 90% FY13 Goal YTD Achievement Rank in Program IEM VITU 176% 1st Place
  26. 26. Gilbert Garcia Director US Dynamics Manufacturing
  27. 27. MICROSOFT OPERATIONS SOLUTIONS Meet your business objectives with a comprehensive solution Size Manufacturing Workloads Supply Chain Visibility System of Record Product Engineering Manufacturing Operations Management Financials Systems of Innovation Complementary Solutions Methodology & Tools Sales Order Management Warehouse and Distribution Administrative Workloads Systems of Differentiation Manufacturing Core Solution: Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Planning Hire-to-Retire Microsoft Dynamics AX Technology Microsoft Stack Integration Model-Driven, Layered Architecture Customer Management Integrated Development Environment Flexible Deployment Security Framework Knowledge Management BI/Analytics Sure Step Methodology Workflow Framework Employee Productivity InformationSource Interoperabilit y Data Storage Integration RapidStart Delivery Expertise = SAP/Oracle = Dynamics AX 28 = PLM
  28. 28. MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX FOR MANUFACTURING An end-to-end operation solution for manufacturing companies Supply Chain Demand Chain Manufacturing Operations Solution Lean Product Engineering Plan Supply Manufacture Distribute Suppliers Sell Supply Chain Visibility Customers Discret e Procure Manufacturing Operations Management Supply Chain Planning Deliver Manufacture Sales Order Management Product Design - BOMs, Formulation and Configuration, Supplier Relationship Management – Global and Multi-Currency Manufacturing/ Supply Chain Management – Quality, Costs, Skills Logistics Financial Management – Business Intelligence Order Management – Customer Relationship Management 29 Proces s Warehouse & Distribution
  29. 29. ROLE CENTERS: SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR PEOPLE Our version of ―Best Practices‖
  31. 31. SALES ORDER MANAGEMENT Develop a streamlined order-taking and fulfillment process Manage Customer Relationship Collaboration MultiChannel Quote-toSales Order Invoicing and Collection Management Drive customer loyalty with improved services Open new business opportunities Sales tools for improved customer interaction Get paid faster and manage litigation Drive your sales and marketing activities Key Benefits Empower users with efficient sales order entry Connect to web store, marketplaces, social media 32 Track results through KPIs and BI Customer Portal and Online Services for improved service
  32. 32. AVAILABLE TO PROMISE AND ….CAPABLE TO PROMISE ATP looks at materials only, CTP adds capacity view 33
  33. 33. OPERATIONS
  34. 34. ITEM/PRODUCT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Conceive, maintain & release products according to company policy  Manage centrally your portfolio of products.  Manage items & services.  Define product hierarchies.  Basics: name, product group, weight, dimensions, handling & packaging, etc.  Manage variants (color, sizes, etc.)  Attributes & hierarchies classification.  Inventory (batch, lots, catch weight, etc.)  Costing & financial dimensions.  Manage Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for CFR 21 Part 11 compliance. 35
  35. 35. TYPICAL PRODUCTION CYCLE AX provides transparency and visibility Benefits: •Material control Planned orders: • Master scheduling • Sales order Consumption ledger • Material Cost • Route Cost Costing Journals • Quantities Finished • Hours used Shop Floor Control • Finished Inventory papers • Pick list Individually created based on information from: • BOM/Formula • Production route Expected • Material Cost Created • Route Cost Cost Estimation Production/Batch Orders Job Scheduling Production papers • Operation/Job cards • Shop Floor Control • Route cards 36 • Visibility of the total process, which leads to reduction of costs Operation Scheduling Planning on date Start Release • Optimal production process & time levels Gantt Chart/Kanban
  36. 36. LEAN
  37. 37. LEAN MANUFACTURING FOR DYNAMICS AX manufacturing, sales-driven scheduling, kanban and inventory management, and lean accounting Integrated Sales, Purchasing, Financial, Collaboration, and Business Intelligence Lean Manufacturing Functionality Organization Planning/ Scheduling Cells LOS (Lean Order Schedules) Kanban Kanban Board Cost Substitution Item Heijunka Board Subcontracting Kanban Kanban Inventory Overview Value Stream as Financial Dimension Sales Schedules Sales Pull Signals (Call Off) Takt Meter Purchase Kanban Barcodes Kanban and Pull-Based Execution Transfer Kanban 38 Lean Accounting
  38. 38. SERVICE DELIVERY LIFECYCLE Great for Project Managed Companies Sales and Marketing Invoicing Project Management Project Accounting Resource Management Expenses Time Sheets 39
  39. 39. PROJECT ACCOUNTING Manage your project-tracking profitability   Control project costs and reporting.  Manage costs and planning using project hierarchies.  Set up and manage project quotations effectively.  40 Monitor profitability with revenue recognition. Integrates in real-time with supply chain and financial management processes.
  40. 40. COSTING METHODS Mixed Mode Costing  Standard  Lifo  Lifo Date  Fifo How are we different better than the competition? MIXED MODE COSTING!  FeFo (reservations)  Weighted Average  Weighted Average Date  Actual 41
  42. 42. SUPPLY CHAIN PLANNING (WITHIN THE 4 WALLS) Set company policies and collaborate with your vendors Procurement Budget Build and maintain your budgets with Excel Key Benefits Spend Analytics Accessible KPIs and Business Intelligence Facilitate employee ordering experience Supplier Material Management Requirement and Sourcing Planning Onboard vendors and send RFPs online Enforce policy control 43 Manage supply & demand across supply chain Efficient procurement process for direct and indirect goods Procurement Catalog-based procurement model Empower vendor interaction
  43. 43. MASTER PRODUCTION SCHEDULING (MPS) Mixed Mode MPS Master Planning Master Planning Forecasting – Items,customer,vendors – Forecast models Forecast schedule Master plans – General settings include : – On-hand inventory – Inv. transactions – Quotations – Forecast model – Time fences – Safety margins Master schedule – Forecast method: – Manual, period, key – Forecast plans: – General settings – Time fences – Safety margins Kanban Process Transfer Planned orders Production order Coverage groups: – General settings – Action message – Futures message Purchase order Op. schedule Lead time Job schedule Delivery date 44 Transfer order From Warehouse To Warehouse
  44. 44. SCHEDULING EXECUTION  MRP/MPS  What if  En Masse  Grouping and Sequencing  Select  Capacity Loading and Planning  Multiple Ways to Issue Material  Shop Floor Control Integration (MES)  Route and Job Scheduling  Finite/Infinite Scheduling (Forward, Backward,)  Material  Capacity  Property  Capable and ATP  Gantt Charts  Scheduling Board (Lean) Understand when to recommend advanced planning and scheduling tools 45
  45. 45. LOGISTICS
  46. 46. WAREHOUSE AND DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT/EXECUTION End-to-end visibility throughout the supply chain Plan and schedule Inbound logistics Quality management Outbound logistics Returns Balance your need in resources and inventory Optimize your receipt and putaway processes Make customer satisfaction a priority Efficient customer deliveries and distribution Manage return process and track issues Key benefits Empower users with role-based access to information Manage supply chain across geographies and time zones Know when to recommend WMS optimization 47 Streamline endto-end supply chain processes Manage product compliance and traceability
  47. 47. WMS IN DYNAMICS AX Warehouse Management System •Directed Picking, Packing, Put away •Random or Fixed Locations •Tightly integrated with: Purchase orders Sales orders Production orders Inventory Management Cycle Counting/Tag Counts Multi-site warehouse management Inventory management with dimensions Flexible technology (e.g. use of bar codes)  48
  48. 48. FINANCIALS Make decisions based on facts and comply Reporting and consolidation Budget General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Cost Accounting Fixed Assets Project Accounting Build and maintain your budgets with Microsoft Excel Analyze your finances the way you want Manage your vendor relations and disbursements Efficiently manage customer invoices and collections Distribute costs and analyze profitability Automate your acquire-toretire process Manage your project tracking profitability Key Benefits Enable users to make decisions based on facts Comply with local regulations 49 Comply with global regulations (IFRS, SOX) Powerful account structure for deeper analysis
  50. 50. RACING TEAM PLANS PROCESS TRANSFORMATION WITH INTEGRATED ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING ―We want to be in a position to win. We're investing in people and technology, and we need to improve our processes. I really think Microsoft Dynamics AX is going to help the team in this challenge for 2014.‖ Challenge Lotus F1 Team wants to win the 2014 FIA Formula 1 auto racing world championship. To that end, it needs to transform many of its business and manufacturing processes. Solution The team chose Microsoft Dynamics AX to collect live, accurate information, make informed decisions, compete for funding, and – ultimately – build a faster car. Graeme Hackland, CIO, Lotus F1 Team View the Case Study Expectations     Improve manufacturing productivity Avoid wasted resources Deliver information quickly to remote employees Interoperate with its HR environment to manage the skill sets it needs for new processes
  51. 51. MANUFACTURER TAKES CONTROL OF OPERATIONS, IMPROVES INSIGHT BY USING ERP SOLUTION ―We want to take this company to $200, $300, $400 million a year in revenue, and to do that, we need a very good ERP solution. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, we have that.‖ Raymond De Hont, Chairman, CEO, and President, Met-Pro Business Challenge  Met-Pro relied on a 20-yearold enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and, consequently, resorted to many manual processes because the solution lacked integration throughout the company’s entire operation. Solution  Met-Pro engaged a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX and a range of select add-in solutions. Results/Benefits     Insight into business Control over operations Contractual compliance Flexible platform for ongoing growth and change View the Case Study
  52. 52. LEADING MANUFACTURER OF BLENDING EQUIPMENT ADOPTS MICROSOFT DYNAMICS SOLUTIONS ―If you have a great idea here on the production line, we're able to take those ideas and incorporate them into new processes very quickly. Those great ideas turn into better results for our customers.‖ Company Overview Vitamix Corporation is a world leader in high-performance blending equipment. Its business has doubled in the past three years. Solution   Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics CRM Results    Paul Sems, Director, Information Technology, Vitamix Corporation View the Case Study Up-to-date information reflects the company’s business situation. Interoperability with Microsoft Office makes it easy to train employees. Time taken to do one return sales order went from 3.5 minutes to 45 seconds.
  53. 53. HEALTHCARE MANUFACTURER REDUCES WASTE AND IMPROVES DATA VISIBILITY WITH ERP SYSTEM ―We concluded that Microsoft Dynamics AX was the only true lean ERP solution available on the market.‖ Challenge Talley Group needed to identify and reduce waste in its manufacturing process. Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX Benefits    John Ramage, IT Manager, Talley Group   Accessible information Streamlined manufacturing process Smarter decision making Smoother operations Enhanced customer Mfg. View the Case Study
  54. 54. ―With Microsoft Dynamics AX, we can better devise and run extended processes, manage morethan-doubled data volumes, and meet business challenges with great agility.‖ Enrico Cafiero, Head of Business Information Systems and ERP Program Manager, Piaggio Aero Industries AERONAUTICS LEADER DEPLOYS ERP SOLUTION TO STREAMLINE, CONTROL, AND GROW ITS BUSINESS Business Challenge  Piaggio Aero Industries sought to streamline its business processes, more closely connect locations and business groups, and gain better control over business growth and performanc e. Solution Piaggio Aero deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX in several business units, including the company’s finance management, and integrated the solution with Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server. Results/Benefits     Generate cost savings through streamlining and control Enable business insight and dependable regulatory compliance Gain higher returns from investments in skills and training Rebuild business processes for growth and best customer Mfg. View the Case Study
  55. 55. LEADING WATER PUMP MANUFACTURER IN SRI LANKA IMPROVES CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT WITH ENHANCED VISIBILITY DEPLOYMENT CASE STUDY ―Month-end reports that used to take two weeks now take just over a day. This has significantly enhanced visibility and sped up decision-making, especially when it directly affects the cash flow.‖ Senaka Attygalle, General Manager - IT, Jinasena (Pvt) Ltd Challenge Solution The company needed to have accurate, real-time business information to support business decisions. It also needed to streamline processes to improve productivity and reduce costs, enhance its inventory management processes, and speed up financial reporting. Designed from the ground up for the manufacturing industry, the easy customizability of Microsoft Dynamics AX allowed Jinasena to incorporate specific import management requirements into the system to align with local standards. Benefits    Enhanced inventory management eliminates laborintensive annual stock-take Streamlined processes cut inventory holding costs by 25 percent Better control over supply chain increases negotiation power View the Case Study
  56. 56. INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY ADVANCES ITS BUSINESS ON INNOVATIVE ERP SOLUTION Business Challenge ―I get a lot of satisfaction out of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. With commitment from Microsoft to enhance the solution, it will always be on the forefront of technology—and we will be there with it.‖ Bob Jablonski, Operations Manager, Hydra-Power Systems Solution   Hydra-Power Systems wanted to increase its ability to serve customers, help employees be more productive, streamline key business processes, and gain greater returns from technology investments. Through the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program, HydraPower implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 in integration with other Microsoft technologies and businessspecific software tools. Results/Benefits     Enable decision makers to take control Run a scalable solution by using only company resources Enhance the quality and competitiveness of customer Mfg. Help employees boost their effectiveness View the Case Study
  57. 57. LEADING MANUFACTURER OF CUTTING TOOLS SIMPLIFIES MANAGEMENT OF GLOBAL OPERATIONS Business Challenge ―With the help of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, we can follow our customers across the globe in the most efficient way possible.‖ Daniele Ferrari, CEO, Dellas View the Case Study  Dellas wanted to simplify its global business, provide a better experience to customers and resellers, and fully embrace lean business practices in all aspects of the operation. Solution With help from MHT, Dellas implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as an upgrade to the previous version of the solution. Results/Benefits      Simplify the work environment Enhance customer and reseller engagement Streamline global business Manage a lean operation Boost executive insight and control
  58. 58. THE WÜRTH GROUP (OPERATIONS 2.0) ―With Microsoft Dynamics AX, we can integrate new businesses into the Group practically at the touch of a button. Industry-specific characteristics can be easily implemented.‖ - Bernd Herrmann, Managing Director, Würth Challenge • • • • 400 subsidiaries in 84 countries; multi-industry and LOB operations Diverse languages, currencies, legislative requirements Inefficient processing for high-volume orders Lacked visibility into global operations Solution • • • Deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX as the operational ERP Internal IT developed WürthPhoenix Trade+ for template-based, industry-specific deployments Integrated Microsoft Dynamics AX with Administrative ERP Results • • • • One system meets needs for 60+ locations Optimizes IT resources and costs with reusable implementations Order processing workload reduced by 50 percent Global visibility at both local sites and central administration Why 2.0: Diverse Manufacturing Operations, Geography, Size
  60. 60. Cayman Chemical is an international manufacturer and distributor of high quality biochemical research products and has grown from a fledgling company of 1 employee in a small laboratory space to a spacious 14 acre research and production campus. Steady growth has allowed Cayman to expand its Production, R&D, chemistry and cGMP manufacturing capabilities. Today Cayman is comprised of 250 employees in 4 countries with a catalog of over 2,500 different biochemicals to over 4,000 customers worldwide. Cayman Replaces Legacy Oracle Application Outgrew aging, legacy Oracle ERP application and needed true integration throughout its operations Better manage inventory, sales process, manufacturing and supply chain and accommodate growth Implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX with Process Industries Seamlessly connect operations using industry standard tools and the look and feel of everyday Microsoft products Link to Cayman Chemical webcast Manages complex sales processes and growth overseas Better understanding of customers and meeting them with accurate, timely information More user friendly system
  61. 61. Focused on manufacturing marine paints, protective coatings, container coatings, decorative paints and yacht paints.The first Hempel factory started production in 1915 in Denmark. Is now a world-wide enterprise comprised of two main and four regional research and development facilities, 20 manufacturing plants, 47 sales offices and more than 130 stock points strategically located around world. Hempel ensures prompt delivery of freshly produced quality coatings supported by Hempel's world-renowned service. Hempel Chooses Microsoft Dynamics AX After Failed SAP and Epicor Implementations Needed solution to support “One Hempel Everywhere”, with all units connected through stock visibility, intercompany sales, better managed inventory, sales processes, manufacturing and supply chain Replace failed SAP and Epicor Scala implementations Link to Hempel Press Release Selected Microsoft Dynamics AX with Process Industries Seamlessly connect operations using industry standard tools and the look and feel of everyday Microsoft products • Standardization and alignment of business processes and procedures • Efficiency gains in production - strong supply chain functionality, such as MRP planning, Production planning, product costing, stock visibility and inventory management
  62. 62. Specialty pharmaceutical company focused on treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Jazz utilizes a combination of licensing/acquisition and in-house development of novel formulations and drug delivery technologies, and a production outsourcing strategy using contract manufacturers. Publicly held company, Public IPO, May 31, 2007, NASDAQ Exchange: JAZZ Jazz Sets an Example for Life Sciences Companies •Aggressive Growth Strategy •Replace Disparate Systems •Replace Manual Planning and Scheduling Capabilities •SOX, Security, Data Integrity, Electronic Signature and transaction level audit and controls critical •Agility – Require ability to quickly add new companies, train new employees, add new product lines •Evaluated Oracle, Ross, and Dynamics AX •Top 5 evaluation criteria were: Functional Fit, FDA Compliance / Industry Experience, Technology / Scalability, Supply Chain Integration with out-sourcing partners, Solution Cost •Required a rapid 3-month implementation to precede IPO •Integrated solution •Ability to track lots through outsourced production process •Managing lot quality data, expiry dates, and inventory disposition •More accurate production planning to meet demand •Simplified the management of inventory, consignment, and order fulfillment Link to Jazz Pharmaceutical webcast
  63. 63. A division of $2B Roll International, Suterra is dedicated to providing an unmatched range of scientifically proven pheromone traps and lures - over 100 lures and the most extensive pheromone selections available. Suterra’s technical team is committed to helping maximize product performance…from pheromone placement to mid-season evaluations to monitoring insect pressure and tracking insect flights. Suterra has been committed to developing environmentally sound pest control products since its inception. Suterra Rolls out AX with Process Industries in Four Countries at the Same Time •Growth through acquisition required a data model and business processes that could be easily rolled out across multiple locations •Global integration and reporting key •Required a set 6-month implementation schedule •Selected Microsoft Dynamics AX with Process Industries over Oracle •Integrated solution •Went live in 4 different countries at the same time: Wales, US, Mexico and Spain • Wales and the US started transactions within 1 hour of each other despite an 8 hour time difference
  64. 64. CHEMICAL MANUFACTURER SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTS ERP SOLUTION, GAINS BETTER INSIGHT TO PROCESSES AND INVENTORIES DECISION CASE STUDY Company Overview Why Microsoft Dynamics In 2007 Spolchemie was looking for a new, comprehensive enterprise information system. The solution it chose ultimately failed integration tests. The company opted for Microsoft Dynamics AX, which already ran successfully in seven companies in the Spolchemie Group. Goals   Adjust the prices of its products to keep the desired margin and minimize the risk of selling below cost Eliminate the risk that production might halt due to lack of certain input materials. View the Case Study
  65. 65. OIL MANUFACTURER IMPROVES DECISION MAKING AND OPERATIONS WITH NEW ERP SOLUTION ―Amalie Oil is doubling in size every six years and we have only had to increase our workforce by 25 percent. We would have been unable to effectively scale to that level of growth without Microsoft Dynamics AX.‖ Gianni Barkett, Chief Technology Officer, Amalie Oil Company Business Challenge  Amalie Oil Company relied on an aging enterprise resource planning system with high support costs and an uncertain future. Solution The company worked with Blue Horseshoe Solutions and implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX. Results/Benefits     View the Case Study Improve business insight and reporting Enhance manufacturing and Mfg. Cut IT costs, speed development Support growth
  66. 66. WATERSPORTS COMPANIES BET THEIR FUTURE ON ERP SYSTEM AND POWERFUL TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER ―With Microsoft Dynamics AX, we will realize huge gains at each of our companies individually and from a consolidated standpoint. The wins will be obvious and very drastic.‖ Sharon Zimmer, Corporate Vice President, Systems and Technology, Kent Watersports View the Case Study Business Challenge  Kent Watersports wanted to streamline business operations and provide greater executive insight and control across all six companies within the Kent Watersports family. Solution The company deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX as the centralized ERP system for all companies. Results/Benefits    Simplify technology management, reduce cost of technology ownership Introduce agility and efficiency into business operations Make key relationships more productive
  67. 67. Thank You Gilbert Garcia Mobile: 802-258-1226 Office: 843-757-5626