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Matthew Krivitsky


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Matthew Krivitsky is quite a good lawyer. Matthew is a frank, compelling attorney who can drive home a bargain in simple, elegant language.

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Matthew Krivitsky

  1. 1. Matthew Krivitsky is a proud star who graduated from Hofstra.
  2. 2. Matthew Krivitsky One of the Best Lawyer
  3. 3. Matthew Krivitsky’s Introduction: He is a young and talented lawyer who did his undergraduate studies at SUNY Binghamton and studied law at Hofstra University School of Law. Mr. Krivitsky has worked with different bar associations as an associate attorney. He is currently an Associate Attorney at Daniella Levi and Associates PC that deals with different injury and accident cases. Matthew Krivitsky is now specializing in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. He has been successful in different cases held in different counties like Kings, Queens, New York, Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk County.
  4. 4. Matthew Krivitsky’s Professional Status and History: Matthew Krivitsky, has been working in the field of law during his academic years. He was a clinical intern at CJC (Criminal Justice Clinic) while he was getting his JD at Hofstra Law School. Working as a clinical intern helped him a lot in learning and being practical because he dealt with the cases like crime investigations and he interviewed different clients and negotiated with district attorneys. This job, in the beginning, gave a boost to his career and provided a huge exposure. He worked with various bar associations like the Brooklyn Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, and the New York State Trial Lawyers Association.
  5. 5. Currently, Matthew Krivitsky is working as an associate attorney at Daniella Levi & Associates PC that deals with serious accident and injury cases and advocates to help the victims get their rights! He has a very strong background in regards to his profession because he has been attached with different bar associations that deal with different cases from land issues to crime scenes. This is a plus point that helped develop himself as a professional lawyer.
  6. 6. Basic Areas That Mr. Krivitsky Deals With: As discussed above his professional status and history, it becomes easy for everyone to guess which areas he deals in. You can hire Matthew Krivitsky for a wide range of legal issues ranging from personal injury to real estate matters. Matthew Krivitsky has the knowledge and experience to make sure that justice is served! As we, all know that it is the era of internet and the whole world is a global village. Almost everyone is running his own websites and most of the people do face some legal issues as an owner of a website that can be copyright problems or some other NOC problems, one can hire Matthew Krivitsky as a lawyer because he also specializes in Entertainment and Internet & Media Law. He also has a background in Criminal Law and will be able to help you with any of your concerns or issues! The association with whom he is currently working with deals with such cases and he is showing great results every day by working hard.
  7. 7. Why Matthew Krivitsky: Anyone who is running a business or deals in the property needs a lawyer at any stage of life or those who face some criminal activities also show a desire to go for a reliable and an active lawyer. It is obvious that anyone who thinks of hiring a lawyer wants someone who can fight for their rights and advocate for justice! Above all, the client wishes to have an attorney who has a friendly attitude because the client can discuss his case more openly with such lawyers as compared to those who do their job with harsh attitudes and treat their clients as a number. Thus, Matthew Krivitsky is a lawyer famous for his good attitude and nature. Matthew Krivitsky is known for good debates and arguments in courts to convince others. His history shows that he won various cases and was successful in different venues such as Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and New York County.
  8. 8. He is the right choice because he has great experience in the field of law as he started learning the law while he was getting his education. Matthew Krivitsky grew up in Brooklyn and went to James Madison High School, the Alma Mater of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Matthew Krivitsky was captain of the Mock Trial and Moot Court Team in High School and was also the captain of the Mock Trial Team at SUNY Binghamton University. While attending Hofstra Law School, Mr. Krivitsky was a member of the Moot Court Board and a member of the Hofstra Trial Advocacy Association. All these factors make him the right lawyer to hire when it comes to your case! The Unification Group: