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English speaking classes

The Impact offers English Speaking Courses and Classes in Faridabad. We conduct the top most English Speaking Classes in Faridabad.

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English speaking classes

  1. 1. ENGLISH SPEAKING CLASSES FARIDABAD The IMPACT, Faridabad is the best institute for spoken English classes, IELTS training, Speaking courses, Personality development, Interview & GD, Email writing, Presentation , Communication etc. .We all understand the increasing importance of English language as national/international mode of communication. It helps you to catch the instant attention of every one in a social get together or an official set up.Our goal is to help you Learn English speaking so you can speak and understand English fluently. We have exclusive Spoken English Training programs through which you can enahnce your English Speaking skills. Our proven method strengthens your reading, speaking, and listening all at the same time and makes learning English easy. If you are a beginner or an Executive or a House wife, we have the right English speaking courses for you. Our institute’s aim is to provide quality spoken English coaching. Our Courses also aim at improving soft skills of students with the help of different Training modules like Team Building, Presentation Skills, Body Language, Writing Skills, etc. We follow 4 levels of English language development course as per the international teaching guidelines. Our methods are completely interactive and from the day 1, we encourage the trainees to remove hesitation and start speaking English according to their course level by engaging in class activities. We help you to improve your: * Grammatical expressions * Vocabulary range * Intonation & Stress * Pronunciation & Accent * Communication skill * Overall confidence
  2. 2. LEVEL One : BEGINNER (Spoken English Course) Duration: 1/2/3 month Total no. Of classes: 20/40/60 Fee: 2000/4000/6000 INR* This is an entry level course for English learner. No entrance test is needed to take admission to this level. Contents:  Greeting, Introducing, Describing your family  Asking for & describing objects & places  Talking about habits/natures/characters/facts  Describing shopping mall and ongoing activities  Past stories & talking about quantity & seasons  Countries/languages and modes of travelling  Physical appearance and actions  Permissions/orders/requests & comparisons  Leisure activities, likes and dislikes  Talking about future planning/arrangements  Emotional expressions and opinions By the end of this course, you will be able to read, write, understand and speak English with basic structures. LEVEL Two : Pre-intermediate (Spoken English Course) Duration: 1/2/3 month* Total no. of classes : 20/40/60 Fee: 2000/4000/6000 INR* This course covers reading, writing, listening and speaking, and helps you develop a strong foundation in grammar an vocabulary. Contents:  Things people do, their family and friends  Describing places, journey & ongoing activities  Talking about leisure activities  Speak about your job related activities  Narrating past incidents/events & obligation
  3. 3.  Think about your future plans/intentions  To talk about changes/experiences  Describing a performance/TV soaps By the end of this course you will be able to express yourself in general situation. This course also prepares you to Intermediate level course in spoken English * Time & Amount depend on the level of the candidates LEVEL Three: Intermediate (Spoken English Course) Duration: 3 month Total no. of classes: 60* 1 hr. Fee: 6,500 INR This course makes it possible for you to communicate more effectively in a wide range of situations by using appropriate grammatical expressions/Vocabularies. Contents: After finishing this course you will find yourself confident while interacting with anyone in any situation in English. This course prepares you to pursue advance level courses in English like Business English, Presentation skill, Public speaking skill etc. . For more details please visit us our Website@