AdWords Unchained: New ideas, new strategies, new clients. #OMK13


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I had the chance to kick off the search-track at the first edition of the Online Marketing Konferenz conference in Berne this August. My talk explores new ideas to take AdWords to the next level and unlock its creative potential. AdWords is an adventure, not just numbers and ROI. It rocks.

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AdWords Unchained: New ideas, new strategies, new clients. #OMK13

  1. 1. #omk13 @tozehnder New ideas, new strategies, new clients. AdWords Unchained
  2. 2. #omk13 @tozehnder Think user perspective. This is how people start their research. Simple, yet powerful information.
  3. 3. #omk13 @tozehnder AdWords AdWords organic Google Competition grows as SERPs change.
  4. 4. #omk13 @tozehnder But when thinking about AdWords, a lot of folks go «same old, same old...» Getting started with AdWords is easy. Let‘s take it to the next level.
  5. 5. #omk13 @tozehnder Boring.
  6. 6. #omk13 @tozehnder Boring.
  7. 7. #omk13 @tozehnder Boring.
  8. 8. #omk13 @tozehnder Budget + Target + Language + Data + Optimization +Website + Organisation = more clients My recipe for the better.
  9. 9. #omk13 @tozehnder10 AdWords done right is an adventure.
  10. 10. #omk13 @tozehnder Boldly go where no one has gone before.
  11. 11. #omk13 @tozehnderUnlock the creative potential!
  12. 12. #omk13 @tozehnder Remember: User journey is always multi-channel, multi device.
  13. 13. #omk13 @tozehnder
  14. 14. #omk13 @tozehnder How to advertise something people don‘t search for on Google. Source:  h*p://  
  15. 15. #omk13 @tozehnder [wether] [gool] [ness] [amazin] [definately] [buisness] [wierd] [vacum] [moonsoon] [publically] [facw] Buisness? Yu cant spel properlie wen hungrie. Grab yourself a Snikkers
  16. 16. #omk13 @tozehnder Great campaigns need great landing pages.
  17. 17. #omk13 @tozehnder
  18. 18. #omk13 @tozehnder «... I‘ve got binders full of women.»
  19. 19. #omk13 @tozehnder
  20. 20. #omk13 @tozehnder" trends/explore Check for your potential on Google Trends (or on TV, on twitter, in the newspaper...)
  21. 21. #omk13 @tozehnder Bad referee?
  22. 22. #omk13 @tozehnder Better TV!
  23. 23. #omk13 @tozehnder A better picture with HD See more of the game than the referee. Get upc cablecom HD.
  24. 24. #omk13 @tozehnder Conversions!
  25. 25. #omk13 @tozehnder Goal: Sell pizza Strategy: Targeting3 (Intention,Time, Device)
  26. 26. #omk13 @tozehnder 1. Intention «pizza» «pizzeria» (Local stores?)
  27. 27. #omk13 @tozehnder 2. Time Before lunch, and late in the afternoon.
  28. 28. #omk13 @tozehnder 3. Device Mobile!
  29. 29. #omk13 @tozehnder Yeah! A smart mobile website.
  30. 30. #omk13 @tozehnder How do you call this thing?
  31. 31. #omk13 @tozehnder How the people call it The company‘s language ≠  
  32. 32. #omk13 @tozehnder Your clients are here! „badezimmerteppich“ „duschmatte“
  33. 33. #omk13 @tozehnder
  34. 34. #omk13 @tozehnder upgraded sitelinks product listing ads 00dynamic remarketing trueview ads New AdWords features: It‘s getting more complex. (make sure to stay ahead of the curve!)
  35. 35. #omk13 @tozehnder use the force API
  36. 36. #omk13 @tozehnder enhanced  ad  sitelinks  product  lis;ng  ads   00  dynamic  remarke;ng   trueview  ads   review  extensions   2011 2012 2013 enhanced  campaigns   remarke;ng  for  search   youtube  switzerland   google  shopping   mobile  app  extensions   bid  modifiers   hyperlocal  ad  extensions   sitelink  scheduling   dynamic  search  ads   +1  within  ads   AdWords Feature-Timeline
  37. 37. #omk13 @tozehnder The only way to survive in this new Online Marketing World: Collaborate! web devs search analytics IT social classic advertising
  38. 38. #omk13 @tozehnder Think your idea rocks? Just do it!
  39. 39. #omk13 @tozehnder 1.  Respect the multi-channel world 2.  Connect departments and stories 3.  Work with data and language 4.  Thanks!
  40. 40. #omk13 @tozehnder Tobias Zehnder Partner / Head of Innovation at the Webrepublic @tozehnder