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Webrains Solutions

  1. 1. OVERVIEW
  2. 2. Press to EXIT About Clients Expertise Skills Service Products
  3. 3. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a software development firm based in INDIAsince FEB 2001. So far we have completed nearly 400 + projects. We are proud to havefew the most esteemed around the Globe.Technical ExpertiseBesides above the company is running with a group of persons from computerbackground with vast experiences, which have dedicated their time & brain for theorganization. Research and development work is going on round the clock to providebetter and in time services to the clients.Please feel free to contact us for a presentation of our work / A Demo CD
  4. 4. Why Clients Choose Webrains• Integrity and honesty.• Passion for exceeding customers expectations, partners, and technology.• Open and respectful with others and dedicated to making a transparent relationship.• Take on big challenges and see them through.• Self-critical, questioning, and committed to personal excellence and self-improvement.• Personal accountability for commitments, results, and quality to customers,stakeholders, partners, and employees.
  5. 5. Delivery Methodology:We maintain a strict dead line oriented version releases within in our company beforereleasing the final product to the client. We follow 4 Internal development cycle releaseto a Grant Release to the client. And before every grant release we maintain a strictquality assurance checking of the product by a well qualified testing team.Communication Methodology :We try to maintain a communication update to our clients in every week with ascheduled time as per our clients convenience. We follow a communication trackingsystem for getting the system requirements and with a issue no. or a new developmentno., so we can minimize the communication gap, and maximum client satisfaction canbe get.
  6. 6. Issue Tracking Management system :We provide a issue tracking management system, so any time a issue is raised, it isdirectly raised by the client, and it is directly linked to the developer so within minimumcommunication layer the issue can be solved.For each and every issue, we survey the deep cause & root so we can reach themaximum client satisfaction.
  7. 7. Areas of expertise of the company are Mobile and Business Embedded Wireless Applications Systems Solutions Multimedia Macintosh System Solutions Programming Programming
  8. 8. Webrains Solutions specializes in business to business software development and smallbusiness software development. We provide a full range of business applicationdevelopment services to help our clients maximize the use of information technology.Our expertise on a variety of platforms allows us to develop solutions that are not tied toa specific vendor or product. The list of platforms includes Win32, Windows Mobile,WinCE, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux.Deciding how to deploy next-generation applications requires both expertise andexperience. Specialists of Webrains have been working on custom business applicationssince 2001. Webrains services encompass all stages of development, fromconceptualization to implementation.We are specialists in mission-critical financial application development, e-commerce,CRM software development, e-marketing systems, data management systems, businessapplication programming and reporting systems . As mobile market grows our businessapplication developers pay special attention to leveraging our expertise in providingadded value mobile applications.
  9. 9. Embedded system is a widely used term in the modern Information Technology.How is an embedded system defined?According to SearchEnterpriseLinux.com "An embedded system is some combination ofcomputer hardware and software, either fixed in capability or programmable that isspecifically designed for a particular kind of application device. Industrial machines,automobiles, medical equipment, cameras, household appliances, airplanes, vendingmachines, and toys (as well as the more obvious cellular phone and PDA) are amongthe myriad possible hosts of an embedded system. Embedded systems that areprogrammable are provided with a programming interface, and embedded systemsprogramming is a specialized occupation".Webrains provides wide range of high quality embedded system development services.
  10. 10. Hardware Platforms:Intel x86, Cx88, 8051,, ADSP 21xx, Motorola 68k, ARM etc.Hardware equipment:AC, DC programmable power supplies, Opto22 modules, ADAM, ICP DAS, videograbbers, motion devices, MicroPC modules, a number of specific controllers,WinCEdevices , Android devices, Remote Monitoring Solutions , Xbee , ZigBee , Wireless,Robotics etc
  11. 11. If you are looking for a professional embedded systems programming this is where Webrains Solutions can help you out. Our complete embedded programming services information listed below. We at Webrains Solutions specialize in programming of the following types of embedded systems: Mobile phones, PDA programming; Consumer electronics programming; Industrial automation systems programming; Real-time systems, embedded firmware programming; Microcontrollers, PLC controllers programming; System level programming UAV based Aerial GPS Surveys
  12. 12.  Industrial experience: Telecommunications Appliances Machine to Machine (m2m) Consumer Electronics Data Communications Industrial Security Biometrics Programming languages for embedded systems: J2me C/C++ x86 assembler, ADSP assembler Appropriate languages for specific devices , .NET MicroFrameWork , Arduino, µVision, Platform Builder for BSP
  13. 13. Webrains Solutions provides embedded development & embedded programmingservices.Our company has qualified professionals in the embedded systems development &embedded system programming areas. We can offer you embedded softwaredevelopment, embedded computing, firmware programming and embedded softwaretesting services.Principal staff in our company have years of experience in embedded C programming,hardware programming, DSP software development and PDA programming.
  14. 14. Are you looking for a reliable outsourcing partner for mobile and wireless development?One of our specializations is mobile phone programming;Webrains Solutions is the team of mobile software developers. We build ourtechnological expertise in mobile area since 2000. We use proven project managementmethodologies and QA practices and we carefully listen to our customers. In the pastyears we successfully completed a number of mobile & wireless projects for ourcustomers. Our mobile software development department deal in embedded Linuxdevelopment, developing mobile applications, Windows Mobile development services.Windows mobile developers at Webrains have wide experience in WinCE and WindowsMobile programming.
  15. 15. Our mobile and wireless development team has expertise in the following technology areas: Application programming for mobile phones (C, J2ME) PDA programming (Pocket PC, WinCE, Window Mobile, C, J2ME) Wireless solutions development (WAP/WSP, WTP, WTLS, WP-HTTP, Wi-Fi) Webrains Solutions delivers mobile solutions for the following mobile platforms: Windows Mobile Symbian Blackberry iPhone Google Android Webrains Solutions team provides expertise at both system and application level programming for mobile devices.
  16. 16. Webrains is a multimedia development company. We have an impressive track recordin multimedia programming. Our experts have more than 10 years experience inmultimedia development.The companys multimedia developers work in the areas of multimedia webdevelopment and multimedia applications development. We provide design anddevelopment of video and audio processing systems, image and pattern recognitionsoftware development, multimedia application development of software forVideoconferencing and BroadcastingMultimedia programmers of Webrains work on various compressed audio/video formatsand have deep understanding of video/audio streaming, compression, decompressionand signal processing algorithms
  17. 17. Our video and audio expertise includes the following:Video/audio recording Video/audio recording Video / Audio encode Video capture, video and streaming using and streaming using and decode algorithms playback and various Microsoft Multimedia Adobe and synchronization conversion codecs Services Communication Server Embedded development Image processing environments working(character recognition DirectX OpenGL with digital system) Audio/Video hardware design
  18. 18. The Macintosh (often called "the Mac"), introduced in 1984 by Apple Computer, was the first widely-sold personal computer with a graphical user interface. The Mac was designed to provide users with a natural, intuitively understandable, and, in general, "user-friendly" computer interface. While Macintosh users represent only about 5% of the total numbers of personal computer users, Macs are highly popular and almost a cultural necessity among graphic designers and online visual artists and the companies they work for. Macintosh software development is one of our main areas of software development. We have a team with solid background in mac programming
  19. 19. Webrains Solutions provides a comprehensive set of custom Macintosh development services: Macintosh Application development Macintosh Utilities programming Cross-platform application development for Windows, Linux and Mac Porting existing Windows applications to Mac OS Porting to Mac OS X from previous Macintosh versions Testing under Mac OS 10.3-10.4 We have park of Macintosh computers and highly skilled software & web developers for Macintosh programming & Mac software development and testing purposes in our facilities.
  20. 20. Specialists of Webrains Solutions have been working in system programming since 2000 on a wide range of platforms and for different industries. The list of platforms includes Win32, Linux, Windows Mobile, WinCE, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, MontaVista Linux, FreeBSD, and IBM AS/400. Webrains Solutions delivers solutions in the following areas: Transport protocols development, Drivers for Win32/Linux, Digital Signal Processing, Porting, Low level software for specialized hardware, Device programming, Firmware development etc.
  21. 21. System programming is the activity of programming system software. The primarydistinctive characteristic of systems programming when compared to applicationprogramming is that systems programming requires a greater degree of hardwareawareness.In system programming, often limited programming facilities are available. The use ofautomatic garbage collection is not common and debugging is sometimes hard to do.The runtime library, if available at all, is usually far less powerful, and does less errorchecking. Because of those limitations, monitoring and logging are often used;operating systems may have extremely elaborated logging subsystems.
  22. 22. Custom Embedded Open Source Software IT Consulting Programming IntegrationDevelopment Software Architecture Web 2.0 Review Wireless Research/Evaluation Software PerformanceAudio & Video Processing Assessment Software Source Code E-commerce PDA Assessment/Customization Refactoring Software Performance Enterprise Optimization Mobile Data integration Technology Audit and Macintosh Programming Consulting
  23. 23. Despite the fact that the modern IT industry is able to offer a wide range of programsand solutions, they cant take all needs into consideration. Theres always a desire tocreate software which meets the requirement of your specific business tailored for yourspecific needs. Thats why our company was established.Webrains Solutions custom software development services include Web 2.0 solutions, Ecommerce, Enterprise solutions, Video and Audio processing, and cross-platform(Windows, Linux, Mac) programming and application migration. Our web developmentexperts have deep knowledge of such web technologies as Java, .NET, AJAX, Silver lightand many others. Webrains Solutions C/C++ experts team is built around long runningvideo and audio processing projects, mobile development and cross-platformprogramming.
  24. 24. Since the inception Webrains Solutions has a firm specialization on mobile andembedded programming. We at Webrains Solutions specialize in programming of thefollowing types of embedded systems - mobile phones, PDA programming, embeddedfirmware programming.We have deep knowledge of such mobile platforms as Windows Mobile ,WinCE 6.0 andiPhone. Our mobile/PDA team provides expertise in both application development andsystem level programming.We have also developed a unique Remote Monitoring Mechanism for monitoring ofSolar Lighting Systems using Wireless Sensors Networks using Xbee / ZigBee / Wi-Fiprotocols.
  25. 25. Open-source software is computer software whose source code is available under acopyright license that permits users to study, change, and improve the software, and toredistribute it in modified or unmodified form. The aim of open source is to let theproduct be more understandable, modifiable, reliable or simply accessible, while it is stillmarketable.While talking about Open Source software integration, we at Webrains Solutions believethat there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Did you know that hundreds of free usefulprograms and software components are already written, tested and widely used?Integration of Open Source technologies in IT projects gives our customers opportunityto significantly reduce project budget and duration, and mitigate project risks.There are many successful Open Source software projects related to development ofoperating systems, specialized software tools or applications. Linux, Mozilla, PHP, JBoss,CVS, Bugzilla are examples of open source software technologies that WebrainsSolutions professionally uses in both customer-facing projects and for internal needs.
  26. 26. The Internet is changing the way of doing business, choosing the right targetenvironment with the right technology, and implementing projects within the time andbudget limit requires expertise, technology, knowledge, and advanced projectmanagement techniques. In this case you need professional IT consulting firms. Our ITconsulting outsourcing team evaluates your business needs, prioritizes your goals andhelps you to create the architecture, processes and methods to increase yourproductivity. We propose IT consulting services to solve your problems with IT sphere.What is more, at Webrains Solutions, we guarantee that our specialists will address yourimmediate concerns, solve your pressing problems, and offer ideas and suggestionswhich effectively use information systems to enhance your companys profits. Drawingupon its expertise and experience from a wide range of technology specific projects,Webrains Solutions is in position to offer end-to-end solutions seamlessly integratinginfrastructure, applications, networking and communications, while also facilitatingtraining, knowledge transfer and change management for complex IT systemrequirements.
  27. 27. Enterprise /Flash Tools Embedded Mobile APPS Government tDESIGN govOFFICE canteenMAN XCELtracker newsMAN ePAPER RMM sgpsLOG erpMobiledynGALLERY
  28. 28. tDESIGN is an onlineecommerce solutionwhich gives users theconvenience to designand order thereprinted t-shirt
  29. 29. Here customer canselect the productcategory.
  30. 30. In this step thecustomer can chooseany style according tohis choice.
  31. 31. Here customer canchoose colors for hist-shirt.
  32. 32. Here customer canadd text in his t-shirt.
  33. 33. Here customer canadd text in his t-shirt.
  34. 34. Here customer canadd text in his t-shirt.And also do changesin letter size and rotatethem.
  35. 35. Here customer canadd clip art in his t-shirt.
  36. 36. In this step customercan brows picturesand upload it in his t-shirt.
  37. 37. Here customer canchoose the t-shirt size.
  38. 38. Here customer has togive a name to his designand write some notesabout it.
  39. 39. This is the login page whereuser can loginby givingusername andpassword here.
  40. 40. This is the dataselector page.
  41. 41. Here user can get the detailsabout the classified to bepublished in a particular date.
  42. 42. Here the user cancheck the positionand availability ofthe advertisement
  43. 43. Here user can get adisplay results foravailability
  44. 44. This is the confirmationpage where user willsubmit his final orderfor advertisement
  45. 45. FEATURES•365 days of advertisement booking online•16 pages icon at the bottom of the page.•User ID and Password for different Agencies.•user friendly.•Shows what space is already booked.•Option for whether the advt is color or B/W•Size in col & cm. or square cm.•User can’t change if once booked.•Putting the cm/col it forms the space and user can drag the object & snap to grid.•First Page specified for editor.•Special position can be booked my administrator only.•Auto generated mail sent to a administrator email address when a user books space.•Daily reports•Order number is auto generated.Optional Features•FTP for submission of advertisement material transfer built into the software•Transaction facility through Bank API / Credit Cards•SMS alerts for bookings
  46. 46. Real time tracking of Foolproof Key Features incoming messages Fingerprint/RFID , file movement , attendance system unattended letters Intranet Application Accessible through On-the- Fly issuerequiring no setup at internet as well letters with memo Client Computers (example.com) generation Using open source All information GL technologies User Summary &stored securely on a (PHP , Ajax, MySQL) Pending Fileswindows 2003 server so cutting down Tracking licensing costs
  47. 47. Major Modules of Office Automation software are
  48. 48. This is the fingerprint attendancesystem.
  49. 49. This shows how manyemployees are present in aparticular date.
  50. 50. This is specificationof a particularemployee.
  51. 51. Employee data base.
  52. 52. Employee Details
  53. 53. Payroll module
  54. 54. This is the service bookof an employee.
  55. 55. This is the casual leave details of aparticular employee.
  56. 56. Pay scale of a particularemployee
  57. 57. Bank Loan statements of an employee
  58. 58. Advance details
  59. 59. LIC Details
  60. 60. Details of internalcommunication
  61. 61. Issue letter
  62. 62. Issue letter (print)
  63. 63. Receipt register
  64. 64. Receipt Letter
  65. 65. User PriviledgeManagement
  66. 66. Infrastructure requirements Win2008 Server with 2KVA Online UPSInternet/ Intranet Connectivity within the Organisation High Speed ADF Scanner (1500-2000 doc/hr) Fingerprint/RFID Attendance System
  67. 67. ORISSA has mare than1500 remote villages or hamletswhich are to be electrified through Biomass Gasifiers orSPV Home lights / Street Light systems or SPV PowerPlants. If a device malfunctions, report of itsmalfunctioning takes a lot of time and on an averagethe defective device is left unattended for nearly 10-15days. This defeats the very purpose of electrificationand therefore a system has been developed forremote monitoring of these devices on a day-to-daybasis. The remote monitoring mechanism involves theactivity of each device to be monitored by a datalogger. This data is transmitted directly or throughrepeater stations to the server.
  68. 68. If a device does not show any activity for24 hrs , it is presumed that the device is notworking and an alert message of themalfunction device (name of thebeneficiary & village name) is forwarded tothe AMC provider.The monitoring mechanism has beendeveloped by Webrains Solutions (P) Ltd,Bhubaneswar and is being fine tuned forlarge scale replication. The pilot project hasbeen implemented in BPEP , Bhubaneswarunder R&D programme funded by theState Govt.Large scale assembling (50k +) would bringdown the cost of monitoring to about Rs1000 per system / year
  69. 69. Remote Village Data Loggers at Villages Collect information from individual units wirelessly and send them GSM/GPRS Modem through GSM/ Radio / Satellite link to serverServerInformation is received in real time
  70. 70. Solar light and alarm sendingdevice
  71. 71. Log in details
  72. 72. Search Detail Search results for the status of solar light in villages of orissa
  73. 73. Details of village where RMM isimplemented
  74. 74. BENEFITS Each device can be monitored on a day-to-day basis including battery , PV and lamp status Actual hour of working of each device can be noted Theft or tampering of the systems can be alerted to implementing agencies. Incase of defects, immediate action can be taken This monitoring mechanism is the methodology suggested in the RVEP,VESP CDM Project Monitoring of AMC contracts of suppliers can be done with the help of reports generated
  75. 75. Most of the industries offer subsidized food to theiremployees in there canteens. It becomes a cumbersomeprocess to manually account for individual employees fordeductions from there payrolls. When the number ofemployees are above 500 , the HR department has tospend quite a time and resources to carry out thisactivity, besides inconvenience to employees on dailybasis. To ease out things H P Microsystems has developeda technically sound and user friendly solution ,canteenMAN
  76. 76. CPU Samsung 32 bitDevice OS Win CE 6.0 R3Memory 1 GB Nand FlashRAM 64 MBDisplay 320x240 pixel , 7 inch LCD TouchPower Range 130V-260 V @ 50HzKeyboard 4x4 Matrix , MembraneFinger Print Optical High PerformanceRFID Reader Smart Card / LF / Proximity / MifarePrinter Thermal 2 Inch – 50 Km life
  77. 77. This Screen will be used to Logging intothe Canteen Management System
  78. 78. This is the Welcome screen afterlogging into the system
  79. 79. This is the category of lunch
  80. 80. Menu for lunch
  81. 81. This Screen will be used to Logginginto the Canteen Management System
  82. 82. Here admin can login by givinguser id and password
  83. 83. Here Admin can set menufor the day
  84. 84. Admin can change hispassword here
  85. 85. Here admin can change thepassword
  86. 86. This is the home pagewhere admin can addnew price by selectingedit option
  87. 87. Admin can enter the price fordifferent menu here
  88. 88. This is the Welcome screenafter logging into thesystem
  89. 89. This is the home pageafter logging into thesystem
  90. 90. Menu for a particular date
  91. 91. Quantity of meal book for acompany guest
  92. 92. Employee database of JSPL
  93. 93. Employee login process inJSPL
  94. 94. Login by particularemployee ofJSPL
  95. 95. Total meal details in JSPL canteen
  96. 96. Billed to company report
  97. 97. Monthly billing system for differentdepartments in JSPL
  98. 98. Monthly billing system foremployees in JSPL
  99. 99. Employee reports on total subsidized andguest meal
  100. 100. Chart for total meal details
  101. 101. Live booking tracker which shows personand time of booking in JSPL
  102. 102. Details of breakfast booked in a particular datein JSPL
  103. 103. Details of lunch booked in a particular datein JSPL
  104. 104. Details of dinner booked in a particular datein JSPL
  105. 105. Date wise report of total meal booked inJSPL
  106. 106. In this segment admin can add new users anddelete if required
  107. 107. Here User can select a particular datefor menu
  108. 108. This shows different items in menu for aparticular date
  109. 109. Login system for user
  110. 110. This is the home page after logging into thesystem
  111. 111. This is the food menu page where user canmanage the quantity and type of items
  112. 112. Selection of a particular date for menu
  113. 113. Results displayed for different items fordifferent menu
  114. 114. Manage items and select menus from foodmenu
  115. 115. Different meal type for a particular date
  116. 116. Live booking tracker which shows all thebooking results
  117. 117. Login process for a particulardepartment
  118. 118. Option for Department wise booking system
  119. 119. Guest booking by an employee
  120. 120. Select a particular date for a menu
  121. 121. Bulk booking for a particular department by oneparticular employee
  122. 122. Department wise booking of meal inparticular date
  123. 123. Display result for all department wisebookings at JSPL
  124. 124. All the systems are controlled through the centralserver
  125. 125. SOFTWAREIntegration with Existing Attendance SystemIntegration with Existing Accounts SystemMIS Dashboard for Standard & Adhoc reporting and analysisSMS based alert for Canteen Service ManagerSMS based reservationBulk booking and cancellation with Aggregation data for Salary processingGuest/Family booking with Subsidized, No subsidized rules processing for payrollFortuna Attendance ConfigurationExisting Attendance Card Configuration with Canteen POS SystemScalable Architecture for future accommodation of Multiple Location based Canteen& Multiple Canteen POS system integrationBULK SMS API for Invitation and Advertisement
  126. 126. INTERFACESAdmin Home Page - DashboardLogin InterfaceUser Profile Page (Create/Update/Delete/Suspend User)Meal DetailsEmployee Lunch Coupon DetailsCoupon Data ProcessingEmployee Coupon UsageView Reports by Date for all kind of MenuView Reports by employee wiseView Reports by Department/ GroupSMS AlertBulk SMSSchedule SMSBooked Menu
  127. 127. BENEFITSLunch / Dinner Bookings using Existing Attendance SystemsLunch / Dinner Bookings using SMS using Short CodesBreakfast/ Lunch / Dinner Bookings for Guests by DepartmentsTransparent Computerized BillingOne Subsidy per meal per personBooking using RFID card / Finger printSMS / Email alerts for Department HOD / Canteen / HR / UserUpdating of Menu for each meal by Canteen on daily basisProvision for Tea/Milk/Curd / SnacksBilling reports for employees, canteen , departments and company
  128. 128. Lot of activity / programs of Govt. of Odisha nowrequire to capture and Store GPS locations and GPSArea survey information. For this it was suggested todevelop custom hardware and software whichmatches with their requirements. The purpose of this project was to develop suitableembedded system where in GPS data can becollected onsite in remote locations in handhelddevices and data stored to flash memory. After thecapturing of data on flash cards from site, the samecould be transferred to server of client and a separateweb application was to be provided to analyse andreport the results with option to publish on Govt. ofOdisha Website.
  129. 129. This is the main page of application. Where you can This is the menu screen with different menugive your username and password and access the items. These items help to move to specific Settings will help to configure the applicationapplication screens. default settings
  130. 130. This is the menu screen. This is the menu page It will create a new PV Panel SL No with PMax VMax etc. Basically new PV Panel Sl No.
  131. 131. Ne RFID TAg is Created and PVpanel Slno is assigned a new To see all the details for asaved to the Database RFID here. PVPanelSlno.
  132. 132. This is the inventory part where you can search the status byThis is the scan PV panel page This is the scan PV panel page selecting a location and subwhere all the details are scanned. where all the details are scanned. location.
  133. 133. It gives the panel inspection report. It gives the panel inspectionHere you can see all the details report.of inventory.
  134. 134. This is the production part. whereyou can find all the details about It provides all the details to the It provides all the searchedproduction and manufacture. finder. report.
  135. 135. This is the main page of application. Where This is the menu screen with different This is the menu page of theyou can give your username and password menu items. These items help to move to applicationand access the application specific screens.
  136. 136. This is the menu page of the application The GRN screen helps to add new data for items. This is the Goods Received Note screen where all details of the received items can be recorded. Also Test Certificates associated with this GRN can be
  137. 137. This the Bonnet test CertificateThis the body test Certificate screen where the Bonnet testing details of screen where the Bonnet testingthe valve can be recorded details of the valve can be recorded
  138. 138. This the Bonnet test Certificate screen where the This the Disc test Certificate screen where the Bonnet testing detailsBonnet testing details of the valve can be recorded of the valve can be recorded.
  139. 139. This the Seat Ring test Certificate screenThis the Stem test Certificate screen where the Bonnet testing details of the where the Bonnet testing details of thevalve can be recorded. valve can be recorded.
  140. 140. This the Seat Ring test Certificate screen The Inspection Testing screenwhere the Bonnet testing details of the valve helps to add inspection testing The Radiography detailscan be recorded. details of the selected Asset
  141. 141. This is the track component history screen where This is the read Componenet screen the complete history of the assets can be tracked. It which helps to rad the respectiveThe Radiography details will show all the details as to when and by whom deytials of the selected asset. Also the status of the asset has been changed. states the current status of the asset.
  142. 142. The Valve Test screen allows the usrer toHere a valve is created by combining Once the valve is created it’s status prepare different test reports like Valvedifferent components. can be set here. Test, Fugitivi Emmission Test and PMI Test associated with the valve.
  143. 143. This the screen where the PMI Test details areThis the screen where the Valve Test details are filled in and recorded. filled in and recorded.
  144. 144. This the screen where the PMI Test detailsare filled in and recorded. This the screen where the PMI Test details are filled in and recorded.
  145. 145. The Track Valve Assembly history is the The Utilities screen is basically The settings screen where the defaultscreen where all the complete status used to view the details of the date and time format can be configuredchange history for a particular valbve can selected GRN, ody etc. along with other detailsbe accessed.
  146. 146. Areas of expertise of the company are Operating Development Programming Databases Protocols Technologies Systems Tools Languages Active X Assembly Borland C++ Builder FTP GNU/Linux ADO MS Access ASP HTTP ASP GNU C/C++ Client-Server Architecture C/C++ (click for details) IMAP4 MS Windows COM/DCOM C#, ASP.NET 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP MS Visual C++ Image processing POP3 MS SQL Server JDBC Java JDBC & JDK SMTP MFC JavaScript MS Windows CE/Pocket PC Microsoft .NET SSL Pascal Adobe Flash ODBC MySQL OLE Perl TCP/IP Visual Studio 10 SQL Windows Mobile 4.0 -6.2 PHP STL UDP SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, MS T- VBA WinCE 6.0 R3 SQL WAP (WSP/WTP/WTLS/ UML Oracle Visual Basic Mac Win32 API Platform Builder W-HTTP/MMS) Visual Basic For Applications XML (VBA)
  147. 147. VIEW AGAINwww.webrains.com info@webrains.com Press ESC Or this button to EXIT