Greenland Dog Breed


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Greenland Dogs are not a large as other sled dogs, yet can survive the harshest of winter conditions. These dogs have heavy fur coats which allow them to survive in temperatures of -50 to -75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Greenland Dog Breed

  1. 1. Greenland DogOther Names • Greenland Husky • Gronlandshund • Grunlandshund • Esquimaux DogPronunciationgreen-luhnd dawgDescriptionGreenland Dogs are not a large as other sled dogs, yet can survive the harshest of winter conditions.These dogs have heavy fur coats which allow them to survive in temperatures of -50 to -75 degreesFahrenheit.Greenland Dogs are a working breed and need a task to do otherwise they may become destructive.Because of this, it is not a recommended breed for new dog owners. They need an owner that will givefirm orders and tasks to complete. These dogs prefer one owner and do not like other dogs and aredifficult to make into family dogs.Breed HistoryGreenland Dogs have been around for centuries. They are related to the Spitz-type dogs that have beenin the Artic regions for nearly 10,000 years.Greenland Dogs have been used on frequent Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Many famous explorershave chosen to take the Greenland Dog on their excursions due to their hard working nature and theirability to survive temperatures well below that at which many other animals could live.Breed StandardsHeight (inches): (Male) 23-27 | 20-24 (Female)Weight (pounds): 65-70Color: White, Black, Brown, Gray, TanCoat: Double coat with a very thick undercoat for warmth and a medium length topcoat that covers theentire dog. The tail is curly and is used to cover the dogs face when sleeping.
  2. 2. AppearanceThe Greenland Dog is a very well built, powerful dog. It has ears that stand up and strong muscular legs.The tail is usually curved up and over the back and mimics other huskies and wolves.TemperamentGreenland Dogs still have strong wolf and pack instincts. Because of this they require a strong ownerthat they see as a pack leader. Greenland Dogs were valued for their strength and speed rather thantheir temperament. Once they have grown accustomed towards their owner they make great guarddogs and will protect their owner against all threats.HealthIssues: The Greenland Dog has no common health issues and is considered to be an extremely healthydog. However, you would need to worry about overheating if you are living in a high temperature area.Life Expectancy: 11-13 yearsGrooming: Greenland Dogs require medium amounts of grooming and need to be brushed 2-3 timeseach week. They will need to be bathed every two to three months and the fur around their paws willneed to be clipped to prevent matting.Exercise: Greenland Dogs require heavy exercise. They will require at least an hour of walking/runningeach day otherwise they may become destructive.Living: These dogs are not recommended for apartment nor are they recommended for homes in a hotclimate. They will need a medium to large back yard to live in and require a fence to keep them withinyour property as these dogs like to roam.Breed Recognition • ACR - American Canine Registry • APRI - Americas Pet Registry • DRA – Dog Registry of America Inc. • FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale • SPK - SpecialclubDog Type: PurebredSize: Medium
  3. 3. Skills Hunting – No Guard – Yes Watch – No Sport – Yes Herding – NoEnjoys Kids – No Other Pets – No City – No Indoor – No Outdoor – YesEnergy Low – No Medium – No High – YesGrooming Low – No Medium – No High – YesFor more information on the Greenland Dog please visit provided by All The Dog Breeds -