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Mobile app development in Singapore


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Mobile Development Scene in Providence- Statistics about the mobile workforce, app development pricing trends

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Mobile app development in Singapore

  1. 1. Android & iphone apps Mobile app development in Singapore
  2. 2., who are we? We are a boutique mobile app development firm making mobile apps for Android and iOS # Fast agile development # MVP Minimum viable product first # Latest technology # As they say, we try harder!
  3. 3. Singapore startups Need a 'Startup app' developed? We will help you shape up your idea and help you keep your product in line with your goal. We can provide you following services: Create wireframes to show the flow and user experience of the app. Create full graphical design UX of the product.Develop native applications for iPhone, Android Phonegap and iPads.Develop the responsive website for your project. Develop a cloud based backend server for you on Parse, Amazon AWS or PHP/LAMP.Deploy your app on iTunes or Google Playstore.
  4. 4. IPHONE AND ANDROID BAR APPS Mobile apps for Bars & Nightclubs Bars & Nightclubs are constantly trying to stay ahead of the competition in a very competitive high turnover industry, and mobile apps can give you the tools needed to stay ahead of the game. Tap into the highly coveted 18-30 year old demographic by offering iphone and android bar apps, scan-to-buy QR code tickets and more! ● Plot your bar/nightclub location with tap-to-map and integrated GPS ● Create detailed descriptions of services and pricing with graphics. and more - contact us now Email:
  5. 5. Restaurants’ apps
  6. 6. Travel apps Singapore sight seeing
  7. 7. Lawyers apps development
  8. 8. Music apps for bands Focussing heavily on celebrity, fashion and style do you need an Android music app or a iphone app for your band or star? Get your fans raving and using your music app with these features: ● Stream your videos, songs, podcasts through your app ● Make it easy for your fans to buy your songs as they can do so through your the app via itunes ● Send your fans push messages and connect with them directly ● Display concerts and event schedules Now that Paris Hilton also has her own app after Kim Kardashian(through Nasdaq listed Glu Mobile's Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game) it is time others follow.
  9. 9. Real estate apps REALTORS can use applications on Android, iPAD or iphone to manage an apartment complex or a open house. Agents can enter the details of the properties they are conducting open house for and they can use this application to collect the name, contact, dreamhouse details and comments of the visitors who are visiting the open house like a VISITOR LOGBOOK. Features: 1. 1. Enter the details of all the properties you are conducting open house like address, property value and details. 2. 2. Have visitors log in to the app and enter their name and contact detail And more contact
  10. 10. Get your retail apps developed
  11. 11. How much does an app cost? Mobile App Development Costs A brief fast and furious description of how much you can expect to pay for developing an app, along with information about how the process works- just ballpark figures in 2015. Go to develop-an-app/
  12. 12. Cross platform Mobile App Development For faster development and multi platform GET YOUR APPS BUILT WITH THE AMAZING PHONEGAP BUILD OR APACHE CORDOVA! ● Known for our fast development times and extensive expertise with Adobe PhoneGap technology, we can bring your mobile application from an idea in your head, to a live, usable app for mobile devices with lightning speed….! call us today or email
  13. 13. Or make a game and enjoy!
  14. 14. Or get a bird game developed
  15. 15. or a piano tiles like game developed Play the piano tiles or white tile game online now
  16. 16. Get the best Get the services of the most cost effective and best mobile app studio today. 100% Money back guarantee if unsatisfied. Call or email us today