Product Management explained


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Product Management explained

  1. 1. Product Thinking
  2. 2. The ConclusionBEHIND THE SESSION The Recipe for delivering awesome products and creating value for its consumers.
  3. 3. 1. Understand the domain - Research and researchKick-starting… 2. Ask questions! - the worst question is the one that is not asked. 3. The first step is all about understanding the problem thoroughly, and not directly start selling a solution. How do we start?
  4. 4. 1. Why is this problem being faced in the current world? 2. What is it whose absence in the world is causing this problem 3. Why was this problem not solved so far?Analyse… The cause
  5. 5. Solution…Identify the primary solution 3 levels of solution
  6. 6. How to identify above three? Step 1 - Understand & Appreciate Online/Mobile businesses 1. Read about it (blogs - Techcrunch, Pando Daily, Hacker News) 2. Experience it (sign up for all services/apps that you read, try it) 3. Keep following it (Spread the word about good products, keep checking how they are moving ahead) 4. Make all of the above a lifestyle
  7. 7. How to identify above three? Step 2 - Understand Influencers 1. Google (search alternatives like Duck Duck Go) 2. Social Media (Understand how businesses are using social media to connect with consumers)
  8. 8. Converting all features into benefitsTake the leap… 1. Only change in thought process 2. Ability to roadmap a product 3. Tools for roadmapping REALIZING THE PLAN 4. Experience is the king
  9. 9. Identify secondary solutions 1. One single solution - break it down into smaller needs/requirements 2. Identify secondary solutions (which become accessories and value ads - they are important because they will be your differentiators) 3. Focal points of revenue generation - understanding the status and direction of the business
  10. 10. Peripherals Analytics 1. Understand Measurement techniques (GA, Flurry etc.) [measuring is key] 2. Usage techniques Hygiene 1. SEO Basics, Site map
  11. 11. Hitting home run 1. Impact of UI 2. Lean Approach, Build fast, Deploy Fast, Learn, Fix, Redeploy 3. Understand usage of the appropriate & more relevant technology rather than cutting edge. 4. Break the objectives into simplified pieces which can be measured Simplify
  12. 12. Admiring the forest and appreciating the leavesThe accessories 1. Copy (grammar, sentence case, spellings etc.) 2. Cross links 3. Content (Take responsibility of content) ACHIEVING THE RESULTS Objective: You need to be able to think about the larger issues as well as the micro ones.
  13. 13. THANK YOU