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Luxury lifestyle at


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Luxury lifestyle at

  1. 1. …and they are growing in numbers tooIn 2010 the number of millionairesin the world soared to 11 million
  2. 2. The super richexpenses are hardlyaffected by theeconomy
  3. 3. There are more luxury brands todaythan ever before
  4. 4. The ultimate value of a luxury brand is that it is known.However, it cannot be promoted on regular channels.You dont advertise a 100 milliondollar yacht in the New York Times
  5. 5. Basically, there are not enough quality channels toadvertise onA well-funded start-up with a strongname can dominate this market
  6. 6. …there is only one word that is always being used Better
  7. 7. AdvertisingPrinted versionAffiliationsVIP - Members only zone (Parties, Dinners, Back-Passes)The virtual Concierge (the $300/hour bellboy)Luxury Lifestyle Directory/Search EngineVanity Email (
  8. 8. Please contact us