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Social media analytics master class in 60 minutes singapore - 3-14-12-111


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Masterclass: Social Analytics Knowhow in 60mins
- 4 types of platforms
- 4 types of use cases
- 4 levels of Social Analytics maturity (for ROI)
- 3 use cases for selection tools to match your objectives
- How to formulate a Social Analytics Plan
- Formulating and Measuring Goals, Strategies and Tactics
- Formulating a Dashboard
- Using a new approach to Social Analytics
Marshall Sponder, Founder of WebMetrics Guru INC. and Author of Social Media Analytics: Effective Tools for Building, Interpreting, and Using Metrics, US

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Social media analytics master class in 60 minutes singapore - 3-14-12-111

  1. 1. Marshall Sponder – FounderWebMetricsGuru INC. Marshall Sponder is an Author of the McGraw-Hill book, Social Media Analytics, he is independent Web analytics, data and SEO/SEM specialist working in the field of market research, social media, networking, and Outbound Communications. Marshall is currently working with Principal at WebMetricsGuru INC and Insights Digital, INC , both partnerships focus on the practice around Social Analytics. Marshall’s blog is and book site is
  2. 2. • 4 types of platforms• Several types of use cases• 3 use cases for selection tools to match your objectives• 4 levels of Social Analytics maturity (for ROI)• How to formulate a Social Analytics Plan• Formulating and Measuring Goals, Strategies and Tactics• Formulating a Dashboard• Using a new approach to Social Analytics
  3. 3. 4 types of platforms
  4. 4. Self-serve HybridFull-service
  5. 5. Platform DefinitionsSelf serve – Brandwatch, Radian6, Alterian SM2, etc.Full service – Brandtology, Synthesio, Converseon,Integrasco, etc.Hybrid – Additional Reporting included with SelfServe.Internal – Some companies build their own listeningand analytics platforms for internal/private use.
  6. 6. Several types of use cases
  7. 7. Social Isn’t Just One ThingAnd no platform does all of these “use cases” equally well Care of Gary Angel –
  8. 8. Each Use Case may require a different Tool Operation al Metrics Advanced Listening & NLP Influence Analysis Customer Categorizati Support on Product & Public Customer Relations Research Uses of Social Social Campaigns CRM Customer Communi Listening Data ties & Web Integratio Analytics n Engageme nt & AttritionCare of Gary Angel –
  9. 9. Social Analytics Used For … Brand Analysis & International Brand Market monitoring Research Sentiment Industry and + - Influencer Sentiment Identification competitive Research Analysis
  10. 10. 3 use cases for selection tools to match your objectives
  11. 11. Use Cases are not be the same thing as “Goals” but are sometimes confused Consumer PR Monitoring & Social Campaigns Research Support Automating of the Listening for Listening and engagement Insights Engagement Social Media Traditional Coverage* Media Workflow Coverage* NLP (machine Influencer Operational learning) Identification Metrics Rich Topic Low-Latency Categorization Categorization*Note: Social Media Coverage and Traditional Media Coverage are not the same thing, they may also require entirely different approachesand tools. Time spent for Social Media Coverage in Consumer Research may be considerably longer than what is required for TraditionalMedia Coverage in PR.Care of Gary Angel –
  12. 12. 4 levels of Social Analytics maturity(for ROI)
  13. 13. Mature Organizations Profit the most From Social Technologies Enterprise social crm Clarabridge /Facebook targeting Netbase Radian6 Source: Collective Intellect
  14. 14. How to formulatea Social Analytics Plan
  16. 16. Source:
  17. 17. Analytics Tracking - Is most of the data Ultraviolet ? Geo-location tracking (must tie customer to Location) Email List Unique ID codeDifficult to track – tracked when acould do with subscriber retunescamera, tie it up to receipt (coupon)face recognitionbut face big brotherfallout if you do Google Analytics can accuratelyGoogle Analytics record this part viacan track this part if ecom tracking ifset up correctly set up correctlyWe need to thinkdeeply on this anddecide whichMetrics and KPI’sactually are theright ones to track
  18. 18. Examples of Typical Business Goals (Business Objectives) Business Goal Target Increase Market Share by X% (this/next Y/Q) Increase Business Income/Profit by X% (this/next Y/Q) Save X% of our (monthly/quarterly) spent (this/next Y/Q) Improve Productivity by X% (this/next Y/Q) Improve Services provided by X% (this/next Y/Q) Increase Company Profit by X% (this/next Y/Q) Improve Team Productivity by X% (this/next Y/Q) Improve/increase worker productivity by X% (this/next Y/Q) Open New Offices (#) (this/next Y/Q) Find/Create New Business Opportunities (#) (this/next Y/Q) Increase Sales Bookings by (#) (this/next Y/Q) What are the sales drivers & Incentives (this/next Y/Q) What are your sales drivers & Incentives? (this/next Y/Q) How and where to do we generate leads (#/%)? (this/next Y/Q)
  19. 19. Marketing and Measurement Strategies should be very tightly aligned (Hint: a Framework is needed)Marketing MeasurementStrategy & Strategy &Tactics TacticsStrategy and Data Need to Align closely– When the foundation of a house is not set just right – the walls crack. Having the right Framework helps.
  20. 20. Example Biz/Measurement Plan – WebMetricsGuru INC• My GOAL: Increase Business Income by over 1600% among • Corporate Business Execs from 2011 income I speak withat • Conferences and Book during • 2012 through • My Customized Signings writings, virtual, and in person presentations.Through these, I guide my • Better understand and Invest inaudiences and customers to the best technologies, process and to help people by retaining me them • Design and implement successful online • Here, in Singapore and Where my social customer intelligence listening other parts of the success will be projects world judged by • The number of new • A sharp rise in my bank • A sharp rise in online customer signups , account balance this and buzz about me and my retaining me quarter work.
  21. 21. Sample Dashboard for WMG Date Bank Deposit Date Latest Clients $$$$ in Bank Deposits Jan abc Jan $$$ 900 Jan efg 800 Jan $$$ 700 Jan hij 600 Jan $,$$$ Feb klm 500 Feb $,$$$ 400 Feb nop 300 Mar qrs Feb $,$$$ 200 100 Mar uvw Mar $$,$$$ 0 Mar $,$$$ Jan Feb Mar Apr Online Buzz/Mentions Bank/Buzz %160140120 1st Qtr100 80 2nd Qtr 60 40 3rd Qtr 20 0 4th Qtr
  22. 22. What we need is a New ApproachAeros ML866. With its 64meter long and 36 meterwide, this aircraft has topspeed of 138 mph withrange more than 3000miles, it boasts some uniqueproperties for a craft of itssize including the ability tohover, take-off and landvertically, completeautonomy from airports, notto mention incredible aerialviews Source:
  23. 23. Using Real Time Data well, may require a Forensic approach not common for Social Opportunities/dp/0470932368
  24. 24. New Set of Questions – New Paradigm for Social (real time) data• What Measures do you want to track?• What Decisions would you make differently if the one of the measures was surprisingly high or low?• What is the threshold of the measure? In other words, at what point if the value was exceeded or dipped would an alternative action take place? Source: Douglas Hubbard - The Pulse
  25. 25. Example of a Tactical Conversation• Client: Want to measure positive to negative ratio around the a new Android phone we are launching from Twitter, blog comments and Facebook.Analyst: Very Interesting – Why do you want this information?• Client: I want to know if the messaging and the blogger program is working or not, and if I should step up my marketing or add more than the 25 bloggers to the contest of the 2000 that entered.Analyst: Ok, that’s great, but do you know how much negative buzzyou would need to see before you would add more bloggers to theprogram?
  26. 26. Example of a Tactical Conversation• Telstra Client: Depends on a few factors. If we don’t see at least 75 tweets a week from bloggers on their posts and at least 300 Retweets from their followers in aggregate, we might want to double the number of bloggers in the program. Also, we may want to look at the posts our existing bloggers are writing, as perhaps need to give them something more interesting to talk about related to HTC Desire.Analyst: Great! Lets try to nail down those triggers so we can build thatinto our analytics for you. [Triggers and Thresholds were then defined]Ideally, this kind of conversation would lead to some defined actionsand triggers that could be set up as Alerts. Real Time Data presupposesreal time responses.
  27. 27. Your Analytics Exercise• A Simulated Game/Test Case Containing – Your Goal(s) – Your Audiences – Your Internal Audiences (Marketing/PR/Research/EIS) – Your Budget – Your Location – Your Program/Service/Offering – Your Vehicle – Your Call to Action – Your Metrics / KPI’sYour Mission - come up with thesolutions, workflow, people, timeline, and cost
  28. 28. Exercise ExampleA Large Telecommunications Network in theSingapore – Your Goal – Increase sales of handsets in 1Q 2012 – Your Audiences – Gen X/Y females – Your Internal Audiences - (Corporate Marketing) – Your Budget - 600,000 Singapore Dollars – Your Location – Singapore, Malaysia – Your Program/Service/Offering – New Rate Plan for young females – Your Call to Action – Sign up now – Vehicle -Website Signup form, local signup in store, mobile signup in handset, Facebook Ads, Search – Your Metrics / KPI’s – % Buzz, Net Promoter Score, SOV, SOC, plus moreYour Mission - Let’s discuss the Monitoringsolutions, workflow, people, timeline, and cost estimate
  29. 29. Can also use a version of the UltraViolet Audit to understandwhat type of analytics coverage will be needed, or is missing
  30. 30. Questions ?
  31. 31. • Marshall Sponder• WebMetricsGuru INC.••