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This is my presentation today at the New York Times Small Business Summit

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  • Often more effective and cheaper to go with a vertical solution, such as Revinate, that monitors social media and does sophisticated text analytics, than going with a broader “listening platform
  • Small business conference marshall sponder - updated 6-24-12-ms

    1. 1. Demystifying Data for Small BusinessesMarshall SponderCEO/Founder of WebMetricsGuru Inc.Author: "Social Media Analytics: EffectiveTools for Building, Interpreting, and UsingMetrics", published by McGraw-Hill, 2012.Teacher: Rutgers University and UCI Irvine
    2. 2. What to cover in this 20 minute Session ……. • Go from 0 to 60 MPH with Social Analytics • Choosing the right tools that can supercharge your business.
    3. 3. Why are Analytics Important to your Business? BETTER UNDERSAND YOUR CUSTOMERS  Where your visitors came from (how they heard about you)  What your visitors are doing in your store.  Why they are leaving with out buying.  What your customers are saying about you. BETTER UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS  Optimal path to complete a sale.  Which campaigns are most effective.  How you compare to your competition
    4. 4. “You can’t improve what you cant measure”W. Edwards DemingANALYTICS – The discover & communication ofmeaningful patterns in dataOPTIMIZATION - The process of making something asfully perfect, functional, or effective as possible.
    5. 5. Where to Start? Choosing the best solutions for your business
    6. 6. Exposure: Google Analytics,, Social Mention Facebook Insights,Edgerank, Klout, PeerIndex, etc.Engagement: Infinigraph, Monitoringtools such as YourBuzz and Radian6.Conversion – Google Analytics andCampalyst.
    7. 7. Streamlined Solution Example for Social Media Tracking where you customers are coming from
    8. 8. Example – Google Analytics & Campalyst – get ROI of a piece of social media. Original Post Google Analytics Social Reporting
    9. 9. Find out “who” and “what” that drove results on your siteCampalyst shows the tweet I made that generated the 10 visits to my site, as well as any Goals(and Goal Values) triggered; ecommerce would be tracked as well, were I selling anything on mysite (if tracking is set up properly).
    10. 10. Campalyst - Posts of others that lead to traffic on my site Reward influencers who send traffic, so they do more of it
    11. 11. Facebook Edgerank
    12. 12. EdgerankTips:Photos &VideosbestSharableContentPromoteComments
    13. 13. Infinigraph helps Improve Your EdgerankDrive engagement by identifying & republishing compelling content in your feed.
    14. 14. Making sure your Prepared for Success Google Analytics Basics
    15. 15. Use Google Analytics to find the Data Story Mostly Local traffic Not using Mobile as effectively as it could, large drop-off, no clear conversions Goals were set up, not updated and no longer working
    16. 16. In relation to Social Media Traffic this small business is .. not converting Social Media traffic to sales (basic conversion tracking is also missing)
    17. 17. Tips for Google Analytics Success Track Every Page & Action on Your Site Ecommerce - Sales Set Goals – Not Just Sales Sign ups Form Fills Share info with others Adwords Integration – What campaigns convert in to successful Goals
    18. 18. Streamlined Solutions for Industry Vertical Small Businesses need relevant metrics for their industry. Benchmarks – How do you compare to your competition?
    19. 19. Example of a Vertical Solution – Revinate (Hotels) & RestaurantsThere are many vertical solutions, depending on your industry, that could provide most of the workflow and analytics youneed.
    20. 20. Some Great Analytics Tools for your Dash – Find Right content to write aboutMobile Commons – Run efficient mobile campaignsYourBuzz – Measurement and Engagement provided freeby American ExpressAdditional tools like can providebenchmarking information to set up your initial trafficgoals. requires great, timely content to spread, especially if your interested in Viral Marketing.Social Media
    21. 21. Openforum readers 1. GA site analytics, ecommerce tracking 2. HootSuite, North Social - Content Distribution 3. Facebook Insights (fan management, Ads) 4. for A/B Content Testing 5. GoSuite for Cloud Management 6. Roost for CRM Management Source: Netbase
    22. 22. Summary: • Dont be intimidated • Simple & scalable solutions Exist for most industries • Learn how to interpret the data • Take action on what you learn • If you cant do this yourself get help from somebody who can
    23. 23. Contact Me: Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC. @webmetricsguru @smanalyticsbook WebMetricsGuru INC.