Monitoring analytics workshop marshall sponder for london - march 26th presenation


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This is a presentation I'm giving in London at #measure13 on March 26th

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Monitoring analytics workshop marshall sponder for london - march 26th presenation

  1. 1. Social Data Story Success
  2. 2. Some of what is covered in this session• Going from 0 to 60 MPH with measurement using simple analogies• Make sense of the Platform Landscape.• Pick the right platforms and metrics.
  3. 3. Social Intelligence – Making sense of Social Media MessagesSocial Scoring – Analyze social profiles and organize it in your ownunique way to you can act on the information.Social Marketing Management – Building your Brand throughinteractions with customers, or in our case, students.Analytics – Campaign and performance data with Industry benchmarks.
  4. 4. SEO /Web CORPORATE MKG /PRIT/Unix ANAL Analytics
  5. 5. Artist
  6. 6. What are the Right Tools for your business?
  7. 7. OfflineWOM SocialSearch Social Hybrid Data Intelligenceemail POS CRM Usable UV Data Information
  8. 8. Businesses already have a lot ofdata, they need understanding inorder to get the full value from it– that is more frequently the casethan needing to master “BigData”.
  9. 9. Structured Unstructured1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000-2010 2011-2020
  10. 10. 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000-2010 2011-2020
  11. 11. Various Photo Web Analytics, Sharing Analytics Google Analytics Platforms Twitter Analytics and Various Video Analytics Platforms Mobile – Flurry, MixPanel, Adobe SCLog based WebAnalytics, Log based WebFeedBurner Analytics, FeedBurner Various Widget Analytics Platforms Various Message Board Analytics Various Chat Room Analytics
  12. 12. Time Spent – Data CleaningCustomization Required 5K-20K ~month Up to 5K ~month Free or Low Cost Previous Business Investment/ Size
  13. 13. Cleaned & Structured DataCustomization Required Time and Cost Structured Dirty Data Data Business Value and Customer Type / Need
  14. 14. Cleaned & Structured DataCustomization Required Time and Cost Dirty Structured Data Data Business Value – Context Sensitive
  15. 15. PROBLEM DEFINATION • Workflow to• The Data they can • Problems surface the access and platforms right data store able to solve UNSTRUCTUED Surfacing Data DATA
  16. 16. Power Everywhere Gesture Based Interfaces CRM Offline Social Quantified SelfProximity Based Communications WOM POS Collaborative Consumption Search emailDigital Screen Experiences Quantified World Virtual Reality 3D Printing
  17. 17. Power Everywhere Gesture Based Interfaces CRM Offline x Social Quantified SelfProximity Based Communications WOM x POS x Collaborative Consumption Search xDigital Screen Experiences email Quantified World Virtual Reality x 3D Printing
  18. 18. Karate Kid /Starfleet AcademyMaster small steps, combine them effectively, & win the Championship,should work with most subjects
  19. 19. INTRO BASIC ADVANCED (History/Context) (Getting Setup) (Specifics )I have taken my students from knowing next to nothing about Social Media and Analytics to a place where they can be very articulate consumers and leverage the technologies
  20. 20. “Professor Sponder, I’d like to thank you for an amazing class thissemester. I learned so much to supplement my knowledge of socialmedia, and I plan to use several of the ideas I learned here in both mypersonal (blog) and professional (Current TV) life.”-Caitlin (Fall 2012)
  21. 21. Adrianna M. (Spring 2013)I just wanted to thank you for providing this class at Rutgers. …Social Media for the Arts has given me a new sense of hope that I could use the skills learned in thiscourse towards pursuing a career in online promoting and advertising in the entertainmentbusiness. ‘This is the most interesting, interactive and inspiring course that I have taken thus far and I know that I will take the plethora of information learned in this class and use it towards my future
  22. 22. Choosing the best solutions
  23. 23. As a marketer, you will wantto choose, use, and measure the effectiveness of your messaging.
  24. 24. Facebook Edgerank
  25. 25. Funnels andattribution
  26. 26. Using Data to tell a Story
  27. 27. Tips for Google AnalyticsTrack Every Page & Action on Your SiteEcommerce - SalesSet Goals – Not Just Sales Sign ups Form Fills Share info with othersAdwords Integration – What campaigns convert in tosuccessful Goals
  28. 28. The biggest challenge is “hooking up” these systems so the information actually makes sense to business ownersSource:
  29. 29. Source:
  30. 30. PR Monitoring & Social Campaigns Consumer Research Support Listening for Insights Automating of the Listening and engagement Engagement Social Media Traditional Coverage Media Workflow Coverage* NLP (machine Influencer Operational learning) Identification Metrics Rich Topic Low-Latency Categorization CategorizationCare of Gary Angel –
  31. 31. Source:
  32. 32. Twitter Analytics website Sailthru AWE.SMGoogle Analytics MixPanel for app Click act
  33. 33. Free Paid Paid
  34. 34. Source: Caveat: Changing Tools changes The Results
  35. 35. 2/3 of the sales are coming from Internal and External Agencies Source:
  36. 36. Source: could be the wrong reasons to use platforms in my opinion
  37. 37. Many vendors would like to sell their services to the top 6.6% of the customer base. But most people here at #measure13 want much less expensive solutions. Also, they don’t understand differences in offerings.Source:
  38. 38. Source:
  39. 39. The dissatisfaction or “look warmappreciation” of 66% is probably tied topurchasing services while not fullyunderstanding their limitations or bestuses of the platforms or the data theyprovide Source:
  40. 40. Always Have a PlanGoal(s): Audience: amongLocation: Timing : through/ withVehicle (how your going to do it): Venues (where your going to do it): ask fans and customers toMessage (Call(S) to Action): Regarding ourProduct / Service / Program Where Success will be judged by Metrics/KPI’s
  41. 41. Source:
  42. 42. x Know what’s needed and trying to find the best solution, will spend Have some awareness of the money and time to what’s develop or find it needed but Unaware, quite can’t need articulate it information and not sure what it looks like for their organization or biz req.
  43. 43. Technology evolving very quickly, faster than thesystems and rules in place to deal with it.What I shared with you today would not have beenpossible to do even a few months ago.That’s why, I believe, we need to understand what areneeds are and be willing to experiment in order to findthe best solutions.
  44. 44. Culture Concept Map–Using Facebook Graph Search –
  45. 45. Pianists Singers PercussionistViolinist Cellist Flutist
  46. 46. MGSA Pianists follow innovators such as The Beatles and John Mayer, yet they also play it safe andare low risk takers. Pianists like living near the edge yetstill be protected from harm. PianistsEngage Pianists for eCollege by appealing to theircontemporary urban image, give them free Starbucks cardsand Gap Coupons checking out courses andtaking edgy but safe tests. The investment in eCollege should also be a safe bet.
  47. 47. MGSA Singers higher education and refined culture (NPR) along with a wry sense of humor (The Colbert Report), Science Fiction (George Takai)however they are also deeply interested in contemporarymusic (Spotify) and self promotion. SingersEngage Singers into eCollege by stressing the culturalknowledge and cult learning they will get by enrolling insome of the more innovative courses. Also, as singers are by nature a more curious group with diverse interests working humor and sci-fi into the course material will be popular with them.
  48. 48. MGSA Violinists have a definite “Sci-Fi Pop Edge” with their interests in Dr. Who, Dr. House and 30 Rock. These are people who want to be entertained and consider themselves sophisticated (House), looking for “gotchas” and “Catch-22’s” ViolinistsEngage Violinists into eCollege by getting them intoepisodic storytelling. Violinists want to know how thelearning they get via eCollege helps them solve life’scomplicated problems. As violinists are a main part of most orchestras and chamber music, making the most of their skill is also something they want addressed.
  49. 49. MGSA Percussionists clearly like physical sports such as Rutgers Football but they are more clearly interested in non- profit and humanitarian aid due to their altruistic nature. PercussionistsEngage Percussionists in eCollege by appealing to theirneed to Save the World – reach the at fundraisers and racesfor the cure.Show them how the course will not only satisfy their deep need for physical contact but also how their learning helps others.
  50. 50. MGSA Cellistshave a need to congregate and meet people (PaneraBread and Times Square NYC) and for visual andauditory stimulation. Cellists appear to be social animalsand enjoy working in a group, like mobile devices andare constantly calling their friends and family. CellistsEngage Cellists into eCollege by emphasizing theflexibility of remote training that can fit into their diverseactivities while on the go. Cellists are interested in agood story (Inception) and want to be up on thelatest technologies, right up our Alley. They may also like the mobile capabilities of eCollege
  51. 51. MGSA Flutists are similar to the Cellists in their love ofmobile (Samsung Mobile USA),but also are readers ofcontemporary culture (Complex Magazine) and lovers ofhigh fashion (Chalany High Heels) and elegance. FlutistsEngage Flutists with the elegance of the eCollege solution.As they love fashion and culture, provide them withcourses they can easily take that will provide Fashion and High Art.
  52. 52. How Accurate are Facebook Likes as a Predictor of Personality?
  53. 53. Case Study – Charles Bivona – Use Facebook Persona Profiling
  54. 54. Audience Case Study Charles Bivona – Top 500 PagesHigh IQ (The Godfather, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Lord of theRings Trilogy, Tyler Perry)8,606,923 like this 2,865,863 like this 3,736,790 like this 11,632,513 likes 8,613,738 likesAffinities: Affinities: Affinities: Affinities: Affinities:Fight Club, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Hobbit For Better Or WorseBatman: The Dark Knight The Office The Office Peter Jackson Meet The Browns Top 150 pagesThese people like “well written” material, literary masterpieces and topical work that arewell received. The Godfather had endured for more than 40 years as well.
  55. 55. Power Everywhere Gesture Based Interfaces CRM Offline Social Quantified SelfProximity Based Communications POS WOM Collaborative Consumption Search emailDigital Screen Experiences Quantified World Virtual Reality 3D Printing
  56. 56. • Finding students to fill a music class• Finding students to fill an art class• Finding students to fill a cinematography class• Finding students to fill a dance class• Finding students to fill a Fashion class• Finding students to fill a Photography class
  57. 57. High Precision Targeting ata Low Cost usingFacebook’s Big Data
  58. 58. This ad targets 4,100 users: who live in the United Stateswho live within 10 miles of New Brunswick, NJbetween the ages of 18 and 22 inclusivewho like #Inception, tyler clementi, #Spotify, complex magazine, #The Beatles, samsungmobile usa or #The Daily Show who are in college
  59. 59. 5. RuTV SpotThe first 3 4. Undergraduate Advisors dynamics uncovered, explored and exploited classes Studen ts talk Student s Positive Stateme nts Academic to Advisors friends hear this and tell Spring 2013 their students to Fall 2012 take your course 51 students 100+ students 2 sections 2 sections2. Course “re-authored” fromscratch by me. 400+hours – curationapproach 3. Facebook page for SM&A –Spring 2012 has 260 members – Targeted adverting67 active students 6. #mgartr131 section(but Manuscript84 were on roster) (permissions pending)
  60. 60. 1. Technology is evolving so quickly We need to spend more time understanding the technologies so we can better use them (what #mgartr13 does).2. We may have to change the way we look at New Media using a curated approach.3. The technologies touched on merge Arts with Science and require new approaches and methodologies.