Looking into the future with web media analytics marshall sponder - montreal - 5-15-12


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My Presentation to http://bouledecristal-montreal.com/conferencier/marshall-sponder/#1880

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  • http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/news/examining-social-media-data-can-burn-a-hole-in-your-pocket/4000881.article
  • Looking into the future with web media analytics marshall sponder - montreal - 5-15-12

    1. 1. Marshall Sponder, Founder, WebMetricsGuruFuture of Analytics
    2. 2. We’re drinking from the social media fire hose Massive data to process and make sense of it all But … We Don’t Need to boil the ocean!85
    3. 3. Internet Abundant with Predictive Signals
    4. 4. Beyond Listening: Reinventing Social Media MonitoringIf a statusupdate reachesa social networkbut no one seesit, does it exist?
    5. 5. Are people using the wrong solutions todetermine what people are saying?
    6. 6. @listening as a use case … Why Bother?? “the problem with social is that there is so much data - there’s 40 or 50 data points that you can measure and you have to figure out whether they are important. Some of those measurements are fundamentally not important.
    7. 7. Next Steps in Business Intelligence Reporting Application App Server DB/DW Bus1960 - 2010: Business intelligence =Enterprise database reports 2010 - : Web emerges as go to source for Intelligence Unstructured content Streams Cloud deployment
    8. 8. Pain!! • Broad listening across the internetBlogs Forums Press • Focused on keyword matches News Social Sites Trade Sites Networks – Mentions of • Brand name “Starbucks” • Product names “Frappuccino” • Produces valuable insights, but is exploratory in nature, as a result, it can not answer tactical questions and is not scalable. “I’m drowning in data and documents from the internet but I need actionable insights”
    9. 9. 8 Brand Monitoring Challenges1. Signal to Noise Ratio2. Not Scalable, too manual3. Insightful vs. Actionable4. Poor Geography / Location5. Local Data Gap / Blind Spot6. Platforms often lack needed segmentation capabilities7. Correspondence between Online chatter vs. Offline Word of Mouth is Industry dependent8. No established, universally acceptable standards for conducting social listening
    10. 10. Too Much To Read
    11. 11. Problems we all face with Social No Process Success Undefined 90 % Unstructured Time Consuming Hard to Scale esp. at the beginning
    12. 12. “Lens” approach usingBoolean queries and saved datasets don’t seem to work very well
    13. 13. Monitoring has become too complex http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=4Y-SVxnVOv8 Radian6 Query on Foreclosures in Rhode Island"housing solution"~2 AND "rhode island" AND "foreclosure", "road home program"~3 AND"foreclosure", "home loan modification"~4 AND "foreclosure", "jobless rate"~3 AND"foreclosure", "bankrupcy" AND "foreclosure" AND "housing" AND "obama", "rhode islandhousing"~3 AND "forclosure", "foreclosure prevention funds"~5, "bank foreclosures rhodeisland"~4 AND "obama", "selling house"~4 AND "foreclosure" AND "obama", "hardest hitfund"~4, "national foreclosure mitigation"~6, "homeowner stability initiative"~5 AND"obama", "roadhome program"~2, "hud homes rhode island"~3 AND "obama", "foreclosuresettlement"~4 AND "25 billion"~2 AND "obama", "fannie mae freddie mac"~10 AND"foreclosure", "keeping people in their homes"~4
    14. 14. Best Solutions Designs~20+ Issues (profiles) permutations muchtoo expensive (RI Congressional Race)
    15. 15. And we don’t get our “Pie in the Sky”
    16. 16. New Solutions Lie in …• Adding additional dimensions to the data (i.e.: time, place)• Adding Custom Taxonomies, Lexicons and data mashups helps, if done well and cleanly• Customizing the source data feeds• Customizing Data Extraction from Pages Crawled• Defining what your goals are• Defining what, when, where and how your going to accomplish your goals• Define your Key Performance Indicators that tell you if you hit or missed your goal targets
    17. 17. RecordedFuture
    18. 18. Web is Loaded with Events Silicon Valley executives head to Vail, Colo. next week for the Drought and malnutrition hinder next year’s annual Pacific Crest Technology development plans in Yemen... Leadership Forum The carrier may select partners to set up a new carrier as early as next month “2010 is the year when Iran will kick out “...opposition organizers Islam. Ya Ahura we will.” plan to meet on Thursday to protest...” “... Dr Sarkar says the new facility will be operational by March 2014...” “Excited to see Mubarak “According to TechCrunch speak this weekend...” “Strange new Russian China’s new 4G network will worm set to unleash be deployed by mid-2010” botnet on 4/1/2012...”
    19. 19. From Keywords to Timelines Timeline the World/Web“Record what the worldknows about the future”
    20. 20. Recorded Future Architecture70,000 Real-time Sources 100,000 future events/day 3+ Billion Time-tagged Facts
    21. 21. The RF temporal timeline is unique – the closest analogy is GoogleTrends and Google Insights for search, that do employ somepredictive analysis, but only for traffic volume, not events. Kindle Fire AND iPad
    22. 22. Mobile and Tablets - Next three years Huge market segments still emerging• Over 75% of businesses plan on deploying tablets by 2013• Revolutionizing health care delivery, on-site and mobile• Disrupting software engineering and user expectations
    23. 23. Actionable Intelligence gleamed from LBS instead of exploratory insights Geo-Location Analytics from SMM VenueLabs – They mess up here A LOT! If I wasn’t in a rush nor a coffee addict I would go somewhere else! New Insights Traditional Insights Location Date /Time Topic Sentiment Staff Working Managers Influence Local Context Unit Sales Engagement Nearby Competitors
    24. 24. VenueLabs solves Local Data Gap Example They mess up here A LOT! If I wasn’t in a rush nor a coffee addict I would go somewhere else!
    25. 25. New York Art Instance - VenueLabs
    26. 26. Most activeMuseums?
    27. 27. Detailed Stats on each location
    28. 28. Local Data Analytics of Museums Online Visitationhttp://www.museum-analytics.org/
    29. 29. Local Data Analytics ofMuseumsIn PersonVisitation
    30. 30. Local Data Analytics of Museums – adding location automatically makes info more actionable (context) Facebook & Twitter
    31. 31. Connecting Engagement To Conversions campalyst.com
    32. 32. Google Social Reports Cannot connect thedots to ROI (yet) though Campalyst, Can.
    33. 33. Google Social Reports Cannot connect thedots to ROI (yet) though Campalyst, Can. Not enough information – Google cannot connect the dots back to the original post that generated the referral, but Campalyst does.
    34. 34. Campalyst ties cause and effect for Twitter andFacebook better than any other platform I’ve yetseen – marshall sponder – WebMetricsGuru.com
    35. 35. Campalyst can also find the brand advocates thatgenerate the most traction and engagement for abrand or website.
    36. 36. And what is an Analytics Plan, Anyway?
    37. 37. Sample Analytics Plan
    38. 38. Example of a Student’s Goal – Resurrecting George Enescu’s WorkGoal: Audience:Salvage the reputation of the Romanian 20th Among Classical music institutions,century composer, George Enescu enthusiasts, and musicians alikeLocation: Timing:Ideally GeorgeEnescu.com A 6 month campaign period Through/ WithVehicle: Venues:Online videos, online networking, Personal blog, radio stations, youtube, Ask fans andpodcasts, musicological research musicological conferences, etc. customers toMessage:Enescu’s art ought to be enjoyed and celebrated as the Regarding thework of a deserving, 20th-century masterProgram:Program to promote the musicians and orchestras who wish toexplore Enescu’s work Success will be judged byMetrics/KPI’sPopularity on Google New business connections New visitors to YoutubeTrends and partnerships website statistics
    39. 39. Example of a Student’s Goal – Increase Soccer Video Blog visits Goal(s): Audience: Increase my blog traffic to 50 views FIFA Soccer Video game among players Location: Timing : Online Spring Semester 2012 through/ withVehicle (how your going to do it): Venues (where your going to do it): Targeted keywords, vocal commentary & screen capture of the game in action, link to other Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, ask fans and wordpress blogs YouTube, Facebook groups customers to Message (Call(S) to Action): Watch video, post comments, ask Regarding our questions regarding how to play Product / Service / Program Teaching people how to play FIFA successfully Success will be judged by Metrics/KPI’sNumber of visitors to blog Video Views Retweets
    40. 40. Example of a Student’s Goal – Get Art Exposure Goal(s): Audience: Increase exposure of artwork/get General public/ art name in public eyes among collectors/ art community Location: Timing : Internet/ studio Next two years through/ withVehicle (how your going to do it): Venues (where your going to do it): ask fans and Internet Internet and world of mouth customers to promotion/networking amongst community members Message (Call(S) to Action): Regarding our Product / Service / Program Artwork (painting and sculpture), conversation Success will be amongst art community judged by Metrics/KPI’s Blog views Amounts of comments/conversation
    41. 41. Summary• The Future of Analytics is with Actionable Data• Actionable Data comes from adding contextual information and metadata in meaningful ways related to your business or organizational goals.• You need a Plan (the right one) to execute, together with the metrics, audience, timing, venue, program /vehicle and KPI’s to succeed with Analytics of any kind.
    42. 42. WebMetricsGuru.com Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC. www.webmetricsguru.com www.smabook.com now.seo@gmail.com @webmetricsguru @smanalyticsbook WebMetricsGuru INC.