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8 24-11 financial prospecting using social media -marshall sponder-updated for julia


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8 24-11 financial prospecting using social media -marshall sponder-updated for julia

  1. 1. Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC .
  2. 2. Social Media is good finding potential leads for high “net worth” individuals … see just how good ….
  3. 3. But first, let’s look at what doesn’t work so well ….. before we find what does work
  4. 4. Search Engines - not a good enough source of lead information to be useful. Search Engines are good for finding trends, but they generally are not going to provide information past the city level, which most financial pros have already figured out.
  5. 5. Quantcast Planner – find sites that high net worth individuals use in Providence, North Bedford area Using Quantcast Ad Planner you can determine websites that are most visited by “high net worth” individuals in a particular DMA, then triangulate that information with other bits of information to get closer leads. Link
  6. 6. Quantcast data gives us further clues (Huffington … closer, but not close enough 1% of visitors account for 35% of all visits to the site Quantcast gives us where information but it can’t tell us Who or Why We want to know “Who” has high net worth
  7. 7. Facebook Advertising gives us a good idea of the Audience size by location (City or Zip code) …. but not who they are. … Facebook won’t show us “who” those 3420 people are in Providence, RI, who like the Huffington Post (correlated to high net worth ) and are between 50-64 years of age, unless we run Facebook Ads.
  8. 8. <ul><li>Lets use Social Media and see if we can get an idea of who our leads may be …. Get closer to the Source… </li></ul>
  9. 9. FollowerWonk – Better!!!
  10. 10. FollowerWonk – Better!!! Perfect – we found someone in Providence, RI that is a Triathlete (which has a high correlation to high net worth) – since it takes several months to train for a Triathlon and one needs, among other things, a high Net Worth to have the resources to devote
  11. 11. – takes us even closer, but can’t give us income data (yet), and does not let us hone in on age, though it tells us the age.
  12. 12. lets us search on interests by location
  13. 13. lets us search on interests by location, but the information may not always be accurate or up to date
  14. 14. Other means to the same end …….
  15. 15. But wait …. There may yet be a way to get Wealth Engine into Social Media by using  Radian6 Salesforce is a CRM that can house many add ons, including Wealth Engine. With this data added to – and the new bi-directional link to Radian6 Insights platform, it may be possible to indentify high Net Worth Individuals in the River of News
  16. 16. When Salesforce+WealthEngine are combined you get your own lead database with net worth information added
  17. 17. The near future holds the promise of Salesforce+WealthEngine+Radian6 proving the social wealth of a “ River of News ” Income = 332,036 Pension = 0 Stock = 247,664 Giving = 0 Real Estate = 0 Income = 35,036 Pension = 0 Stock = 47,664 Giving = 0 Real Estate = 222,051 Income = 33,333 Pension = 255,000 Stock = 147,664 Giving = 2500 Real Estate =2.2 million
  18. 18. Summary: The future looks bright for those who can appreciate and master the power of Social Media with Social CRM, platforms such as WealthEngine+Salesforce with Radian6 . However, this social power will largely be lost without the imagination and insight that allow us to combine platforms intelligently, to make real time decisions. My book, Social Media Analytics, gives you the foundation needed to go forth in this Brave New World.
  19. 19. Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC. [email_address] @webmetricsguru @smanalyticsbook WebMetricsGuru INC .