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Marshall Sponder is a Web analytics and SEO/SEM specialist with expertise in market research, social media, networking, and public relations. As both an in-house team leader and consultant, he has used sophisticated analysis to optimize the social media marketing efforts of companies and brands including IBM, Monster, Porter Novelli, WCG, Gillette, Pfizer, Warner Brothers, Laughing Cow, The New York Times, and Havana Central. Sponder is a board member emeritus at the Web Analytics Association, a member of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO), and a member of the Certified Institute of Public Relations Social Media Measurement Study Group (CIPR).

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  • http://www.lumapartners.com/resource-center/lumascapes-2/ Might be too much to expect these platforms could interoperate
  • http://www.slideshare.net/lmilic/smm-tools-excerpt-final2012-9-13667019 http://pro.gigaom.com/
  • http://cloudblueprint.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/picking-a-cloud-vendor-questions-to-ask-in-due-diligence/
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  • 7 dee finding the right methodologies marshall sponder - 9-12-12 - submitted

    1. 1. Finding the Right Analytics Methodology for Your OrganizationMarshall SponderWebMetricsGuru INC9/12/12
    2. 2. Often we have to make toughdecisions with not enough or the right information Often we need an approach,method helpus to make better decisions
    3. 3. Methodology really is …Steps to the Story weare telling (ourselves)…about how wereach our destinations(business goals)…and our choice ofplatforms affect howthe Story turns out.
    4. 4. Reaching our destinationToo many platforms / no time to try them all in any depthleading to Analysis Paralysis ..some need to connect up together
    5. 5. Finding the Right Fit Platforms 4 Social were developed with features targeted for specific customers, then generalized to cover a broader audience
    6. 6. Real Value vs. Hype Marketing hype and check boxcomparisonsmeaningless, but difficult todisambiguat e, so as tomake the right decisions
    7. 7. Getting up to SpeedReal pricing is unclear till everyone is upto speed (which may never happen).
    8. 8. Balancing between Two Dangers Analysis Paralysis Investing in the Wrong Platform
    9. 9. Symptoms of Analysis ParalysisToo many options not enough timeor resourcesLack of information, structure,reporting schemaUnable to learn from previousexperienceNo KPIs and data feeds definedLacking right framework to put theKPIs inHaven’t brought the team on board
    10. 10. Wrong Platform Symptoms Medium is Message
    11. 11. Being Unprepared for Big Data• In Big data denial - BD is unstructured & growing rapidly• Big Analytics requires right data skills team and methodologies• Unable to determine requirements (if company can handle the data)• Stuck with platforms and business processes that can’t be easily changed to something better.
    12. 12. Ur
    13. 13. 1) Evaluate Vendors carefullyHeres some places to get more information GigaOM Pro has up to date, in- depth research for Big Data platforms from Analyst, Owner and User perspectives, well worth $299 yr subscription ..chose from a small, select Ideya for Social Media list and then vet themMonitoring survey ~1K USD vigorously
    14. 14. 2) Visualize the right decisions (inyour story continuum) so you can see whereyou stand• Research sites such as Quora and other forums/LinkedIn groups to find opinions about platforms you are thinking of deploying; this will help cut through the marketing hype.• Hire experts like me who can help untangle the mess and cut to the chase.
    15. 15. 3) Determine type and maturity level of your organizationCommon Dimensions• maturity scale• degree of socialness• organization management style• size of the organization• scope• needs of your business segment
    16. 16. 3b) Gauge where your organization is right now
    17. 17. Operation al Metrics Based onAdvanced NLP Listening & Influence the Categorizati Analysis on functions your organization preforms (inner circle) Customer Listening you can DataIntegration & Web Analytics anticipate the platform Engagem types needed ent & Attrition (outer circle)
    18. 18. 4) Some examples of matching upOrganizations with the right platforms by primary functions Product & Custome r Researc h Listening & Web Analytics Social CRM
    19. 19. 5) Additional Factors to Consider• Specific use cases (lead gen, PR, etc)• Types of platforms needed (Qual / Quant• /Big Data)• Online/Offline Data• Cost• Immediacy of data / latency• Security of the data• Build vs. buy
    20. 20. Delivering Better, Scalable Solutions to reach your goals quicker• Building a custom taxonomy (i.e.: Drug Patient Journey)• Designing a tagging scheme to organize/categorize incoming/outgoing communications.• Organizing your reports using custom taxonomy and tagging schema• Create Frameworks that enable you to embed your KPI’s around specific business goals and strategies
    21. 21. SummaryThere will always bemethodology challenges infinding, choosing andimplementing the right platformsfor your organization and thereare ways to cut through thehype and make decisions thattake you to your destination,once you have the rightinformation.