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Find you local martial arts instructor, martial arts school & art class in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra & Gold Coast Surrounding Areas.

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  2. 2. Training Wraps- Muay Thai training wraps are generally longer than other standard handwraps in length. They usually come in 180 inches. These preliminary sport gears are used toprotect the knuckles from suffering damage. It also keeps the wrist and the knuckle in astraight line, which enhances player’s ability to deliver punches more efficiently.
  3. 3. Gloves- Muay Thai Gloves are characterized into three different types regarding their uses.One of them is ‘twins gloves’, which is well padded and compact. It provides wrist closuresand supports the punches. Then there is ‘windy gloves’, which is the second most usedglove by players. It fits the hand nicely and gives a lean feeling. The last name in this list isthe ‘fairtex gloves’. These gloves have great padding and are precisely designed to supportthe wrist while the hand is in motion.
  4. 4. Mouth Guards- Mouth guards of Muay Thai are generally made of high enduranceplastic or high quality rubber. This sport gear protects player’s teeth from directassault. It supports and strengthens the gums and creates a shield to guard the teethor jaw from injury.
  5. 5. Protection- Being a contact sport, Muay Thai has strict terms and regulations towardswearing protection while engaging in practice. Muay Thai protection gear covers majorparts of body, which receives constant gusts from the opponent.
  6. 6. Types of Protection - Muay Thaiprotective gear is mainly fitted withheavy padding to subdue the effects ofpunches and kicks. The long list ofprotective gears include headgear, bellypad, body armor, groin protector, shinprotector, ankle guard and many more.
  7. 7. Punching/ Focus mitts- It is a padded punching equipment that is used in sparring andsimulated combat training. It comes in heavy as well as light knitted designs, both.Focus mitts is also called kicking shields.
  8. 8. Types Of Punching Bags- These bags are the most important training apparatus for hand-to-handcombat practice. It enhances the power of deltoid and shoulder muscles. It is made of leather andis divided into various types such as standing bag, hanging bag, banana bag, angle bag, anddouble-end bag.
  9. 9. Types Of Focus mitts- Focus mitts or kicking shields come in many different types inorder to take care of different sporting needs. The most popular mitts are Curvedfocus mitt, air mitt, Thai pad, forearm shield, counter punch mitts and many more.
  10. 10. Muay Thai is a beautiful sport that transforms one into a better person. It increasesmuscle growth and sharpens our senses to help us in dealing with every aspect of life.For more info: