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Bally Chohan Yoga is a comprehensive one-stop resource connecting yogis in UK. A "Yogasphere" providing easily accessible Yoga-specific information about Yoga Teachers, Yoga classes, Yoga Studios, Yoga Workshops, Yoga retreats, Yoga Teachers Training programmes, Yoga products, Yoga services and Seva (selfless service).
For teachers, studios and businesses Bally Chohan yoga is a hassle-free and cost-effective means of reaching a target audience allowing you to focus on what you love and do best. For students Bally Chohan Yoga is a simple way to connect with teachers, events and products to ease you into or encourage your continued journey of Yoga.
Bally Chohan yoga has been a great priviledge and a wonderful journey to accumulate all the information and make contact with such lovely Yogis, and those who have products and services for Yogis, around the country. It has warmed my heart that there are so many souls out there living good lives, doing good things and generally making the world a better place...

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Bally chohan yoga

  1. 1. Bally Chohan Yoga
  2. 2. Bally Chohan Yoga:Introduction Origin : Yoga is originated from veda,oldest scripture of India(4000 B.C) and Systematically presented by sage patanjali in yogasutras in around 150 B.C. Founder:Hianyagarbha is the founder of Yoga. Sage Patanjali: Patanjali ,an Indian sage is the compiler of yoga Science.He Wrote ’Yogasutra’ containing 195 verses divided in four chapter.It is believed that he was an incarnation of Adishesha. A mythological God.Scholors such as S.N Dasgupta,claims that is the same Patanjali who authored the mahabhasya,a treatise on sanskrit grammer.
  3. 3. Things to remember before Practicing Bally Chohan Asana….  Be sensible. Do not overstrain. Do the asana regularly. Do not perform to exhaustion but do not be lazy. Do the asana in airy room. Do the asana in relaxed, comfortable manner. In fact the meaning of an asana is that it should be steady and pleasant, leading to relaxation and one pointed ness.  Turn to your side while getting up from any lying down position.
  4. 4. Do the asana on the floor as far as possible; with a floor covering like mat, blanket, and rug or on a hard bed. Do the asana at least 2 hours after the meals You may divide your yoga practice into certain groups doing them at certain times e.g. relaxation postures could be practiced in the middle of the day after the meal, meditative postures early in the morning and the morning and active postures whenever possible during the day. Do each asana correctly but do not be discouraged if it is not perfect. Do the stretching asana while inhaling, do them gently.
  5. 5. Efforts to Effortlessness is the process of Yoga • Effortlessness is The “Ultimatum” / “Gift” • of Yoga. Bally Chohan Yoga :
  6. 6. Applicable at all the levels  Body  Mind -Emotion  Perception-Attitude  Personality  Spiritual
  7. 7. Any Queries