Data, Data, Everywhere. Now integrate & interact with it!


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by Clare Seldon, Steer Davies Gleave

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Data, Data, Everywhere. Now integrate & interact with it!

  1. 1. The Power of the Image Data, Data, Everywhere Now integrate & interact with it it… Clare S ld Cl Seldon Senior Consultant 1@bcsweb@sdgworld
  2. 2. The Content Power of the Image Free map data sources Evolving display and techniques How much do cartographers need to know to i k integrate? ? Some possible future map uses... 2@bcsweb@sdgworld
  3. 3. The Power of the Data Source: OS Open Data Image LICENCE - Y must: You • acknowledge the copyright and the source of the Data by including any attribution statement specified by the Data Provider. If no specific statement is provided please use the following: Contains [insert name of Data Provider] data © Crown copyright and database right • include the same acknowledgment requirement in any sub-licences of the Data that you grant, and a requirement that any further sub-licences do the same; • ensure that you do not use the Data in a way that suggests the Data Provider endorses you or you your use of t e Data; o the ata; 3 • ensure that you do not misrepresent the Data or its source.@bcsweb@sdgworld
  4. 4. The Power OS Open Data of the Image examples 4 Elephant Parade Map by Lovell Johns@bcsweb@sdgworld
  5. 5. The Power OS Open Data of the Image examples 5 Hounslow Bikeability Cycle Map by@bcsweb
  6. 6. The Power of the Data Source: OpenStreetMap (OSM) Image LICENCE - You must: OpenStreetMap is open data, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licence (CC-BY-SA). You are free to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt our maps and data, as long as you credit OpenStreetMap and its contributors. If you alter or build upon our maps or data, you may 6 distribute the result only under the same licence.@bcsweb@sdgworld
  7. 7. The Power of the OSM 3rd party downloads Image 7@bcsweb@sdgworld
  8. 8. The Power of the OSM examples Image Road it ti in Sendai, Japan b R d situation i S d i J by 8 Pascal Neis, GIScience Research Group,@bcsweb Ann Arbor by University of Heidelberg@sdgworld
  9. 9. The Power of the Data Source: UK base map Image These maps are in Illustrator format Meridian2 files: Converted from Meridian2, part of the Ordnance Survey OpenData product set. They are useful for small-scale cartography. Hill-shading map: Produced from NASA SRTM data g p Features : 50m intervals Built-up areas Coastline Aligned to OSGB Transverse Mercator LICENCE The map is from public domain data and we claim no further copyright. If you would like to contribute any additions b k so th t other cartographers can share dditi back that th t h h 9 them please contact us.@bcsweb Credit to Richard Fairhurst@sdgworld
  10. 10. The Power of the Data Source: Natural Earth Image p Natural Earth is a map dataset available at 1:10m 1:50m and 1:110 million scales featuring tightly integrated vector (Shapefiles – with attributes) and raster data (TIFF) LICENCE All ve s o s o Natural Earth raster + vecto map data ll versions of Natu al a t aste vector ap found on their website are in the public domain. No credit is necessary, although logos and text is available to cite if you wish. 10 Made with Natural Earth. Free vector and raster map@bcsweb data @
  11. 11. The Power of the Evolving World - tech Image 11@bcsweb@sdgworld
  12. 12. The Power of the Image Evolving World - usage 12@bcsweb@sdgworld
  13. 13. The Power of the Interact - The Image Wilderness Downtown 13 view from 2min15-2min55, 4min25-4min50@bcsweb Or create your own personalised version in Google@sdgworld Chrome...
  14. 14. The Power of the Integrate Image The WebGL Globe The WebGL Globe is a free open platform for geographic data visualization. Features: Latitude / longitude data spikes p Color gradients, based on data value or type Mouse wheel to zoom More features are under development... 14@bcsweb@sdgworld
  15. 15. The Power of the Integrate Image London2012 Olympic Map 15 London2012 Olympic Map by Stamen Design@bcsweb@sdgworld
  16. 16. The Power of the Integrate g Image Barclays Cycle Hire data @sdgworld Original tweet on 6/01/11 Telegraph 7/01/2011 @10:49am Guardian 7/01/2011 @ 17:12pm 16@bcsweb@sdgworld
  17. 17. The Power of the Integrate and Interact teg ate a d te act Image Ann Arbor Transit Master Plan Game 17 Game and Cartography by @sdgworld@sdgworld
  18. 18. The Power of the Our role – Artists or Coders? Image Jerusalem, Christian von Andrichom (1612) 18@bcsweb@sdgworld
  19. 19. credit: The Power of the Tomorrow s Tomorrow’s World? Image 1 1. contact-free payments 2. Touch concepts 3. and touch projection 4 4. Virtual Goggles 5. Car and smartphone integration 2 5 19@bcsweb@sdgworld 3
  20. 20. The 7 credit: Power of the Tomorrow s Tomorrow’s World? Image 6. Trou Hologram Mobile Phone bl h 7. Future internet search, all-seeing search concept 8. MotoMap GPS Device for Bikes 9. 9 Connected TV 8 6 9 20@bcsweb@sdgworld
  21. 21. The Power of the Spherical maps... Image No longer the problem of projecting Earth on a flat piece of paper..... show/videos/news/puffersphere View from 00.38-01.29 to end from show aired on 9th May 2011 0 21 RSGS are installing one in July 2011 as a central part of the display on geographical issues, in their public centre@bcsweb which will be the first time in 20 years their collection has@sdgworld been open to the public.
  22. 22. The Power of the Image Questions? Clare Seldon Senior Consultant @sdgworld @bcsweb 22@bcsweb@sdgworld