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3D GIS and Visualisation


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3D GIS and Visualisation - by Tracey Stone, Autodesk

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3D GIS and Visualisation

  1. 1. The Power of the Image 2011 3D GIS and Visualisation Tracey Stone Emerging Industries Sales Manager Autodesk Limited
  2. 2. The Power Future or present? of the Image 2011
  3. 3. The Power of the CAD and GI Integration Image 2011 • Worlds are colliding • Driven by multi-disciplinary contractors • Its all information modeling
  4. 4. The Power of the Image GIS 2011 Xref Polygon Spline Buffer CAD
  5. 5. The Power of the A Database at heart Image 2011 MANAGE PLAN BUILD DESIGN
  6. 6. The Power of the Benefits Image 2011 http://YouTube - Autodesk Labs: Autodesk Project Galileo Overview (Silent)
  7. 7. The Power of the Conclusion Image 2011