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Cvm2012 Marketing Report

  1. 1. CVM Online Marketing Report 2012 Search Trends
  2. 2. Golf Travel for: USA & Mexico Traffic by Region High Low *The numbers on the graph reflect how many searches have been done for a particular term, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. They dont represent absolute search volume numbers, because the data is normalized and presented on a scale from 0-100. Each point on the graph is divided by the highest point, or 100. When we dont have enough data, 0 is shown. The numbers next to the search terms above the graph are summaries, or totals.SOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  3. 3. International Search Results for: Hotel & Resort Accommodations in Mexico Cancún Pto. Vallarta Los Cabos Riviera Maya Acapulco Top Countries in search volume *SOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  4. 4. Search Results for: Cancún by Country CancúnSOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  5. 5. Top searches for: Golf Holidays *United States & Mexico SOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  6. 6. Search Results for: Latin American by Country Latin America *SOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  7. 7. Top Search Results for: Golf in Riviera Maya Riviera Maya Golf *SOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  8. 8. International Search Results for: Golf Vacations Top CountriesSOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  9. 9. National search results for: Hotel Resorts & Golf Course Accommodations in MexicoSOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  10. 10. USA search result for: Hotel and Resort AccommodationsSOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  11. 11. Canada’s search results for: Hotel and Resort AccommodationsSOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  12. 12. Statistic
  13. 13. Tourism Increase Stats 2012 Tourism increased for Mexico in 2010 compared to 2009 as follows: America. 11.7% Canada. 21.7% Latin America 36.6% Europe. 15.4% Asia. 6.8%SOURCE: RAVEABLE.COM DATA INISGHTS
  14. 14. Top Tourism for Mexico Stats 2012 1.- USA 2.- Canada 3 - Latin America Top 6 Foreign Countries Providing Tourism for Mexico 4.- United Kingdom 5.- Argentina 6.- SpainSOURCE: INTERNETWORLDSTATS.COM DATA
  15. 15. Occupancy Rates Stats 2012 Increase of occupancy rate in 2010 compared to 2009 Vallarta 33.2% Riviera 24.2% Acapulco 23.0% Los Cabos 19.9% Cancún 18.1%SOURCE: RAVEABLE.COM DATA INISGHTS
  16. 16. Top Destinations Stats 2012 Top 5 Beach Destinations for Mexican Travelers: 1. Acapulco 2. Veracruz 3. Cancún 4. Puerto Vallarta 5. Mazatlán Vacation months: March to OctoberSOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  17. 17. Top 10 Beach Destinations Stats 2012Top 10 Beach Destinations for American Travelers Mexico United States 1. Puerto Vallarta 1. Hawaii 2. Cancún 2. California 3. Los Cabos 3. U.S. Virgin Islands 4. Mazatlán 4. Carolina 5. Acapulco 5. FloridaVacation months: Year roundSOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  18. 18. Top 10 Beach Destinations Stats 2012Top 10 Beach Destinations for Canadian Travelers Mexico United States 1. Cancún 1. Florida 2. Los Cabos 2. South Carolina 3. Puerto Vallarta 3. North Carolina 4. Mazatlán 4. California 5. Acapulco 5. VirginiaVacation months: Year roundSOURCE: GOOGLE INISGHTS DATA CENTER
  19. 19. Worldwide Golfers, USA Segment Stats 2012Worldwide, are an estimated 50 to 61 million golfers. In the UnitedStates alone, there are an estimated 26.2 to 26.8 million golfers. Income Participation Rates by Income, Race and EthnicitySOURCE: BUSREP.CO.ZA
  20. 20. Social Networking Stats 2012 Social Networking Statistics Internet Generation Facebook; The social networking platform now has over 500 million users around theworld and everyone is loving it! Its useful, and thus far Zuckerberg and Sandberg havewalked the line between providing a service to members and a platform to advertisers. Facebook is expected to continue a fast growth curve over the next coming years.SOURCE: BUSINESSWEEK.COM
  21. 21. E-Commerce in Mexico AMIPCI Stats 2012 79% of the total sales on the Internet in México was for Airline tickets in 2010SOURCE: AMIPCI
  22. 22. Analysis
  23. 23. AnalysisAlthough business travel spending on golf Gender Doesn’t Change Spend Growthhas shown recent increases, spending by Despite the LPGA’s contraction, sincecorporations has yet to return to pre- 2007 female spending on golf hasrecession levels. However, with both small remained unchanged, with womenand large business spending on golf comprising a consistent 17% of totalincreasing over each of the last four spend on the sport each year for the lastquarters, travel corporate spending on the four seems to be trending upward SOURCE: GOLF SPEND INSIGHTS - AMERICAN EXPRESS BUSINESS RESEARCH CENTER
  24. 24. AnalysisThe number-one benefit of social media marketing is gaining the all-important eyeball. A significant 85%of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated exposure for their businesses.Improving traffic was the second major benefit, followed by building new partnerships. More than half ofmarketers indicated a rise in search engine rankings was a benefit of social media marketing. As searchengine rankings improve, so will business exposure, lead generation efforts and a reduction in overallmarketing expenses. More than half of marketers found social media generated qualified leads.Converting into more people traveling and more people on the golf course. SOURCE: SOCIALMEDIAEXAMINER.COM SOCIAL MEDIA INDUSTRY-REPORT-2010
  25. 25. AnalysisAccording to Golf20/20, golfers and golf enthusiasts spent $76 billion dollars on the game in 2010.Golf represents the largest sports-related travel market. It has been valued at US$20 billion with over 50million golf tourists travelling the world to play on some of the estimated 32,000 courses.According to the National Golf Foundation there are more than 28.6 million golfers in the United Statesalone. The National Golf Foundation found that there were 1.7 million new golfers in 2008 and another2.3 million started playing again after not playing the year before. With golf trends rising key markets forgolf across the globe will include Canada the United States and Latin America. SOURCE: GOOD FELLOW PUBLISHERS & STATISTA
  26. 26. Simply More.