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Code of Ethics and Standards
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Please follow the KASAC Training Courses Calendar.

•   COMMUNICATION SKILL Communication skills,...
            Accelerated. Modular. Experiential

    The role of corporate training in companies Today ...
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Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

KASAC has made client and candidate confidentiality a priority. When entrusted with a se...

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Kasac Consulting
Kasac Consulting
Kasac Consulting
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Kasac Consulting


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Kasac Consulting

  1. 1. KASAC CONSULTING #2, Manjunatha Layout, Marathali, KASAC.Co.In Bangalore, Karnataka-560037 Tel: 080-32025620, 8095472526, 8095473565 Email: kasac.co.in@gmail.com, www.kasac.co.in News Letter KASAC Development and Evaluation Model JANUARY 2010 We developed a five-dimensional model for executive training and evaluation called KASAC. KASAC is an acronym for Knowledge, Analysis, Synthesis, Application and Communication. This model is used as the basis for executive education, coaching and evaluation K process. We believe that for a CEO to succeed in today’s complex business environment s/he should demonstrate mastery in all five areas: 1. Knowledge: • Understanding of the subject-matter. • The quality of the managerial decision-making process. • Understanding of the context, text, subtext of business reports. A 2. Analysis: • Ability to identify opportunities and diagnose challenges. • Ability to identify critical success factors and potential pitfalls. • Ability to design sound evaluation criteria for decision making • Ability to uncover driving forces, structure, relationships, dependencies, and situation variables S 3. Synthesis: • Ability to design an effective strategy/solution, taking into consideration the alignment of external and internal forces • Solution innovativeness and “thinking outside the box” • Solution feasibility (practicability) 4. Application: A • Ability to prioritize between strategic and tactical needs • Ability to design/use measurement and control systems • Maturity of the project management plan (including time, resources, budget, quality, risks, change, communication, procurement) 5. Communication: • Ability to communicate and present to the stakeholders at each level C (articulation of management ideas, professional documentation, business case/report writing and presentation) • Leadership (ability to listen, learn, persuade, motivate and win the support of the stakeholders) …….Krissguru
  2. 2. Code of Ethics and Standards Association of Candidate Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS) The Association of Candidate Search, Employment & Staffing As members of the Association of Candidate Search, Employment & Staffing Services, we recognize our obligation to those we serve as providers of employment and staffing services and to those we employ. To ensure that these obligations are met to the fullest possible extent, we pledge adherence to this code. • We will serve our clients, candidates and employees faithfully, with integrity and professional responsibility. • We will observe the highest principles of honesty and fair practice in dealing with clients, candidates, employees and all regulatory authorities; and will respect the confidentiality of records in accordance with law and good business practices. • We will provide leadership in the adherence to both the spirit and letter of all applicable human rights, employment laws and regulations. We will treat all candidates and employees without prejudice and will not accept an order from any client that is discriminatory in any way. • We will take all reasonable steps to provide clients with accurate information on each candidate's employment qualifications and experience; and will only present those ACSESS candidates who have given us authorization to represent their application for employment. • We will supply candidates and employees with complete and accurate information as provided by the client, regarding terms of employment, job descriptions and workplace conditions. Services • We will not recruit, encourage or entice a candidate whom we have previously placed to leave the employ of our client, nor will we encourage or coerce an individual to leave any assignment before completion. • We will not restrict the right of a candidate or employee to accept employment of their choice. • We will not misuse membership privileges for the purpose of recruiting a member's staff, or in any way that may otherwise injure our candidates, employees or competitors. • We will derive income only from clients and make no direct or indirect charges to candidates or employees unless specified by a license. • We will maintain the highest standards of integrity in all forms of advertising, communications and solicitations; and will conduct our business in a manner designed to enhance the operation, image and reputation of the employment, recruitment and staffing services industry. • We will recognize and respect the rights and privileges of competitors in the true fashion of individual initiative and free enterprise and refrain from engaging in acts of unfair competition. • We will ensure that our clients, candidates and employees are aware of our duty to abide by this Code of Ethics; and will undertake to bring any potential infringements before the appropriate Association body. • Issued by: ACSESS The Association of Candidate Search, Employment & Staffing Services 8/9/2010 2
  3. 3. KASAC TRAINING PROGRAMS Please follow the KASAC Training Courses Calendar. • COMMUNICATION SKILL Communication skills, some of the pitfalls and bear traps that litter our everyday communication issues. • PRESENTATION SKILLS How to present well – the Impact Factory practical philosophy for excellent presentation skills. • TEAM BUILDING Each team is individual and it's not as simple as it seems to make them work more effectively together. • LEADERSHIP SKILLS Is leadership a top down, white, male, professional class prerogative? • EXECUTIVE COACHING Effective coaching and support for senior people and key company personnel. Targeted Training Topics: Over the years, we have developed a number of 'core' programmes to deal with Specific issues that our clients have presented. Each and every one gets tailored to fit our clients exactly. Key Issues
  4. 4. CORPORATE TRAINING Accelerated. Modular. Experiential The role of corporate training in companies Today is integral in ensuring that the workforce is in tune with the organization’s goal. KASAC has brought effectiveness to the art of learning. Our simple powerful processes and learning tools help drive performance, especially when the market place is demanding and the solutions Complex. • Course Title: Management Leadership (Building and managing leadership success) • Course Methods: Accelerated experiential workshop (action learning) • Course Venue: • Course Duration: 3 days • Course Time: 9AM-4PM • Course Dates: Management Training Courses Calendar • Course Fees: Rs 25,000/- Course Audience 4
  5. 5. RESOURCE VERTICALS PROCESS Client Organisation Need Matrix Construct Search Bridge Networking Advertisement Database Endeavoring the skills of candidate Matching the Needs Backup Strategy
  6. 6. Confidentiality & Privacy Policy KASAC has made client and candidate confidentiality a priority. When entrusted with a search by a client, we will only discuss information authorized by the client. Likewise, when we receive a resume from a candidate, we will maintain the confidentiality of personal information which is provided and will use it with discretion for the sole purpose of helping you seek employment. On our website we provide a safe secure use experience and ensure that the information you submit to us remains private and confidential. The following further details our confidentiality practices: General Website Information Website Security Your Private E-Mail Outside Links Notification of Changes Contacting KASAC Consulting General Website Information We do not disclose confidential information collected on this Website. We use IP addresses (your personal computer IP address) solely to help determine unique users. The registration form streamlines candidate communication with us by providing a resume, contact information, and a brief overview/profile with employment preferences and qualifications, all online. This data is only used, when necessary, to contact job seekers. Individuals may also apply for specific positions and the information gathered will be forwarded to the appropriate recruiter. Website Security KASAC takes every precaution to protect all user information entered on our website. All information is restricted to our consultants, and support staff, who follow company confidentiality and privacy practices to ensure protection. We have multiple website security features and your information is stored in a protected environment. When a user submits sensitive information via the website, that information is protected both online and off-line. Your Private E-Mail E-Mail addresses submitted to this website (kasac.co.in) during registration and/or direct submission of resume will be used solely for the purpose of our services. Personal information, such as a user's resume, contact information and e-mail address, will not be released unless properly authorized by the candidate. E-mail addresses and contact information will not be sold or otherwise distributed to third parties. We also encourage users who do not wish to receive employment-related correspondence at their normal e-mail address (potentially place of work) to open a personal e-mail account at any of the many free sites (e.g. www.hotmail.com). Outside Links This site contains links to other sites. KASAC is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. Notification of Changes This privacy policy may be revised as new features are added to this website. KASAC.Co.In & Partners will always keep visitors updated on any changes to our policies. Contacting KASAC.Co.In If you have any questions regarding this confidentiality and privacy statement, the practices of KASAC Consulting, or your dealings with this website, please contact the location nearest you. New Delhi Bangalore Bhubaneswar Kolkata
  9. 9. MEMBERSHIP FORM KASAC Consulting • Name:__________________________________________________________________ • • Organisation: ___________________________________________________________ • • Designation:_____________________________________________________________ • • Official Address:_________________________________________________________ • • _______________________________________________________________________ • Phone:________________________________, Fax:____________________________, • Email:__________________________________________________________________ • Mobile:_______________________, Website:_________________________________ • • • I hereby sponsor / self-sponsor the above mentioned nominees(s) for the KASAC • • Consulting program for B’SCHOOL FORUM/Recruitment Consulting/kasac.co.in • for______ Institutional Membership Or _______Individual Membership at KASAC • CONSULTING scheduled • • from, date _______________________ Registration No.________________________. • • For Rs. _________/- towards registration fee for each of the above nominee(s) is • • enclosed. • • • Signature of the participant Signature of the sponsor • • • Important • Nominations without registration fee will not be considered • Last date of receipt of nomination is ____/____/_______. All registration should be in favour of “KASAC CONSULTING” • Registration Fee of 500/-(for institution) & Fee of 350/- (for individual) will be returned if not selected. • • Upon confirmation of admission to the Programme the balance amount should be paid on or before the stipulated time period. • • Please complete and mail back to: • • G Mohanty • KASAC Consulting • 14, 7th Phase, J P Nagar, • Bangalore- 560078 • KARNATAKA, India • Email: kasac.co.in@gmail.com, www.kasac.co.in • Tel :080-32025620, Mobile: 9972963207
  10. 10. Career Opportunity@ Offers: Job Experience Management Project Market Information Achievable Task Attractive Remuneration Contact: Prof G Mohanty (Krissguru) Master Alliance, ICICI Prudential Mobile: 91+9972963207, Email:kasac.co.in@gmail.com