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The home page is dead


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The Home Page is dead - discussion about our metaphor for course home pages need to change. Presented at #Sakaisa14

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The home page is dead

  1. 1. The home page is dead Long live the home page By Derek Moore
  2. 2. “Exemplary Courses” School of Literature and Language Studies SLLS4034 - Journalism Studies A2013 Anton Harber School of Mechanical, Industrial & Aeronautical Engineering MECN2012 Randall paton School of electrical engineering Thomas Blaser ELEN4007 - Engineer in Society2013 School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Chem & Met Eng POSTGRADS Kevin Harding School of economic and business sciences BUSE2002 - Human Resources IIA2013 Althea Jansen INFO3002 Ernest Skinner School of education EDUC2194_2013 Daniel Lefoka EDUC4144_2013_Modern Physics Emmanuel Mushayikwa WSOA5038_2013 Avril Jofee WITS School of Arts DRAA4084 -Film and Television Production IVA2013 Eran Tahor
  3. 3. Entering in the side door • What percentage of traffic comes via – Search engines, e-mail, announcements – Social Media – Home Page
  4. 4. presentations guest speaker f2f element readings online quizzes assignment submission (dropbox) online element Course Site Home page
  5. 5. Cards as a guiding metaphor
  6. 6. Home Page Cards Present and highlight multiple parts of your course on the home page. Press Add+ to get started Trigger
  7. 7. Response
  8. 8. Feedback Rules 1) I click add + 2) Fill in the heading and select the type of card 3) Press submit Then a new card appears
  9. 9. Trigger> Response > Feedback Let me repeat the pattern
  10. 10. I can follow use these rules repeatedly and another card type appears
  11. 11. Trigger: What happens if I click on the cross
  12. 12. Response
  13. 13. Feedback: The card disappears when I confirm my decision
  14. 14. Rules 1) I click X 2) I’m asked to confirm 3) When I confirm the card disappears 4) And the cards are re-arranged
  15. 15. Trigger - An onscreen event that triggers the interaction Response - The users response to the trigger Feedback - The reaction of the computer to the users response Rules - The generalised rules developed by the user to explain this interaction
  16. 16. The interface should 1) Treat each widget independently, but be consistent 2) Allow the user to re-arrange the page, but also rearrange automatically 3) Optimise the layout according to the screen width
  17. 17. WIDGET Each of the cards are independent of each other but same rules apply to each block
  18. 18. SHAPESHIFT If I move cards around, the screen arrangement is readjusted to fit cards in optimally
  19. 19. MASONARY The cards can move around so as to fit into the screen size