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The PGCE AV/ Ed Tech component takes a "learning by doing" approach to developing teachers understandings of ICT. The seven tasks her will hopefully asssist a teacher to integrate ICT into their class administration, professional development and perhaps even their teaching

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Portfolio Task Outlines

  1. 1. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Fist Name: ______________ Last Name: ______________ Student No: ______________ Email Address: _____________ Twitter Username:__________ Blog URL:_________________ -1-
  2. 2. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Introduction The AV / Ed Tech course is designed to assist you to join the ranks Your background and experience with ICT might have an impact on of ICT capable teachers. You will be learning about ICT, with ICT your ability to complete the scenarios. To assist the “newbies” and and, if you use some of the concepts covered in this course, you will to challenge the “geeks” in the class, I have created a set off start on the journey of learning through ICT. By the end of the year, differentiated tasks. You have thus been given an option of you will hopefully know how to manage and create multimedia completing a task at a certain level. (audio, video and text), word processed worksheets, an electronic mark book and digital portfolio. We will be working on blogs, • Entry Level (Task 1 – 5) microblogs, wikis and other collaborative tools Please remember To complete a task at entry level, you will complete the 5 though, this is not a computer literacy course. The Education tasks. Simply follow the instructions and deliver a completed Faculties’ mandate is to teach teachers how to teach, and this course product as outlined in the rubric. is intended to show you how ICT can be used to enhance your • Adoption Level (Tasks 1 - 6) practice as an educator. To complete the task at adoption level, you will have to follow instructions, deliver as outlines in the rubric and The course takes a “learning by doing” approach to developing your include discussion / comment from your network with each understanding of ICT. You will be required to use communications task, and in your portfolio. technologies (cameras, mobile phones, computers, the internet etc) • Innovation Level (Tasks 1 - 7) to develop your own solutions within a real-world scenario. The To complete the task at innovation level, you will have to majority of the tasks that have been set relate to some authentic take things a step further and publish the work that you have problem or project that a classroom teacher might encounter in their completed on a public platform teaching practice. Feel free to use the tasks to explore, discover, discuss, and meaningfully construct concepts that are relevant to Remember you have the option of deciding what level you wish to your understanding as a student teacher. It is hoped that through this complete the task at. “learning by doing” approach, your learning will go beyond abstract concepts and become concrete, as if you were in an actual classroom or school. -2-
  3. 3. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 1 – New Media Test and Mobile Data Hunt This task is intended to examine how competent you are with ICT and digital media. The task consists of three sections • Notice board photo • An open Internet test • A mobile scavenger hunt Once you have completed all activities save them in your folder for your portfolio. Notice board photo Rotate and resize digital picture of yourself to 300 (wide) × 400 (height) px and save it. Open Internet test In the open Internet test, you are welcome to make use of any programmes, website or applications to complete the test. Please clearly indicate your name on the computer and on this sheet. Save your work and email it to your instructor / post it to your blog Mobile scavenger hunt Mobile phones are (apart from phone calls) allow you to access applications, websites, people and data. To master the task, I suggest that you work together as a group. -3-
  4. 4. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 1 - Assessment Rubric for photograph Innovation Adoption Entry File Able to import, Able to import, Able to copy Manipulation copy, crop, rotate copy, rotate and images and resize digital resize images images. Effects Able to use a Able to apply a Digital effects have range of digital digital effect not been used effects appropriately to enhance an image File size and Files have clearly Files that have Files are large and quality been optimized, been optimised but have not been but the quality has their quality has optimised not been adversely been adversely affected affected -4-
  5. 5. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 2 – Troubleshooting Task In this task you will be asked to think back on your photograph, test and your mobile worksheet, and consider a problem that you encountered. Below are some examples • You could not open the file that you downloaded • You could not upload the photograph because the file was too large • You could not login because you forgot your password • You could not save your work on a memory stick • You could not print your poster from your computer Describe, using a visualisation method (branching tree, concept fan, flow diagram etc), how many different ways you could have solved one of the issues. Please note, you don’t have to select one of the above examples. Please pick one of the problems you encountered and then explain, using a diagram; what options you could have take to solve the problem. http://www.visual-literacy.org/periodic_table/periodic_table.html -5-
  6. 6. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 2 - Assessment Rubric Innovation Adoption Entry Problem Able to accurately Correctly identifies Does not correctly identification identify the the problem and identify problem problem suggests a and suggest solution several possible solutions Diagnosis The diagnosis The diagnosis is The diagnosis indicates a clear an adequate fix. does not work and and accurate indicates an understanding of understanding of the possible the problem is causes of the absent problem Information The visualisation is The visualisation is The visualisation visualisation attractively neatly drawn and is inadequately presented, neatly labelled presented drawn, has a logical flow and appropriately labelled Images Original Images Stock and found Images have not have been Images been included included -6-
  7. 7. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 3 - Personal Introduction Use a presentation application (PowerPoint would be fine) to create Pecha Kucha1 introduction to yourself. Please use a maximum of • 20 pictures and • 20 slides • 20 secs of speaking per slide. Save a copy, attach the file and send it to your instructor via email (or upload your presentation to your blog). This presentation will be used in your portfolio task http://www.weblearning.co.za/blog/index.php/2 010/01/22/pucha-kucha/ 1 A Pecha Kucha presentation is a presentation format introduced by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. -7-
  8. 8. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 3 – Assessment Rubric Presentation Innovation Adoption Entry Information The structure of the The presentation The presentation Architecture presentation follows a logical, has no logical demonstrates that a interesting sequence story board has sequence been used arrange the information Content Contains all Pecha Erratic attempt to None of the Pecha Kucha elements apply the Pecha Kucha elements are Kucha elements included Formatting The presentation is The presentation Few poorly laid out was formatted and formatted professionally with includes some audio/visual an appropriate audio/visual elements combination of element images, sounds and text Mechanics The presentation There are a few Frequent spelling has spelling and spelling and and punctuation punctuation errors punctuation errors errors in the in the presentation presentation -8-
  9. 9. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 4 – Batting Folder Use a word processing application to create a resource for your substitute teacher. These resources should include • Class Management - My classroom rules, class behaviour chart and seating plan • Class Work - A selection of emergency work sheets Your worksheet will have to occupy a class for 40 minutes. Please include a header, footer, space for student name, instructions, clip art borders etc. Save a copy, attach the file and send it to your instructor via email (or upload your presentation to your blog). Remember that these worksheets will be used in your portfolio http://www.weblearning.co.za/demo/ wordprocessing/ -9-
  10. 10. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 4 – Rubric Batting Innovation Adoption Entry Folder Formatting The batting folder is The batting folder The batting folder is professional in consistently distractingly messy terms of design, formatted layout and neatness. Content The content of the The content in the There is little worksheets worksheets have evidence of presented in the creative elements. creativity in the batting folder reflect worksheets an exceptional degree of creativity. Required The batting folder Most of the required Several required Elements includes all required elements are elements were elements as well as included in the missing. additional batting folder. information. Mechanics Capitalization, There are a few There are many spelling and errors in errors in punctuation are capitalization, capitalization, used correctly. spelling and spelling and punctuation punctuation - 10 -
  11. 11. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 5 – Spreadsheet Create a spreadsheet to record and calculate class marks. Your spreadsheet should • Display learners’ first and surname names • Display results for three assessment • Calculate learners’ final results The spreadsheet should include: • A title • At least 5 columns and 20 rows. • Appropriate column headings (e.g name, surname, assessment name, total, average) • Highlighted column & row headings • Cell sizes that fit the data. • Appropriately formatted page (fonts, size, borders, shading) • A formula to add the individuals marks, work out his /her average • A chart/ graph tracking class performance • When printed it must appears on one page http://www.weblearning.co.za/demo/spreadshee t/ - 11 -
  12. 12. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 5 - Rubric Mark Book Innovation Adoption Entry Workbooks The workbook The workbook The workbook is and contains separate contains one named unnamed worksheets named worksheets worksheets. Formatting Worksheets have An attempt has Formatting has not clear titles. Columns been made to been attempted or is & rows are sorted format the incomplete and labeled. worksheet Conditional cell formatting is used to highlight important data Data Data has been Data may have Little or no attempt processing processed and been sorted and or has been made to manipulated using processed with manipulate the data. suitable formula, formula. functions or filters Graphs and An graph or chart A graph or chart No attempt has Charts that is appropriately may have been been made to labelled is included included visually represent the data - 12 -
  13. 13. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 6 – Microblog (Adoption and Innovation Level) Sign up to a microblogging service (such as Twitter) and start weaving your own educator network. Your network should consist of local and international students, practicing teachers and other gurus appropriate to your field of interest. In your microblogging, your content should go beyond “meforming” and catch your followers attention by linking to resources, reflecting on what you’ve seen / observed and “informing” Remember to use and participate in Twitter when you are completing and reflecting on your tasks and save your conversations as artefacts for your portfolio. http://www.twitter.com/weblearning - 13 -
  14. 14. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 6 – Rubric Innovation Adoption Entry Post Posts to the medium on Posts to the medium One or two posts to Frequency a regular basis irregularly the medium Content Content resembles a Content is repetitive Content is only conversation. A mix of and limited to certain personal personal observations topics and thoughts, links to sites, responses to others etc. Tone Tone adopted by the Tone is appropriate Tone is author is personal, inappropriate, constructive and immature and/or appropriate for the negative audience Network Demographics of the The network is Limited, spam or network are mixed and primarily local but unfiltered network drawn from a variety of filtered locations Attribution Content that contains Content is not No attempt at others peoples work are always cited to the attribution attributed to their source sources Mechanics Keeps to accepted Sometimes is Meaning is lost due spelling, grammar and inaccurate in spelling to poor use of punctuation conventions and punctuation but language. still communicates meaning - 14 -
  15. 15. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 7 – (Innovation Level) In this task you are going to take a brave step and start representing what you know publicly in a blog. Use a blogging service like blogger or Wordpresss, and after naming it and selecting your layout, ensure that you allow comments and enable RSS feeds. Then post your thoughts about what you are doing (or being asked to do) and reflections about what you’ve seen / experienced in the PGCE As you become more experienced and comfortable with blogging, you may want to consider including images, podcasts or video in your blog. Your blog should at least be e a space where you present your five AV / Ed tech tasks and reflect on the process that you went through. It would then act as your Portfolio, your exam task. - 15 -
  16. 16. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Task 7 – Rubric Innovation Adoption Entry Post More than five Five substantial and Frequency substantial and reflective reflective posts (at Four or less blog posts (at least one least one for each insubstantial posts for each task) has been task) have been have been submitted submitted as well as made to the blog to the blog comments on other peoples blog posts Content and Blog demonstrates Blog content Primarily a personal comments firsthand experience and demonstrates a diary understanding of ICT developing and Education understanding of key ICT and Education issues Tone Tone adopted by the Tone is appropriate Tone is author is personal, for communicating inappropriate, constructive and with the audience immature and/or appropriate for the negative audience Attribution Content that contains Content is not No attempt at others peoples work are always cited to the attribution attributed to their source sources Mechanics Keeps to accepted Sometimes is Meaning is lost due spelling, grammar and inaccurate in spelling to poor use of punctuation conventions and punctuation but language. still communicates meaning - 16 -
  17. 17. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Exam Task Instead of holding an exam, your formal assessment mark is going What does a digital portfolio do? to be an electronic portfolio. It captures “snapshots of your learning” These portfolios will to contain What software is used to collect and display a digital portfolio? 1. Information about yourself Your digital portfolio is not tied to software. Learning artefacts can 2. Information about five of your Ed Tech class projects be collected and displayed with specialized portfolio software, Each project will contain hosted on the web, within a blog or created on a standard desktop a. An introduction to the task, application (like PowerPoint). b. Examples of work that you produced during the task c. Reflections (from yourself and others) on the way Why digital portfolios? that you performed the task and the final product that As technology becomes more common in the classroom and in you handed in. students’ lives, learners will represent their thinking and learning 3. It is expected that the portfolio will digitally. Digital portfolios start to prepare students for the 21st a. contain artefacts that demonstrate learning century, as they encourage competence with technology, reflection b. contain thoughts and reflections about your work and critical thinking. c. thoughtfully incorporate at least two (or more) forms of media Why is reflection important? d. be logically structured with a working navigation When a students engages with their work and articulates how it structure, meets the established criteria; when they analyse the effectiveness of e. organise information in a visually appealing manner their efforts, and plan for improvement., then they are expressing their learning to others What goes into a digital portfolio? A digital portfolio is made up of computer or multimedia files that Why not a paper portfolios? you have created, your thoughts about what you have done and Digital portfolios are more portable, they allow you to easily store comments from other people. and select saved work, and they are distributable without any of the deforestation issues associated with paper-based portfolios - 17 -
  18. 18. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 Criteria Innovation Adoption Entry Selection of The learning artefacts are supported by rich, The artefacts are supported by explanations The portfolio lacks appropriate artifacts, artefacts engaging and/or pertinent details. Evidence and there is evidence of thought behind thought, purpose and organization. of analysis, reflection, and insight in the their selection selection. Reflections Reflections show that the student is able to Reflections show that the student is able to Reflections (if any) are very brief with effectively critique their own practice and present their opinions about their practice reasoning that is difficult to follow. offer constructive suggestions on improving and is able to offer a rationale for their work. their work. Multi-media Multi-media elements are used to create Multi media elements are used to decorate Multi-media elements detract from the interest, enhance the portfolios purposes rather than substantiate the portfolio’s portfolio purposes and are inappropriate / of and are professionally presented purposes. poor quality Navigation Non linear navigation within the portfolio Navigation within the portfolio is primarily There is no navigation structure to the connects to the correct page. All links linear. Most links connect to the correct portfolio and no links have been included connect to the correct media media Layout Appropriate, clean, and/or suitable visual Busy visual organization of information Weak visual organization of information organization of information Communication Student work shows depth and complexity ofStudent work shows adequate idea Student work shows limited or no idea ideas. Variety in sentence structure and development. Acceptable, effective development. Simplistic and/or awkward length. Precise and/or rich language with no language with few errors in grammar and/or sentence structure. Errors in grammar and errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling. format relative to length and complexity. format (e.g., spelling, punctuation, capitalization, headings). - 18 -
  19. 19. AV / Ed Tech Tasks 2010 - 19 -