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Mliteracy - presentation for OE Global 2019


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Getting books into the hands of children is vital if kids are to learn to read. But there are many significant challenges facing those who wish to build a nation of story-readers and story-tellers In South Africa. My presentation is about two ideas, social publishing and mliteracy. The presentation describes the challenges and opportunities associated with reading. It describes how we have been working in public libraries and among librarians in Gauteng and broadening uptake and ownership of innovative forms of reading among marginalized communities where reading needs are most acute. The presentation concludes with a description of a model to describe this approach and how it aligns with open.

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Mliteracy - presentation for OE Global 2019

  1. 1. Social PublishingChanges in Connectivity +A “Reading Crisis” + 1
  2. 2. Low reading proficiency among children How well do learners in Grade 4 read in their language of instruction? A “Reading Crisis”
  3. 3. •Culture of reading? •Poor Instruction? •Wasted Learning Time? •Text Poor Environments Why are children are struggling to read for meaning? A “Reading Crisis”
  4. 4. TEXT POOR? A “Reading Crisis”
  5. 5. South African population broken down by home language 73% 10% 7% 5% 3% English Afrikaans IsiZulu - IsiXhosa Sepedi Sesotho Setswana IsiNdebele Xitsonga Percentage income derived by publishers from new titles by language (print) Percentage income derived by publishers from new titles by language (digital) A Reading Materials Crisis
  6. 6. Fewer books & titles available Reduced opportunities for reading Lower demand for books Market to produce books for marginalized audiences is small Book Famine A Reading Materials Crisis
  7. 7. Image from Reading in the Mobile Era - Changes in Connectivity Large numbers of people in developing countries read books and stories on inexpensive mobile phones
  8. 8. Changes in Connectivity
  9. 9. What is Social Publishing • Social Publishers (SP) are publishers who create reading materials for neglected audiences. Rather than operate on a profit basis, such publishers are driven by a mission. They see their books as a social goods, to be directed where they are most needed. A Reading Materials Crisis Changes in Connectivity
  10. 10. + Community of practice (Librarians) Contextual Needs By Derek Moore Toolkit + Workshops = mLiteracy 2
  11. 11. Toolkit + Workshops
  12. 12. Toolkit + Workshops
  13. 13. Toolkit + Workshops
  14. 14. Toolkit + Workshops
  15. 15. Across Jo’burg Audienc e. Toolkit + Workshops
  16. 16. Approx 200 public librarians Audienc e. Toolkit + Workshops
  17. 17. Contextual Needs
  18. 18. Contextual Needs
  19. 19. Community of Practice
  20. 20. Community of Practice
  21. 21. mliteracy Idea 1 + Idea 2
  22. 22. Idea 1 + Idea 2 = ?
  23. 23. Credits & References • Aitchison, J. (2018). SA's reading crisis is a 'cognitive catastrophe’. Independent Newspapers. Available: • Chambers, D. (2017). 80% of Grade 4s can't read‚ literacy survey reveals. Times Live. Available: • Linden, A. (2017). Study: 80% of Grade 4s in SA can’t read . The Daily Dispatch. Available: • PASA (2016) Publishing Industry Survey. • Rule, P. (2017). South Africa has a reading crisis: why, and what can be done about it. The Conversation. Available: • Shaver, Lea Bishop, Ending Book Hunger: Social Publishing and the Power of Mission-Driven Innovation (November 22, 2015). Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law Research Paper 2015-47. Available at SSRN: • Spaul, N. (2017). The unfolding Reading Crisis. Available pirls-2016-results/ • Spaul, N. (2016). The Biggest Solvable Problem in SA: Reading. Available: problem-in-sa-reading/ • UNESCO (2014) Reading in the Mobile Era: A Study of Mobile Reading in Developing Countries