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Webinos Personal Zones


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An introduction to the webinos concepts of Personal Zones and Overlay Networks

Presented by Dave Ragget W3C

Published in: Technology
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Webinos Personal Zones

  1. 1. What is webinos about?
  2. 2. We increasingly ownlots of personal devices Smart Notebook Phone Tablet Computer Car TV
  3. 3. We increasingly ownlots of personal devices Smart Notebook Phone Tablet Your Computer Personal Zone! Car TV
  4. 4. Your Personal Zone● Applications and services that work seamlessly across all of your devices ● Install apps/services to your zone rather than having to do so separately for each device ● Automatic synchronization of context across devices (personal preferences, credentials, bookmarks, calendar, contacts, ...)● Start a task on one device, then continue on another ● As you move from one location to the next● Applications involving multiple devices ● Using your tablet together with your TV for an enhanced social experience – you are no longer just a passive viewer!
  5. 5. Sharing with others Hey, we can beam it from your phone to my TV! WendyLets watch this Paulo new movie!
  6. 6. Personal Zone● Your zone has a permanent 24x7 presence on the Web ● Accessible from web browser or apps● Others can find your zone @ ● From your email address via Web Finger ● Touch phones to exchange details via NFC ● Scan your business cards QR code
  7. 7. Trust and Security● You control who can access your devices ● Paulo and Wendy are friends and Paulo allows Wendys zone to project a movie on his home TV● When installing applications on your zone, you get to determine what capabilities they can access ● Location, Contacts, Microphone, Network, …● Keeping it simple to understand ... ● Security/Privacy advisor that keeps a watchful eye – Blocking installation of known malware – Warning about apps that abuse your privacy
  8. 8. “webinos”● European funded project ● Duration: Sep 2010 to Aug 2013 ● Partners from across industry and academia● Extending the Web to support Personal Zones ● Feeding into new standards● Developing an open source platform for multiple devices
  9. 9. How does it work?● Each device includes a special application that hooks it into the personal zone ● This is known as the personal zone proxy ● Implemented in JavaScript with node.js ● Injects webinos APIs into the browsers run-time ● Implementations on Windows, Linux, Android, ...● The Personal Zone is controlled by an application running in the cloud ● This is known as the personal zone hub ● Accessible from the Internet for inter-zone access ● Responsible for securing all devices in the zone