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webinos Use Cases - Open Day


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An overview of the Use Case and requirements project driving the webinos technology.
Presented By Andre Paul of Fraunhofer Institute

Published in: Technology, Business
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webinos Use Cases - Open Day

  1. 1. Webinos WP2 André Paul Future Applications and Media (FAME)Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems 1
  2. 2. Where we are D2.4 Updates on Scenarios and Use cases send to EU beginning of may D2.5 is pending, final wrap up is waiting to be closed According to DOW4 roughly only half of the resources used so far and 1/3 is not planned WP2 mostly done (one deliverable left) – App competition is the only active activity (deliverable M36) – VM will also create an update to last years open governance index – Background activities expected for adapting and extending existing work over time until end of project life
  3. 3. D2.4 Scenarios revision – re-written to better envisage webinos as we now understand it – aligned the usability research of D2.7 and D2.8  incorporating context of use description  incorporating personas – scenarios which were subject to deletion were analyzed for elements that can be incorporated into other scenarios. A number of other EU projects were analyzed regarding use cases and requirements but did not find out major direct impact on the existing work (e.g, actuator API) First App Competition description
  4. 4. D2.4 Use cases were basically cleaned up re-grouped to match groups used for requirements (more appropriate categorization, common scheme across WP2 deliverables) Majority of deleted use cases were found as to be too application specific Many of these use cases could be realized by implementing applications (e.g., prior example section) – Based on our revision of the scenarios, we concluded that additional example use cases were unnecessary. Also a number of general use cases were removed – Duplications – other similar use cases that were appropriately adapted
  5. 5. D2.5 requirements were improved in wording, comprehensibility and to better match to design decisions made in the last couple of months Clean-up, roughly a third of existing requirements were removed – superseding or duplications – referring to application functionalities – fit criteria like requirements were removed. Pending finalization of land scape update
  6. 6. Traceability / featureproposals Within webinos we need to create traceability for existing (phase I) features and also for new features For example if roadmap identifies features that are seen to be new, WP2 should at least identify related use cases and requirements (better start with narrative scenario description) WP2 needs to state that the feature can be realized with X,Y,Z or WP2 may create new UC/Reqs or may decide that the feature should not be considered as being part of webinos – may be a demo app or completely out of scope Generic process: 4/wiki/Proposed_external_functionality
  7. 7. Traceability: fromscenarios to back-logs Scenarios do have an identifier and a title, e.g., S-DA1: Smart Device Integration, and have attached supporting use cases – No use cases => no scenario Use cases stating related scenarios and related requirements – No requirement => no use case
  8. 8. Traceability: fromscenarios to back-logs Use cases need to have attached use case maps stating where is/could be webinos involved. No webinos component involved => no use case (but that most probably will be created by wp2 peoples)
  9. 9. Traceability: fromscenarios to back-logs Requirements having attached scenarios, use cases and backlog items (but not all, non-functional reqs., supporting requirements) Automatic build process – creates related wiki pages – creates concept maps
  10. 10. Traceability: fromscenarios to back-logs Proposals to be send to wp2 list or better to create a wiki page at 4/wiki/Proposed_Updates No traceability between wp2 and specs as well as specs and WP4. How to deal with this? What about making WP2 content (and maybe other WP repositories) available to the public too? – Transparency – Same githhub? Having all together vs. separating code from text
  11. 11. App competitions
  12. 12. Thank you! Questions? Follow us: Contact us: Fork @ GitHub: Become affiliate: Today‘s speaker: