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webinos - Architecture and Strategy


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A summary of the architecture discussed at the webinos Open Day. Covers strategy and positioning. Fudamental innovations in data ownership and the evolution or browsers to embedded servers
Presented by Nick Allott of UbiApps

Published in: Technology
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webinos - Architecture and Strategy

  3. 3. EcosystemData ownershipBrowsers and ServersConclusions
  4. 4. Platform Positioning Chrome Tizen Arduino B2G PI OSB2GTizenChromeOSChromePhoneGap Webinos – like Chrome – is a virtualised application environment NOT and OS in its own right
  5. 5. Web StoresHTML5 missing bits OS creating Manifest application distribution Identity – signing monopoly Declaration of intent CRX OS creating Payment gateway vs networks services DRM WGT Web stores may create web UI integration APIs application monopoly Portable policy (esp for multi device) Monetisable offline web applications need WGT/CRX or equivalent Bookmarks and preferences sync - the Google Alternative
  6. 6. We need opengovernance framework Where we are in mobile DANGER!! Chrome: Google dominance Operating Systems are becoming Android: Google dominance Control point for Webkit: Apple dominance application WAC: Operator dominance Control point for Meego: Nokia dominance monetised services Limo: Samsung dominance Tizen: Samsung-Intel dominance Adoption requires balance
  8. 8. Inverting Data Ownership Company 1 App 1 DB User Contact data Company 1 User App 2 DB User Contact User Contact data data Company 1 App 3 DB User Contact data Shifting data, under consumers control
  9. 9. Health CarePermissioning and Privacy Micro PZP DOCTOR 1 PZH ? DOCTOR 2 Micro PZP TRAINER 2 Same scenario for In car telematics and swapping insurers. Same scenario for Smart Meters.
  10. 10. Distributed HealthMonitoring PZH ? DOCTOR 1 Data sources must be aggregated from different device “owners” - but data still belongs too user
  12. 12. “Open” Web AppFramework manifests etc) but These elements are standardised, Each of these elements can be improved (e.g.JSON Apps testable agreed and can be deployed now W3C Widgets Packager Chromium Embedded Web Renderer OR Android - WebView XACML = WAC + Policy Subject = person APIs GeoLocation Orientation Calendar Contacts Others W3C + WAC + Webinos CRX
  13. 13. Decoupled Browser(Warning disruptive!!) Also remote http (normal Apps website) Widget URI OR HTTP URI OR FILE URI Packager Standard Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari ec..) Supporting web sockets Policy Websocket – with APIs domain origin test GeoLocation Orientation Calendar Contacts Others User grants access of domain to feature (ala geo-location)
  14. 14. Webinos as a Server Server Client/Browser Apps Packager Policy Widget Renderer APIs GeoLocation Orientation Calendar Contacts Others
  15. 15. WRAP UP
  16. 16. DLNA for personal data, services and devices
  17. 17. What the demos will showyou WAC/W3C Widget/ Tizen like Application framework (PCs and Mobile) – Running on lots of devices – Open source - open governance Web on TVs (with mobiles) Web as an Automotive framework Web as an IOT platform (interoperability, ID, Security) Devices working together
  18. 18. Final Takeaways Convergence is a trend – What is you platform for developing apps for cross devices – How will they work together Webinos is OPEN – Not led by any SINGLE company Webinos is a consumer centric view of privacy and security Free to join… Free to use...
  19. 19. Questions…