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Internet Marketing Secrets: What You Need To Know


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An effective Internet marketing strategy is essential in today's continually-changing, competitive world. A great strategy will include expertise in SEO, web design, link building, social media, content marketing, and more Here are 10 Internet marketing secrets you should know!

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  • This is well done. The point I feel is most important right now is the mention of local marketing and NAP. With the new local pack in the search results, organic results are receiving less clicks since they fall well below the fold. The local pack takes up such a massive space with localized searches.
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Internet Marketing Secrets: What You Need To Know

  1. 1. Photo Credit: holdit/7307154038/ INTERNET MARKETING SECRETS What You Need to Know
  2. 2. Photo by Ryan McGuire It’s no secret that Internet marketing is an essential element of the success of a business. In today’s continually-changing, competitive world, an effective marketing strategy that targets an online audience is necessary for success. It might seem straightforward, but many will find that it is difficult to make substantial gains due to uncertainty in the marketing field.
  3. 3. Photo by Ryan McGuire So, what are the secrets?
  4. 4. Photo by Ryan McGuire As Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” With that being said, Internet marketing is an interdependent strategy. The key to keeping your business competitive is to understand and incorporate each and every aspect. SECRET #1 A Well-Rounded Strategy is Key.
  5. 5. Regularly providing your audience with fresh, high quality content is essential to your Internet marketing strategy. One of the best ways to provide fresh content is by blogging on your website. You’ll be able to embed keywords, links, and other valuable sources. Your blog posts should proposal information that is significant to your industry – a characteristic that Google loves. SECRET #2 Provide Your Audience With Fresh Content.
  6. 6. 75% ~17%Of content marketers release new content daily. of content marketers release new content monthly Statistic From
  7. 7. Photo by Ryan McGuire SECRET #3 Drive Your Marketing Strategy With Web Statistics. Acquiring and analyzing web statistics is one of the first steps your business should take when planning an Internet marketing strategy. Use website analysis tools to determine key metrics, keyword rankings, and how your website measures up to its competitors. This information will be the building blocks of your marketing strategy.
  8. 8. Photo by Ryan McGuire Lead generation consists of targeting consumers to generate interest in your website’s product or service. This can be done with both direct and indirect tactics, including e-mail marketing, article marketing, press releases, and guest blogs. Keep in mind that lead generation is only effective if your company follows up on any inquiries they obtain. SECRET #4 Generating Leads is Important.
  9. 9. Photo by Ryan McGuire If your business has a physical storefront, it is necessary to market to a local audience. You can do so by taking advantage of local listings and search apps that include your business’s NAP (name, address, phone), as well as create webpages for each individual location. Some popular sites that will help improve your local marketing strategy are Yelp and Google+. SECRET #5 Market Your Business Online Locally.
  10. 10. Photo Credit: Tom Hall - 7004434418/in/photolist-rUCaVL-sdS748- 2jFx6A-4dsMU4-8fAckf-dmUXvP-49edgH- 8fNyJP-jt4Yqj-eBmmcz-qfNvBa-xjXGU8- 82Mj1N-eBpwHY-yaPfdV-61NLbG-7UT812- d3zZi7-N4FXF-yq4ccC-7MvEDW-fkN4Wa- atQode-aMzYN-8xNVDC-894tk3-85kyPB- bxEsWA-6HiyQu-8h7tpM-axrLEn-9dXrvd- oTYbCa-nVUZuF-idkPBx-dcRYnQ-3g29GM- 6cWg4b-bXXTiu-kexB2z-4qDXsV-3nFWj- r7FnsC-eRh2DX-4FnszP-aQec6P-9yVQkY- u9nguQ-2PE6sL-frTgG Like other search engines, Google is continuously changing their search algorithms. The majority of these changes typically won’t affect your site in a significant way. However, the few major changes that arise will force you to carefully adjust your SEO campaign. Old tactics might cause your website to rank poorly, so your company needs to keep track of new standards. SECRET #6 Pay Attention to Google’s Changes.
  11. 11. Photo by Ryan McGuire An effective SEO campaign utilizes both on-site and off- site tactics to improve a website’s traffic. Although SEO is always evolving, there are a few traditional tactics that continue to yield results. These tactics include: • Keyword research • Relevant SEO Copywriting • Meta Tag Optimization • Local SEO • Strategic Brand Building SECRET #7 Learn How to Rank Higher in Google.
  12. 12. Photo by Ryan McGuire If your company wants to build their brand and attract new viewers, they must be highly visible, relevant, and engaging. This can be achieved through the use of social media profiles such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Frequently updating your social media by connecting with your audience and posting quality, shareable content is essential. Utilizing social media can help you expand your audience dramatically. SECRET #8 Understand The Power of Social Media.
  13. 13. Photo by Ryan McGuire More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies were using Twitter marketing in 2013.
  14. 14. Photo by Ryan McGuire How successful would your Internet marketing strategy be without a great website? Your website’s design will heavily influence whether or not a user will stay on your website. For example, there will be a slim chance of making a sale if a landing page has confusing navigation tools. The way your website is designed will determine the foundation of its optimization, which is significant. In addition, be sure that your website is easily navigable on laptops, smartphones and tablets. SECRET #9 Make Sure Your Website is Responsive, Always.
  15. 15. Photo by Ryan McGuire 71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to their business. Statistic From SalesForce
  16. 16. Photo by Ryan McGuire One of the best ways to enhance user experience and exhibit relationships between pages is with an effective link building strategy. Link Building helps search engines to determine how well a website should rank and discover new webpages. It is beneficial to link to other pages that your audience might find to be valuable, as well as provide quality, authoritative content that other sites will want to link to. SECRET #10 Link Building Matters.