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Google Marketing


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Learn what it takes for a business website to be successful in Google's search engine rankings.

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Google Marketing

  1. 1. Google Marketing Tips
  2. 2. SEO is a major pillar of Google Marketing
  3. 3. It’s the foundation for Google’s indexing & ranking criteria
  4. 4. Steps in an SEO campaign include: Website analysis XML Sitemap Keyword Research Site Structure Creation Linkbuilding Content Creation Updating with Google Algorithm Changes
  5. 5. Google Adwords for instant traffic
  6. 6. Adwords is a Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform
  7. 7. Businesses only pay for ads users click on – So work on SEO organic search!
  8. 8. Google Adwords allow clients to: Use targeted keywords Place ads near relevant search results Target local audiences Use mobile ads Access real- time updates
  9. 9. Local SEO is a must for Google Marketing
  10. 10. Local SEO: Helps businesses gain more conversion rates from local customers
  11. 11. It’s useful for businesses with multiple locations
  12. 12. Ways to improve rankings and local traffic: Optimizing content for local name Individual location pages Listings on Google Maps Search apps like Yelp Multiple listings in business directories Options for customer reviews
  13. 13. Mobile Responsiveness
  14. 14. Google considers mobile- friendly websites in rankings
  15. 15. Things that determine a website’s mobile-friendliness: Mobile-friendly tags Software compatibility with mobile devices Ready to read text without zooming in Easy to click links with proper spacing
  16. 16. Google Marketing by Webimax Learn more about Google Marketing by Webimax. Through Local SEO, digital ads and converting your site to being mobile adaptive, your site will be more ready to start rising in Google.