Mobile Websites: 7 must have features


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These features will help your mobile websites stand out and be easy to use for prospects who will respond with their wallets.

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Mobile Websites: 7 must have features

  1. 1. Mobile Websites: 7 Must-Have FeaturesWith the progress in the world of media, our medium of communication has completelychanged. Gone are the days when a personal computer was your window to the world outside.With many new age mobile phones, available in the market, your customer can now followyour business and your products directly from their phones.So how can you reach them directly through their phones – where ever they are? How will youbring that extra edge to your business website? Here are some of the basic rules which canreally make your web site stand out:1. Single click access to your contact informationWell, according to a recent survey, it has been shown that 61% of the consumers who visityour website from their mobile phone will like to call you from the phone directly. So, mentionyour contact details clearly. Make it easier for your customers to reach you. Have a big, boldbutton that can be tapped or touched to call you without any extra effort.2. Map and locationAnother recent survey shows that 62% of the consumers approaching your website do it forthe sole reason to find out your address details and the exact location. So, do not forget to adda simple map or location button to your website. Once clicked, your address will be displayedand a mini map will open up. The prospects get a clear idea of your location and may bedriving directions even. This increases the footfall in your store or shop by a nice margin.3. Consistent LooksYour mobile website will be ultra-light and compact. However you should make the basicdesign consistent with your regular desktop web site. This is vital for conveying for a unified Ebizindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd. We leverage the mobile web for generating new leads for your business.
  2. 2. image if the person visits your other site also. Branding heavily thrives on consistency.4. Legibility is importantDecent sized fonts, optimized graphics and large buttons make your site legible and usable.Remember, they have a small screen and a pretty slow connection, even if it’s 3G. Avoidtechnologies like Flash which several phones (especially iPhones) do not support.5. Sync your mobile website with your desktopYou might be running many offers in your business, which are updated normally on yourdesktop website. Make sure, they are updated on your mobile website too. This way,customers need not check their desktop every time they want to check on your recent offers.More importantly, also update any change in your contact numbers or location on your mobilewebsite.6. Product reviewsNow, this is one weapon that can reallyimprove the marketing scope of yourproduct. Customers want to be sure of theproduct that they are purchasing. So,include testimonials and if possible, link toreviews on other sites to infuse the socialproof. Independent, 3rd party commentscan really allay their fears and they can buywith confidence.7. Social media and search boxThere is not one single phone nowadaysthat does not have social media platformson it. So, get on each of these popularplatforms like Face book, Twitter,LinkedIn etc. This way, you can actuallyinteract with your customers and boostyour business status. One more importantthing is the search box on the mobile website. If your customer wants information about onespecific product, then the search box is going to be a boon for him. This way, he can save timeand get the exact information about the particular product he is looking for.Follow these easy and simple to use tips and impress your customers. This way, they will alsogain a certain amount of trust, not only in your products, but also in your company name.They will surely keep coming back to you for future businesses, thereby slowly raising yourbusiness toward the peak. Ebizindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd. We leverage the mobile web for generating new leads for your business.