Advantages of dedicated web hosting


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Advantages of dedicated web hosting

  1. 1. Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting There are plenty of advantages when it comes to dedicated web hosting and it is all down to how you want to present yourself. Having a dedicated web hosting is like having your own business card bespoke to your profession and personalized to your own character. The problem with using a free web hosting service is that there is no personality to it, and you are stuck with the basic templates and the level of customizability is not really there. Sure, as a basic platforms to ply your wares, these free hosting services do a pretty good job, but there is no joie de vivre at all, no fun, no customized feeling that it is inherently you or your business. Let me give you an example of what this is talking about. Imagine is big brand names like Adidas and Nike were to hop on to these free web hosting solutions right at this very minute - what impact would it have on their brand? Firstly, brand confidence would go down a lot and the value of their wares would dip. They have a standard to maintain and this does not show through when they get on the free web hosting bandwagon. Branding is really important when it comes to your business or your products and when you do that kind of business move; you are unable to charge as high as you would if you had your own dedicated web hosting solution. Branding is really very important and it really determines what kind of people you attract and how much confidence you are able to instill in them. The other thing about getting a dedicated web hosting service is that you are guaranteed a certain amount of bandwidth. This is something you need when you are using the web as a platform for your business. Customer traffic and delivering to them reliable service are very important when it comes to the business of e-commerce and when you are thinking of setting up a website as a satellite of your business, and as a sales platform for either your goods or the goods of your affiliate partner, then you must take up a dedicated web hosting solution. These free solutions you get on the internet do not have nearly the bandwidth that you may need to serve large volumes of customers or store large amounts of data. You need to have some sorted of reliability and as often as it may seem, many of the cheap web hosting solutions can be quite unpredictable and may be subject to either crashes or maintenance. Having your website shut down for a few days can mean a loss of a few thousand dollars worth of business. Dedicated web hosting, especially for a business is by far the best option you can think of, and do not fall into the trap of trying to save a few dollars by getting free solutions on the internet. Not only will you jeopardize your business, but you will lose consumers and eventually your business viability. WebicalSolutions provides all-in-one web hosting packages. Find more details: and (Source).