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Webical Solutions is a leader in Web hosting Services, They have wide range of domain hosting services like Economic hosting, deluxe hosting and unlimited hosting. They are best in this Web hosting business.

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Webical solutions

  1. 1. WEBICAL SOLUTIONS SERVICES Webical Solutions is a leader in Web hosting Services, We have a wide range of domain hosting services like Economic hosting, deluxe hosting and unlimited hosting. We are best in this Web hosting business and we are best in this Cheap Web hosting services and providing very cheap web hosting business globally we are one of the Top Webhosting Services as per 2010. Webical solutions domain hosting plans are ideal for most individuals and small businesses. They’re the affordable, reliable place to host your domain - with no ad banners or pop-ups, and 24/7 support. And unlike the competition, there's no set up fee and no annual commitment required. Their entire lineup of hosting products is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Whether you're hosting a simple family photo album or a mission critical e-commerce powerhouse, webicalsolutions.com is ready to handle all your needs 24/7/365. For more information please click the link below to view the detailed information of our services. • Cheap web hosting services • Cheap web hosting • Cheap Domains • Domain name registration • Domain registration • Small business website hosting services • Affordable web hosting • Cheap web hosting • Dedicated Web hosting • Virtual web hosting • Register domain names • Bulk domain registrations Webical Solutions is a professional in cheap web hosting services, Bulk Domain Registrations, Web design, development & online strategy company that delivers “best-in- class” Ecommerce solutions. We feature an integrated team of consultants, designers, search engine optimizers, programmers and marketing professionals that understand the virtual world and leverage the power of the internet to deliver results.
  2. 2. Our Ecommerce Solutions have been developed with the sole intention of providing an intuitive, secure environment for the shopper. It has been designed with on a robust and stable platform to ensure efficient and secure Ecommerce websites. Our state-of-the-art Ecommerce solutions help the clients to improve their sales and make the competition redundant. Our Ecommerce solutions deliver all the functionality required to successfully sell your products online. Our other hosting services are Small business website hosting services, Dedicated Web hosting, Virtual web hosting , Domain name registration, web application development, SEO, Web Designing, Web development etc…. Our Ecommerce Solutions suits your requirements of the client irrespective of the size of the business. Our solutions include: • Intuitive User-Friendly Interfaces • Product Database • Customer Database • Shopping Carts • Personalization • Automatic Billing Systems • Sales Reporting • Inventory Control • Order History • Web Traffic Logs Online Market Place and Auction Software Development: Webical Online Market place and Auction Software solutions further opens the envelope of ecommerce websites with its distinctive online auction software which enables online auctioning of items of subscribed users. A perceptive auctioning interface augments the experience of the auctioneer and buyer. Our e-commerce solutions deliver tangible and measurable results. This could be as simple as an online product catalogue, or as complex as integrating facets of your operations into a single enterprise commerce portal. Developed and refined over the past several years, the methodology combines design, technology and process to create the optimum environment; this
  3. 3. makes it easy and attractive for customers to purchase goods or services online. Our Ecommerce solutions make your business a global entity at a fraction of the cost. Our Ecommerce solutions have been designed and developed by highly qualified and proficient designers and programmers, who have an excellent understanding of the domain, technology, overall functioning of the web, and the behavior of the online consumers. They create solutions that are: • Simple yet intuitive; • Uncomplicated yet complex; • User-friendly yet comprehensive We create creative, scalable web designs and solutions that reflect the needs, and vision of our clients. Our goal is to successfully deliver solutions that are beyond your expectations. Contact us to grow your business with efficient, affordable, secure, customizable and user-friendly solutions from Webical Solutions. Webical Solutions are the best in the Cheap Web hosting services specializes in enhancing the presence of the online presence of our clients. Webical Solutions also expertise in the web application development services caters to a range of companies from various verticals and industries. Webical Solution's offerings include: Domain name registration, Small business website hosting services, Affordable web hosting, Virtual web hosting, Dedicated Web hosting, Email Marketing Solutions, Web Application Development, System Integration services, Web designing services, web development services, Email Marketing solutions etc… Webical Solutions unique services cover the areas like Social Networking Websites Every day, Social Networking websites are gaining in popularity and reach. Webical has focused its effort to create easily scalable, easy-to-customize social networking software that makes online communication and networking an absolute pleasure. The aesthetics are
  4. 4. developed with the varied audience in mind. Mailing lists, blogs, wikis and instant messengers are seamlessly integrated to provide a one- stop solution to the needs of the networking audience. Download and Upload widgets for Audio, video and streaming enhance the usability of the website. Ecommerce Website Webical Solutions understands the composition of an ecommerce website. Our shopping carts are the next best solutions to actual shopping. It enhances the experience of the online shopper, presents the best product based on their search criteria, and ensures that the shopper is hooked until the sale is made. The easy-to-navigate, aesthetically pleasing, simple-but-intuitive interface ensures that the online shopper gets the virtual market experience. Webical Solutions ecommerce websites are tightly integrated with various payment gateways, Inventory, Logistics systems and User management systems. Online Market Place and Auction Software Development Webical further opens the envelope of ecommerce websites with its distinctive online auction software which enables online auctioning of items of subscribed users. A perceptive auctioning interface augments the experience of the auctioneer and buyer. It is very difficult to buy a cheap domain. But if you want to buy the domain at affordable price the right choice is go to Webical solutions. The cheap web hosting services with less band width are coming right in to the action by our expert group the Webical solutions. User Ratings: ***** McCray one of the users of Webical solution is sharing some words: Last year I finished my studies. And I had a plan of developing a company of my own for that I want to create a domain so that I went for many websites for creating my domain but all had some disadvantages some offers more cost for creating domains, some offer less cost but less
  5. 5. space that is not enough for me create my thoughts, and some even doesn’t bother about their customers ideas there was no good service in it, etc., like this there are minus in each and every sites. After that my worries met with an end. I got some information about Webical solutions from my pal Davis. And went to that site and I gave my demands and my demands were full filled finally by this great group. I asked for cheap web hosting, with affordable cost for creating cheap domains. These were finished with a full stop. It is really cheap in its cost. They are giving a good responds to the clients their dedicated web hosting services was very good. And they are good in their approach. Get the features of our Dedicated Servers at a lower price. With Virtual Dedicated hosting from webicalsolutions.com, your server is shared while the accounts are isolated, so you still have full control over server space. To get started, simply choose one of our popular plans or build your own. If you have advanced hosting needs, Dedicated Hosting IP (Internet Protocol) may be for you. A Dedicated Web Hosting IP means each web hosting account has a unique address, not shared by any other accounts on the same server. Grab this opportunity this is a wonderful offer that you can never ever get it. Because Opportunity knocks the door only at once and it’s open through the Webical solutions now. So make use of it and create a domain at affordable cost. Our Cheap Web Hosting Service Plans Economy (10GB) - $ 6.99/mo - Bandwidth (300GB) Deluxe (150GB) - $ 10.99/mo - Bandwidth (1500GB) Unlimited - $ 14.99/mo - Bandwidth (Unlimited) For more information about our cheap web hosting services please visit our website http://www.webicalsolutions.com