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What is the difference between shared hosting and dedicated server in Kenya


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Shared hosting - dedicated server. What is the difference? Who should buy what? The answers - in a simple presentation.
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What is the difference between shared hosting and dedicated server in Kenya

  1. 1. SHARED HOSTING & DEDICATED HOSTING What Is The difference between Web Hosting Kenya – getting businesses in Kenya online
  2. 2. Shared Hosting is
  3. 3. Dedicated Hosting is
  4. 4. Shared Hosting  The most common type of hosting used by websites on the Internet today  Very cost effective,  In most cases, offers all of your website's needs in terms of space, bandwidth, emails, etc.  Why? Because you are sharing the hosting with a lot of other websites on a single, powerful server.
  5. 5. Shared Hosting - advantages  Low cost (average price is 5-8$ per month per website).  You can use your own domain name  You get a lot of software: database, CGI, etc. Most of them will run automatically.  If you run a small business and don't expect more than 1000 visitors to your website per day, then shared hosting is for you.  You don't really need any technical knowledge.
  6. 6. Shared Hosting - disadvantages  The bandwidth is limited - if your site becomes very popular you might find yourself running out of bandwidth quickly.  The support is usually slower and less personal than the dedicated option.
  7. 7. Dedicated Hosting  You are the only one using the server.  You are in total control of the server and what goes on the server.  You decide whether to host 1 site or 100 websites.
  8. 8. Dedicated Hosting - advantages  Bandwidth is much much bigger.  You can tailor database, email and any other software or application – to your needs.
  9. 9. Dedicated Hosting - disadvantages  Expensive – prices reach a few dozens to a few hundred of dollars per month.  You need a lot of technical knowledge – and especially knowledge in server and database management.
  10. 10. Conclusions  If you're making your first Internet venture, and your website is still far from getting a lot of traffic - start with shared hosting and your own domain.  Dedicated hosting is ideal for websites with high traffic and large businesses who want complete control over the server so they can fine tune their server for e-commerce, etc.  If your website is enjoying a lot of traffic or is critical to your business (shopping, for instance) - then it is highly recommended to use dedicated hosting.
  11. 11. Thank you! Web Hosting Kenya – getting businesses in Kenya online