New release 2 May 2009 - Part 1 (PPT)


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New release 2 May 2009 - Part 1 (PPT)

  1. 1. Launch your online business
  2. 2. Welcome and Introductions Me You Housekeeping  Toilets  Food/Drinks  Car Parking Do NOT change computer settings Links: all are at – Go To--> Get Started Resources © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  3. 3. The Seven Steps Step 1: Identify a Niche Market Step 2: Find a Product or Service Step 3: Register a Domain Name & Find a Host Step 4: Design and Upload Your Website Step 5: Add a Shopping Cart & Payment Facilities Step 6: Get Traffic to Your Site Step 7: Convert Visitors to Customers © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  4. 4. A Little Something to Help Why? Get focused, organised & motivated. © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  5. 5. Keywords - a Core Concept
  6. 6. Keywords - a Core Concept What are keywords? … a search term that is entered into a search engine (like Google or Yahoo or NineMSN). Commonly, people type in multiple word phrases into a search engine – these are made up of “key words”. Keywords are the most important concept in internet marketing. Why are keywords so important? Get Traffic from your Target Market. How do you use them?  Pick a market. Pick products/services. Domain name. Page titles. Link titles. Images. Headings. Formatting. Page content. Google AdWords. Blog topics. Landing pages. And more! © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  7. 7. © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – Understanding Keywords  You must know what KEYWORDS you want to “win” on.  Choose 3-4 primary keywords per web page to focus on.  “public speaking”  “after dinner speaker”  “raconteur”  “mc”  “speaker adelaide”  “my name”  “my business name”  Each page of your site will have a different PR (pagerank) for each different KW (keyword) – you will have hundreds of KW per page!  Landing pages – keyword driven entry pages to your site.
  8. 8. Keywords - How to Find Them Google’s Keyword Tool (free) Wordtracker (US$59pm) Keyword Discovery (US$49.95 pm, Free Trial + Keyword Basics Course):  Nichebot (US$13.97 pm Lite, $1 2 wk trial) Market Samurai (US$149) © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  9. 9. Keyword Discovery Example © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – Date - 4/1/08 - Term “web design”, Database = MSN (9% searches)
  10. 10. Step 1: Identify a Niche Market
  11. 11. What is a “niche”? Niche: “A special area of demand for a product or service” You are looking for a niche that is: “a mile deep and an inch wide” Choose a Market first, then a Product Look for good traffic, low competition © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – 3
  12. 12. Top 5 Niches on the Internet Real Estate Investing Weight Loss Network Marketing Wealth Building Internet Marketing * (according to Matt Bacak, March 2009) © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  13. 13. Some ways to find a niche  What do you love?  Think about what you do in your spare time, hobbies, magazine subscriptions, talk about?  What is HOT?  Chatter, newsletters/mags, health, trends, TV  Google Top 100 Searches  (if they write the book, there’s a market!)  – Magazines  – eBay Pulse  – Top Selling Categories  – Market Place  Top Sellers  What do other people love (people spend fortunes on their hobbies! Taboo subjects are great.)? (Search with Google Keyword Tool) © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – 3-4
  14. 14. Analysing a Niche Number of searches (demand) Number of competitors (supply) Who are the major players? What discussion forums & communities? What are the top blogs ( How many sites offering similar products? How many sites bidding for PPC? Who is getting most traffic? and © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  15. 15. Still Struggling? Guerilla Strategies Websites for sale (Addiction Warning!!) Model someone else’s idea! Two key steps: Do your due diligence Then, just pick one! Get started on the learning curve! © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – 4-7
  16. 16. Step 2: Find a Product or Service
  17. 17. What products/services do people want? Something that will: Solve a particular problem (eg ) Save time (eg ) Save money (eg ) Make money (eg ) © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – Find the pain, then offer the solution!
  18. 18. What you can sell “Real” products  What will you sell?  Where will you get it from?  How will you get it? (stock or drop ship)  How much profit will you make?  How long will it take to deliver? Digital Products  Information (eg ebooks, audio, video)  Software  Create Your Own: DIY or Rentacoder or eLance  Sell Someone Else’s: Clickbank, Paydotcom, Commission Junction, ClixGalore © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  19. 19. How to Use Rentacoder or eLance Register Check out the projects on offer Write a really clear description of your project including the words: “A simple job for an experienced…” List it in relevant categories Pay your $$ into escrow Wait for your quotes to roll in! © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  20. 20. Or you can sell someone else’s gear.. Affiliate Programs – PPC or % Google Cash (AdSense) List building © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  21. 21. Some Guerilla Product Ideas  Find a top selling affiliate product & translate it into a different language.  Find the top selling books on Amazon – then create a page about them (with affiliate link to CB).  Go to Clickbank Marketplace, find top sellers and review them (or find other people’s reviews and aggregate).  Become a publisher – partner (JV) with an expert – you create the product from their knowledge, and then split the profits.  Create a blog about what you love – set up affiliate products. May not make a lot, but at least your hobby could be tax deductible!  Reuse existing content – (public domain),,, (Articles) © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  22. 22. Step 3: Register a Domain & Find a Host
  23. 23. Which Domain Names?  Customers should be able to:  Remember it!  Be able to spell it!  Guess it??  Generic varieties are worth a fortune! (eg;  Simple, easy, logical, shorter  Keywords in domain for SEO  Your Name, Kids Names etc – to get control of your own email address. Eg: or © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – 17
  24. 24. Type of Domain Aussie (if targeting Australia):      Other .com, .info, .biz, .org, .name, .ws etc , etc © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – 18
  25. 25. Domains as an Investment Some Valuation Principles/Generalisations  .com – most valuable suffix  Non-hyphenated is more valuable  Short is more valuable (but longer high traffic keywords could be worth more)  High traffic keywords are more valuable  Numbers worth less than letters (eg Places to buy/sell domain names:    © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  26. 26. Domain vs Business Name One doesn’t create the other! So search in tandem (to make sure both available) If trading in SA, then need to register a business name or company name: Research names at National Names Index: May also want a Trademark: © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  27. 27. How to Register Australian Domains: AUD$45 per 2 years for Note: MUST have ABN, ACN, BRN to register a (tightly controlled) Other Domains: AUD$13 per 1 year for .com, .net, .biz etc No restrictions (except trademarks etc) © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – 19
  28. 28. Which host? What is a host?  Hard drive space that stores your websites files & resources. What does a host do?  Store your site and connect visitors to it  Manage your email  Record your web logs (statistics)  Databases  Shopping Cart installed  Autoresponder  Open source software installed  Backup wizards  What do you need to start?  Bandwidth - 1000MB (IGB)  Disk Space - 100MB  Windows vs Linux/Unix © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – 20
  29. 29. Three Examples © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – Basic (US$3.95 pm) Standard (AUD$10) Purpose Specific (digital products) (pci compliant)
  30. 30. Domain Delegation If you register your domain name and host separately then you must… Re-delegate your domain (ie tell the global internet address database where to find your site) Your DNS will look like:   © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  31. 31. Hosting Account Example (Cpanel) © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd –
  32. 32. The Domain Re-delegation Process © WebCare Holdings Pty Ltd – International Root Name Server (the “whitepages” for domains) New Web Host (eg Domain Registrar (eg This is where all the domain names in the world are indexed by URL and IP address. When you “re-delegate your domain”, your domain registrar advises this database the IP address of your new server. This is where you registered your domain. Every time you move servers, you must go back to your domain name registrar and “re-delegate your domain” to the new server (eg Your registrar will then notify the Root Name Server. When you change hosts, they will tell you what your server name is (eg and . Type this information into your domain registrar account - at the “Name Server Settings” (or something like it) and within 24 hours it will be active.
  33. 33. Contact Details Melinda Mayne Manager WebCare Solutions P: 1300 656 902 E: W: