Microsoft Word - Web Hosting Services


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Microsoft Word - Web Hosting Services

  1. 1. TCG America makes web hosting management easy… TCG America Web Hosting Services Enterprise hosting solutions for your business… Whether you're a professional Web designer, or “Our hosting services are just getting your business online, TCG America maintained in an has a Web hosting plan that's right for you. enterprise-class multi- homed network that utilizes multiple OC-12c Why host with TCG America? and GigE connections to Internet backbone » 1 source to facilitate domain name registration and providers. We use only web hosting the fastest, most reliable, » Experience and Expertise and secure servers.” » World Class Network affiliation » Top of the Line Web Hosting Servers » Uptime and Reliability » Windows 2003 Hosting Environment » Security and Web Analysis Tools » Redundant Systems » Complete Control Over Your Account » Flexibility » Price and Performance » 99.9% Uptime Guarantee -Easy to use Control Panel -Domain Theft Prevention System -Domain Privacy -Create and remove DNS records Technology Consulting Group America offers reliable, fast & secure web hosting for your domain. We on the fly offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, shared and dedicated virtual servers, CGI scripts, unlimited FTP accounts and hundreds of POP3 e-mail addresses (protected by virus scanning and spam filtering). Domain name Registration Register or transfer your domain with TCG America. We offer the same registration services as, Verisign and all other major registrars at a fraction of the cost. With an easy to use system to update domain contact, name server and DNS record information, we are the smarter alternative. E-mail Hosting Email Only Hosting is a good way to create an initial Internet presence for you or your company. Start advertising your domain name in your email address before you have a Web Site. Web Forwarding Web Forwarding allows you to point your domain name to any pre-existing web address. TCG America’s Web Forwarding service allows visitors to access your Web Site at There is no need to transfer files from one host to another or make domain configuration changes. Visitors are automatically redirected to your Web Site address seamlessly. Web Hosting Silver TCG America’s Web Hosting Silver is the most popular plan and is the perfect choice for Web Sites that require substantial Web space and bandwidth. All common scripting and database platforms are fully supported. A terrific plan for most Web Sites! Includes 500 POP3 e-mail addresses & 350Gb of drive space. Web Hosting Gold TCG America’s Web Hosting Gold is a powerful upgrade to our Web Hosting Silver plan. Bandwidth and Disk Space are increased significantly. If your website needs more power, this is the right plan for you. Virtual Private Server TCG America’s VPS (Virtual Private Server) solution provides a logical upgrade path for customers looking for advanced hosting solutions on a dedicated system. Each VPS is fully segmented from other VPS servers on the same hardware system, preventing any possible problems with resource distribution. If you require a fully managed server solution, then a VPS is the right choice for you. Server Co-Location Let us host your server in our hosting facility and have the peace of mind knowing that you're in good hands. All co-location space is in 19" rack mount cabinets in our highly secure, climate controlled Data Center. TCG America | 230 Lexington Green Circle | Suite 116 | Lexington, Ky. 40503 | e-mail:
  2. 2. Easy web hosting with Technology Consulting Group America provides the tools your business needs to manage your domain, e-mail accounts and website. Getting started Register your domain name and hosting account with TCG America. Search for the availability of your desired domain at . We can facilitate both the domain name registration and the web hosting account you require to get your business or organization online. E- mail or call a TCG America representative at 859.272.0080 to get setup! Logging in After you receive your admin username and password, login to your account at It’s your portal to manage your new hosting account. Management After successfully accessing your account you will view a management screen (Hosting Control Panel) listing Website/Domain Management. Click on it to access the domain you wish to administer. Then, click on your domain name on the screen. TCG America | 230 Lexington Green Circle | Suite 116 | Lexington, Ky. 40503 | e-mail:
  3. 3. Website/Domain Management At the Website/Domain Management screen, there should be a list of options (depending on the webhosting and/or domain name registration package you ordered). From this screen, your entire domain and hosting package can be customized. It includes simple basic functions such as creating POP3 e-mail addresses and multiple FTP accounts (for your website developers). It also includes advanced features such as modifying DNS settings or script installations. Reporting modules include disk and bandwidth usage and traffic reports. Note: If your domain is registered with Godaddy, Network Solutions, or another registrar, just log into your registrar account and point the domain name server to your new webhosting account: Nameservers Creating POP3 e-mail addresses If you’re not using an existing e-mail server, simply click on e-mail accounts to create your own POP3 e-mail addresses. You may add, modify or delete e-mail accounts from this screen. Active e-mail accounts are listed on the left. Include a password for each e-mail address that is created to require authentication for each user. Strong passwords include a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Editing POP3 e-mail addresses If an end user has forgotten a password, simply click on Modify and e-mail account, select the user and enter a new password for them to use. Alias e-mail addresses If generic e-mail addresses are needed like or simply go back to the Website/Domain Management screen and click on e-mail forwards. Create the e-mail address to be forwarded and select the e-mail address it is to be sent to. TCG America | 230 Lexington Green Circle | Suite 116 | Lexington, Ky. 40503 | e-mail:
  4. 4. Spam Control Now that e-mail accounts have been created, it’s important to control and limit unsolicited advertising, viruses and phishing. At the Website/Domain Management screen, click on Spam Blocking. The Spam Blocking screen provides both Basic and Advanced Spam blocking techniques. It is recommended that Advanced Spam and Virus Blocking be enabled. Web Mail Now that e-mail accounts have been created, they can be accessed over the internet at http://mail.your-domain-name.extention from anywhere you have an internet connection. Simply type in the address at your web browser and enter the e-mail address, password and click enter. TCG America | 230 Lexington Green Circle | Suite 116 | Lexington, Ky. 40503 | e-mail:
  5. 5. E-Mail Client If you prefer using an e-mail client like Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express instead of webmail, you may configure them using your e-mail address, password, and incoming and SMTP mail addresses of mail.your-domain-name.extention (example: Setup the incoming mail server as POP3. Make sure the reply address information is inserted and that the configuration settings are tested before exiting setup. Incoming messages will be downloaded into the client using POP3. The Imap option will keep the messages on the e-mail server, but allow viewing. Web Reports Web reports, from the Website / Domain Management menu, can be generated at any time, providing website traffic analysis about your website. This information may prove to be valuable when monitoring search engine optimization techniques and patterns of website visitor behavior. It includes geographic analysis, search engine referrals, page count, visitor statistics and keyword analysis tools. TCG America | 230 Lexington Green Circle | Suite 116 | Lexington, Ky. 40503 | e-mail: