IBM Managed Hosting - Linux virtual services


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IBM Managed Hosting - Linux virtual services

  1. 1. Reducing costs and enhancing efficiency with capacity on demand IBM Managed Hosting - Linux virtual services An e-business on demand solution for managed server capacity Capitalizing on e-business on demand running the Linux operating system— Highlights to help reduce costs without the up-front expense of buying Many customers today are suffering the physical hardware. As an IBM s Allows you to tap into server from server farm “sprawl.” As business e-business on demand™ solution, your capacity on demand, simplifying reliance on information technology (IT) IBM Managed Hosting - Linux virtual capacity planning and the Web grows, IT infrastructure services solution is delivered like a grows—and customers are faced with utility: you only pay for the processing, s Lowers up-front expense while constantly deploying new servers to storage and network capacity you improving performance with keep up. Each of these dedicated require, and can easily add more to virtual servers on IBM ^™ zSeries ® servers requires connections, middle- handle peaks or as your needs grow. ware, firewall protection, redundancy, Instead of physical Web, database s Provides rapid service backup, and more. The result: and application servers, your opera- deployment for a faster time constantly escalating complexity and tions run on virtual servers, hosted to market expense, a greater chance of problems and managed by IBM. A virtual server and performance issues, and more combines the elements of a physical s Manages workload peaks potential points of failure—plus the server—computing capacity, storage through flexible capacity mounting need for expertise to manage capacity and network capacity—in a capabilities it all. These problems have many security-rich shared hosting environ- s Consolidates workload on companies searching for new ways ment. Through the e-business on zSeries running Linux to help to acquire IT capabilities. demand concept and industry-leading reduce IT expense, complexity technology and experience, IBM With IBM Managed Hosting - Linux Managed Hosting - Linux virtual virtual services, you can consolidate services helps you improve the distributed server workloads onto availability and reliability of your IT robust IBM ^ zSeries servers environment while simplifying your infrastructure.
  2. 2. Solution Snapshot Complementary managed services are also available to help you optimize Required per solution Required per virtual server (Linux instance) your complete environment, and we • Linux server cage, which includes: • Linux instance management - Virtual router and firewall • Dynamic storage services can customize services to fit your - Base DNS and mail services • Service units specific needs. • Networking services (bandwidth) Available server types Additional options Offering mainframe performance • Linux server (managed) • High-availability services without high up-front costs • Linux Web server (Apache) • Linux assistance services • DB2® for Linux IT managers are all too familiar with the • WebSphere® Application Server for Linux dilemma of building and maintaining an • WebSphere Commerce Suite for Linux • Network-attached storage (NAS) for Linux IT infrastructure while facing limited budgets, multiple workload types, and Complementary and custom services the need for high availability and A range of complementary services—including storage and backup, monitoring and security services—are also available. Enhanced customized services are designed to meet specific needs, security. IBM zSeries mainframe servers and include virtual private network connections, advanced DNS and mail services, and provide power and performance, advanced firewall. but capitalizing on the strength of mainframe-class servers has tradition- Providing on-demand capacity for accommodate future growth or ally required a large, up-front capital optimum efficiency workload surges—so you can avoid expense and specialized IT expertise. Our experience with e-business wasting money on unused capacity. Hosting™ customers has shown that To further ease the burden of capacity IBM Managed Hosting - Linux virtual most companies overbuild their planning, you can easily add more services makes the power and reliability solutions with a capacity overhead capacity as your business require- of the IBM zSeries mainframe available of approximately 40 percent to cover ments dictate. to you without requiring you to purchase growth and peak workloads. Routinely the physical hardware. With Linux operating below maximum capacity, On-demand storage capacity also virtual services, you can avoid making however, means that money is enables you to buy only the storage a substantial up-front investment while being spent on a resource that you need. This allows you to optimize capitalizing on the benefits of capacity isn’t being used. your storage usage by eliminating on demand. In addition to lowering your separate, underutilized hard drives up-front costs, you can leverage a state- With Managed Hosting - Linux virtual housed on physical servers or of-the-art hosting infrastructure. Our services, you can purchase process- underutilized storage arrays. Linux world-class IBM e-business Hosting ing power by the “service unit.” Since virtual services leverages dynamic Centers™ provide redundant facilities you can purchase service units based storage services to help provide and around-the-clock monitoring to on your anticipated demand, there is discrete and reliable storage. help ensure virtually continuous no need to overdeploy capacity to performance and network availability. 2
  3. 3. The security-rich zSeries server platform Handling usage peaks with flexible options Consolidating the workload of your is the same platform already trusted by Workload surges, anticipated or distributed system onto virtual servers many of the world’s largest organiza- unanticipated, can cripple your on a zSeries running Linux helps you tions to keep their mission-critical company if the surge exceeds the improve system reliability while applications running around the limits of your capacity. Although simplifying system maintenance and clock. As the foundation of the paying for extra capacity is an administration. Because your workload zSeries platform, the revolutionary unattractive option, until now it has runs on virtual servers, your physical z/Architecture™ provides optimal been the only way to safely handle requirements are removed—you don’t flexibility in selecting, building and the workload surges you expect as need to purchase a mainframe or a rapidly deploying applications across well as those you don’t. physical cage. By cutting the number your e-business infrastructure, while of potential points of failure, workload taking advantage of zSeries availability Managed Hosting - Linux virtual consolidation gives you greater to ensure that your business is always services includes a ten-percent availability and reliability while reduc- up and running. additional processing capacity per ing cost. Delegating hosting and virtual server at no extra charge. This management of your solution to IBM Gaining a competitive edge through enables you to commit to a certain enables you to focus on the long- rapid deployment number of service units, based on the term growth of your company and Speed has always been crucial in average of your anticipated processing frees your IT staff from time-intensive business, but e-business has pushed needs, and still handle surges in your operational issues. the need for speed to new heights. workload. For further flexibility, Linux IBM Managed Hosting solutions can virtual services allows you to schedule Migrating to the Linux operating help you improve your competitive additional capacity for workload system can also help improve the position through rapid service peaks, such as batch processing, performance of your IT environment. deployment. As an e-business on without paying for capacity beyond The world’s fastest-growing server demand offering, Managed Hosting - your commit level. operating system—in large part due Linux virtual services enables you to to its inherent cost benefits, scalability deploy additional virtual servers Reducing IT expense by consolidating and reliability—Linux has a proven quickly once the initial service has your workload record as an enterprise-class operating been implemented. You also have Individual Intel-based servers system, providing the foundation a choice of “ready-to-go” server are relatively inexpensive, but the for more than 2,800 independent platforms, including an Apache-based associated operating expenses can software vendor (ISV) applications. Linux Web server, DB2 Universal quickly multiply. Software resources Choosing Linux virtual services enables ™ Database and WebSphere—plus need to be duplicated for each server, you to leverage these Linux benefits a managed Linux server environment and all server communication is done and reduce your dependency on that is ready for your own applications. through external networking hardware— proprietary operating systems. The reduced time-to-market from significant factors that can require a concept to service delivery can help great deal of time and expensive you achieve a first-mover advantage systems management skills to handle. or fast-follower capabilities. 3
  4. 4. Relying on the experience of a global team Hosting Centers, IBM Managed The people of IBM Global Services Hosting - Linux virtual services gives have extensive experience deploying you the equivalent to a physical and managing hosting solutions for infrastructure in a virtual environment— companies of all sizes. IBM Managed all backed by the expertise of IBM © Copyright IBM Corporation 2003 Hosting - Linux virtual services builds e-business Hosting™ professionals. IBM Global Services on this foundation of experience and Route 100 Somers, NY 10589 leverages our industry-leading For more information U.S.A. support for Linux and the zSeries To learn more about Managed Hosting - Printed in the United States of America platform. You choose the amount of Linux virtual services, contact your 10-03 All Rights Reserved compute capacity, storage capacity IBM sales representative or ask your IBM, the IBM logo, the e-business logo, the e(logo) and network capacity you need, and IBM Business Partner about IBM business on demand lock-up, the eServer logo, IBM does the rest. Provided through e-business hosting, and visit: DB2 Universal Database, e-business on demand, e-business Hosting, eServer, IBM e-business Host- our world-class IBM e-business ing, WebSphere, z/Architecture and zSeries are /e-business/hosting trademarks or registered trademarks of Interna- tional Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. References in this publication to IBM products or services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in all countries in which IBM operates. G565-1141-02