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Hurd I/T Email Hosting Services

  1. 1. Hurd I/T Email Hosting Services WebMail Hosting Services Dedicated Kerio Mail Server Hosting Kerio – Finally a hosted, affordable, reliable, and scalable mail solution Hurd I/T Communications can now provide your business with feature-rich and hassle-free hosted email services. Using Kerio Mail Server 6, your business can enjoy the same features and benefits you can only get from full featured email collaboration software, such as Microsoft Exchange, but without the large capital expense of maintaining your own network. Kerio Mail Server is a state-of-the- art groupware server allowing companies to collaborate via email, shared contacts, shared calendars and tasks. With advanced mobility features such as ActiveSync, Smartphone / Pocket PC, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, you are always connected. Email Groupware – Kerio, the affordable alternative to Microsoft Exchange More than just email, (also known as collaboration) the groupware features in Kerio Mail Server help groups and individuals work more productively, with elements like group calendars and public folders. With server-side storage and synchronization, email, calendar and contacts can be accessed from any platform, inside or outside the network, at anytime. As a leading Microsoft Exchange alternative, Kerio Mail Server comes with rich groupware capabilities for Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Entourage, WebMail, mobile devices and other groupware clients. Providing support for the popular groupware clients, transitions are smoother and easily adopted. Companies struggling under the maintenance burden of Microsoft Exchange can switch to a more practical software solution without losing their calendars or other collaboration features. Hurd I/T Communications 2106A Gallows Road Vienna, VA 22182 Tel: 703.442.3422 Fax: 703.288.9246
  2. 2. Supported E-Mail Groupware Clients Windows Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007 clients Windows Mail and Windows Calendar in Windows Vista Microsoft Entourage X/2004 Mac clients Apple Mail, Address Book and iCal Web Kerio WebMail and Kerio WebMail Mini for PDAs browser Treo, Windows Mobile, and Symbian Mobile BlackBerry through NotifyLink devices Apple iPhone Kerio Groupware Features: Outlook 2000/ Entourage Groupware Feature WebMail XP/2003/2007 X/2004* Email - sending/receiving Managing private calendar Real-time calendar notifications Sharing private folder Accessing public calendar Checking free/busy time Managing private tasks Accessing shared contacts Server-side sorting rule Sync to handheld Off-line mode ** Journals Notes * Some features require Microsoft Entourage 2004 SP2. ** Kerio Synchronization Plug-in Hurd I/T Communications 2106A Gallows Road Vienna, VA 22182 Tel: 703.442.3422 Fax: 703.288.9246
  3. 3. Kerio Mobile Email – Internet browser, Smartphones & PDAs Kerio Mail Server unifies access to email, calendar and contacts by synchronizing wirelessly with smartphones. Supported mobile platforms include Treo with Palm OS, Windows Mobile®, Symbian and BlackBerry. When traveling, use the Outlook-like WebMail client to easily send and receive messages, lookup contacts in multiple address books, maintain distribution lists, schedule meetings with clients or co-workers, share calendars or even get notified of upcoming events and tasks to be completed. Best of all, when you get back to your office, you can continue to use Outlook or Entourage and have all of your messages, calendars and contacts sync every time you login. For those of you always on the go, Hurd I/T Communictions offers WebMail Mini which is optimized for small-screen PDA devices. Also, Kerio Mail Server 6 will now support full synchronization with your Microsoft Mobile 5.0 Smartphone and Blackberry devices! Kerio Mail Server provides push email and wireless groupware data synchronization for the most popular smartphones and smartphone operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone. Windows Mobile® Windows Pocket PC® Treo Palm Symbian BlackBerry Apple iPhone Type of access Options Mail protocols POP3 / IMAP / SMTP Windows Mobile DataViz RoadSync Exchange ActiveSync Nokia Mail for Exchange Palm OS NotifyLink NotifyLink for BlackBerry Web WebMail & WebMail Mini iTunes Apple iPhone Hurd I/T Communications 2106A Gallows Road Vienna, VA 22182 Tel: 703.442.3422 Fax: 703.288.9246
  4. 4. Anti-virus protection & Virus Protection Within our Enterprise Kerio Mail Hosting environment, we can manage e-mail policies unique to your business.We tailor our solution to your needs, versus a global “one-size-fits-all” mail security policy.Whether you use Hurd I/T Kerio WebMail, Microsoft Outlook, or any other email clients, your inbound messages will follow the same policies will be enforced for securing your e-mail.Depending on your needs, we offer multiple levels of Anti-SPAM and Virus protection solutions. We deploy dual anti-virus controls using the integrated McAfee Anti-Virus and Grisoft AVG for stronger protection. For Anti-spam protection, a combination of content-based SpamAssassin and sender-based anti-spam tools in Kerio Mail Server significantly reduces the amount of unwanted email, helping to limit the legal hassles and security risks associated with spam. E-Mail Administration Uniquely designed for easy deployment and easy administration, Kerio Mail Server provides comprehensive features and integrated tools. Kerio Web Administration is a web-based interface that allows non-technical people to manage users and aliases in their domain from a browser. Our customers appreciate the simplicity of the Kerio Web Administration console since it provides them the ability to manage the key features of their e-mail hosting.Advanced management is done by our Network Operations Center which is available 24x7 with expert knowledge on the Kerio Mail Server hosting environment. SSL Secure Email - optional Regardless of what email application you use, sending and receiving sensitive information (such as financial or loan documents) couldn't be safer! Hurd I/T Communications can provide secure SSL Encryption, protecting you and your clients’ privacy.We can establish an SSL certificate for all e-mail transactions weather they are Outlook, Internet web browser, or mobile PDA based.End- to-end your e-mail is encrypted and secure. Archiving & Data Backup Hurd I/T’s Hosted Kerio Mail Server includes integrated archiving and backup to simplify server maintenance for no additional charge. The archiving and backup components are included with your mail hosting service at no additional fee.On Dedicated Kerio Mail Server environments mail archiving is available to meet SOX regulatory compliance issues. Mail Archiving helps organizations achieve email archiving compliance and protection against liabilities, Kerio MailServer archives all incoming and outgoing messages as they are delivered. Emails are stored in a separate directory so they cannot be deleted by the recipient. Archived emails can be viewed, searched and sorted in Kerio WebMail or with any IMAP client, making audits and legal discovery simple. Data backup is done using our EMC Insignia Backup Service which provides real-time data backup and our off-site disaster recovery solution to protect your valuable data. Hurd I/T Communications 2106A Gallows Road Vienna, VA 22182 Tel: 703.442.3422 Fax: 703.288.9246