The real secret


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The real secret

  1. 1.
  2. 2. In addition to being consistent withmodern science, the HawaiiDiet™ isguided by universal values asembodied in traditional
  3. 3.  If we could regain the simple understanding of spiritand nature which was common to our ancestors,we would once again be able to solve thedevastating epidemic of chronic diseases which killmost of us. In the modern, developed world, these major killerdiseases are linked to diet and lifestyle. Unfortunately, our diets and lifestyles havesignificantly changed since ancient
  4. 4. 1. HawaiiHawaii has become a place where peoplecome for healing. The word "Hawaii" translated toEnglish means, "the breath (ha) and water (wai) oflife from God (i)" — a perfect formula for
  5. 5. 2. Lokahi: "Oneness, unity"The central principle to understand is lokahi.Lokahi literally means "consensus." From ahealth perspective it means "harmony,""oneness," "wholeness" and that "all things areconnected." In the deepest sense, lokahimeans that "we are connected to everyoneand everything —whether person, land, or thelarger universe."
  6. 6. If we understand this principle, we beginto understand the wisdom of the ages.For example, if we understand lokahi, wewill realize through the principle of lokahi,we are connected to that
  7. 7. The concept of lokahi when applied to diet gives usone of the most fundamental principles of theHawaii- Diet™.In the HawaiiDiet™, the food table described as a"Food Mass Index" (SMI or EMI) helps us select foodsthat would be more
  8. 8. From the perspective of health, it means that if weestablish pono or "righteousness" in relation to thelaws of the universe that govern our health, diseasewill disappear and health will be restored. Thisincludes eating the right foods, thinking the rightthoughts, and doing the right things, always withaloha in our hearts and always mindful of the giftsof life and health that God has given
  9. 9. For example, in America, we center our diet onanimal products. What is considered our "maindish" is beef, pork, chicken, fish, or other flesh foods.The traditional ways of eating were alwayscentered on a starchy staple product that servedas the principal food and an abundance ofvegetables.If we eat and live in harmony with our environmentaccording to the traditional cultural ways of ourancestors, health returns. This is why theHawaiiDiet™ is based on traditional cultural waysof
  10. 10. The common meaning of aloha is the well knownsalutation of "hello," "goodbye," or "love." In a deepersense it means "universal love" — the love for everyoneand the embracing of all people, creatures, and things.Universal love permeates the fundamental spirit ofHawaiian culture. I prefer to call it a cultural "tossedsalad," where the blend works well and creates adelightful mix of flavors, yet each individual culturalflavor remains unique.If we make these principles a part of our lives andoptimize our health based on the application of theseprinciples, we may undergo an inner
  11. 11. Mana means life force or spiritual energy in peopleand things.Once again this is a universal concept found in thegreat civilizations of the world. In China, it wascalled "chi." In Japan, it was called "ki." In India, itwas called "prana," and in the Christian religion itwas simply the "spirit of God in all people andthings."
  12. 12. For example: in Hawaiian tradition, if you offeredfood to a passing stranger, you were in factoffering food to the spirit of God within that person.If we regain the understanding that the ancientHawaiians possessed of the nature of the universe,we would see the answer to many difficultproblems that afflict our society
  13. 13. Ano ano literally means "seed." In the Hawaii-Diet™, there are several underlying meanings tothis word. When used to refer to the ancientcreation myths, it means "the seed of all things."
  14. 14. In most Hawaiian teaching, this concept describesa method used by some kahunas, or priests, to helpcreate a reality by planting a seed of thought inones mind and nurturing it into physical reality. It issimilar to what we could now call visualization.If we are to achieve anything of true value in thisworld, we must first be sure that the plan is pono or"righteous" in the Lords
  15. 15.  Sit quietly and search your soul, see truly what it isyou desire, then make sure it is in harmony withGods plan. Pray, and if it is in Gods plan, He willgive you what you ask. Ask for guidance to ensure that what you want isgood for all involved. State clearly in detail the condition that you wantwith words, numbers, data. Be specific about whatyou
  16. 16.  See this end result in full detail with color, soundand action. Remember, ". . . faith is the substanceof things hoped for, the evidence of things notseen." [Hebrews 11:1] Feel what it will be like to have this desired resultcome to fruition. Do not tell others about the seed you have plantedfruition. It is enough that God knows. Pray for the results each day with the words youhave chosen and give gratitude as you see andfeel this result as already
  17. 17. These seven steps are powerful. Knowing how tomake them work is a great responsibility and it mustonly be used with the understanding of theprinciples described above: lokahi, "we are allconnected"; pono, "we must exercise these powerswith righteousness"; aloha, "we must do this workwith universal love"; and mana, "there is an unseenlife force, i.e., the spirit of God in everything."
  18. 18. Most of all, we must exercise these sevensteps to further worthy objectives that fallwithin Gods plan, for in the end all else
  19. 19.