The real secret


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The real secret

  1. 1. byTerry T. Shintani, M.D., J.D.,
  2. 2. The Hawaii Health Program was conceived in part as aresponse to the high rates of death from chronic diet-and-lifestyle-related diseases among the Native Hawaiians.The material poverty sets the stage for poor health. Ifnurtured properly, spiritual and cultural strength may setthe stage for the recovery of good health if applied
  3. 3. For todays health crisis, the "real secret" was in the basicprinciples of the way they looked at health. Ive explainedfive of the principles in chapter 3 of this book along with asixth concept that foreshadows an ancient prophesy ofHawaii as a World Center for health. If you apply theseprinciples to your life, there is great potential for healingyour body, mind and spirit.We turned peoples health around - even those with verydifficult health problems. We got peoples blood sugar,blood pressure, and cholesterols
  4. 4. The program was so successful that it was published inscientific journals and won the highest national awardfrom the US Secretary of health.It is called the "Hawaii Health Program" and the"HawaiiDiet™" in honor of the region where it was born,and also because of the spirit of the Hawaiian people.If enough people become healthy based on these principlesthey can become the building blocks of world
  5. 5. Do NOT change your diet or exercise level withoutguidance from your medical doctor, if you have healthproblems or are on
  6. 6. The purpose of this cookbook is to help youmaximize your health and minimize your
  7. 7. On the HawaiiDiet™, Hawaiis Governor BenjaminCayetano reduced his cholesterol from 234 mg/dl down to162 mg/dl.And then there is Ellen K., who told me: "This is thegreatest diet in the world," as she stepped on my officescale. She had lost 60 pounds after years of failing on everyother diet. She looked better than she had in years, her skinwas glowing, and she had new vitality and a renewed zestfor
  8. 8.
  9. 9. • Lose weight without counting calories or portion sizes;• Learn how to select foods that help you lose weight;• Maximize your health;• Minimize your need for medications;• Increase your energy level;• Provide you with a new perspective on health that willhelp you stay healthy for a lifetime;
  10. 10. This program is not a diet in the conventional senseof the word. It is, rather, a health program that shows you how tolose weight by maximizing your health with- out so-calleddieting.Whereas most weight loss diets rely upon deprivation andrigorous willpower, the Hawaii-Diet™ Program utilizes yournatural enjoyment of eating. It shows you how to replaceunhealthy, fat- promoting foods with healthy, delicious foodswhich satisfy in every way.Or perhaps you are more concerned about your health thanabout your weight. Maybe you are battling a health problem suchas high blood pressure, high choles- terol, or maybe a touch
  11. 11. I invite you to use this book to apply the timelessprinciples of health embodied in traditional Hawaiianconcepts through your diet and lifestyle and makethem your own, at least in terms of your diet andlifestyle and strive to apply them to other aspects ofyour life. It is an important first step to healingourselves, and healing the
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