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The real secret


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The real secret

  1. 1. HawaiiDiet CookbookbyTerry T. Shintani, M.D., J.D.,
  2. 2. Whats In This Diet For You?What, exactly, can you expect from this health pro- gram? In this simplestep-by-step plan, this book will help you: • Lose weight without counting calories or portion sizes; • Learn how to select foods that help you lose weight; • Maximize your health; • Minimize your need for medications; • Increase your energy level; • Provide you with a new perspective on health that will help you stay healthy for a lifetime; • Provide you with delicious recipes that will make the meals a
  3. 3. WhatIs theHawaiiDiet™?
  4. 4. The HawaiiDiet™ Is a Whole PersonProgram.The HawaiiDiet™ includes the enhancement of the healthof the whole person, including spiritual, mental, emotionaland physical aspects, through the focus on food and diet. Itincludes exercise, stress reduction, and a perspective on lifeand health based on an understanding of universalprinciples as embodied in traditional Hawaiian conceptsand a faith in God. When all of these aspects are inharmony, your health is maximized. And when your healthis maximized, your excess weight dis-appears automatically.Energy levels increase and you become more effective inevery way. You may even notice a measure of spiritualgrowth that may affect you in very personal
  5. 5. The HawaiiDiet™ Is a No-deprivation EatingProgram.There is no calorie counting or portion size restriction onthe HawaiiDiet™. It is an "all you can eat" health programthat emphasizes the type of food eaten rather than thequantity of food eaten. In fact, in our studies, people windup eating MORE food than ever and still lose weight. Formore information about the science behind thisphenomenon, please refer to my books: Dr. Shintanis EatMore, Weigh Less® Diet and Dr. Shintanis Eat More, WeighLess®
  6. 6. The HawaiiDiet™ Integrates ModernScience with Ancient Wisdom.The HawaiiDiet™ employs the best of both worlds:It seeks to integrate ancient wisdom with modern science. Leadingedge research from nutritionists and physicians is beginning to supportthe value of the HawaiiDiets™ approach. New information on thebenefits of eating whole grains, vegetables and fruit is a lesson in whyour ancestors rarely suffered from chronic, diet-related diseases thatplague us today, nor did they have problems with obesity. They knewsomething that we are only beginning to relearn. Therefore, while theHawaiiDiet™ is grounded in good science, it looks to ancient wisdomfound in traditional Hawaiian principles and employs this wisdom as acompass for the present HawaiiDiet™ Program, as well as for
  7. 7. The HawaiiDiet™ Is Based UponTraditional Eating Patterns.In my research into traditional diets, I began to seepatterns established with regard to the traditional/ ancientdiets of the healthiest, longest-living cultures. With fewexceptions, the healthiest traditional cultures ate a dietsimilar to that of the ancient Hawaiians in macronutrientcontent, and also practiced lifestyle principles similar tothose of ancient Hawaii. This made it easy to draw uponthe wisdom of the ancient Hawaiians to provide anexample of optimum diet and lifestyle
  8. 8. Therefore, Hawaii is used as a model for many traditionalcultures: the diet and lifestyle principles are basic to thoseof most other ethnic groups, with few variations in regionaltastes, food availability, and cultural practices. To simplifythe application of this concept, a diagram known as the"HawaiiDiet™ Pyra- mid" is used to assist in the selectionof types and combinations of foods. The diet is high inwhole complex carbohydrates, very low in fat, has little orno cholesterol, and is high in plant-based
  9. 9. The HawaiiDiet™ Is Not "One-Diet-Fits-All" Program.Because the HawaiiDiet™ is based on traditional diets frommany cultures, it recognizes that some individuals may beadapted to different dietary patterns than others. Forexample, a higher fat Mediterranean- style diet may beacceptable in individuals who are adapted to such a diet.The HawaiiDiet™ allows for the tailoring of the diet to fitindividual needs and genetic make
  10. 10. The HawaiiDiet™ Uses Foods ThatAre Commonly Available.Because the HawaiiDiet™ embraces traditional eat- ingpatterns from cultures around the world, the choices offoods are virtually endless. The diet can be made of foodsthat are available in your local supermarket and are simpleto prepare, or it can be made of foods that are exotic andprepared by a gourmet chef. Thus, the HawaiiDiet™ can beused by anyone and incorporated into their lifestyle for therest of their
  11. 11. The HawaiiDiet™ Is High in MassIndex.The "Mass Index of Food," or "SMI," (whichstands for the Shintani Mass Index of Food) is a newconcept in the evaluation of the weight-loss-inducingeffect of food. It is also known as the "Eat More Index,"or "EMI," described in my other book, the original Dr.Shintanis Eat More, Weigh Less®
  12. 12. The SMI is one of the tools which will simplify the dietfor you and which will make it easy to stick with theHawaiiDiet™ for the rest of your life. This index is afood table found at the back of this book and ingreater detail in Dr. Shintanis Eat More, Weigh Less®Diet book, which distils the quality and quantity of anygiven food down to one easy-to-read
  13. 13. How Easy Is the HawaiiDiet™?How easy is it to make a quick meal at home? Howeasy is it to dine on the inventions of some of the bestchefs in Paradise? In the recipe section, youll find awhole range of dishes, from simple to gourmet. Inaddi- tion to home-cooking recipes and fast foodrecipes, youll also find dishes from RoyYamaguchi, Peter Merriman, and Mark Ellman — allworld-class
  14. 14. Youll also find recipes from some of Hawaiis familyand consumer science teachers, who also offer up acornucopia of home-spun dishes and first-classcuisine. And youll find delicious, traditional foodsfrom all cultures — a reflection of the wonderfuldiversity of Hawaiis multicultural society.Most of the recipes are selected for their ease ofpreparation and for the availability of the ingredients.Whether youre a seasoned cook or just abeginner, youll find something here that works
  15. 15. You can make your recipe choices based on theHawaiiDiet™ Pyramid, and based upon the "SMI."With the range of recipes and these two handyprogram aids, youll soon find yourself eating mouth-watering meals based on many cultures cuisines fromHawaiian- Pacific, to European, to Asian, to the rest ofthe
  16. 16. An InvitationI invite you to use this book to apply the timelessprinciples of health embodied in traditional Hawaiianconcepts through your diet and lifestyle and makethem your own, at least in terms of your diet andlifestyle and strive to apply them to other aspects ofyour life. It is an important first step to healingourselves, and healing the
  17. 17.