Lose weight while you sleep


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Lose weight while you sleep

  1. 1. WebHealthForYou.com
  2. 2. WebHealthForYou.com
  3. 3. Doing What Comes Naturally:Fight back! The best thing you can do tocompensate for a familial or genetic tendencyto be overweight is to be proactive andmaximize the Natural Fat Burning FactorsWebHealthForYou.com
  4. 4. Natural Fat Burning Factors andEssential Strategies to Burn MoreCaloriesWebHealthForYou.com
  5. 5. – sleep more to weight lessSleep. that restful, healthfulthing we do each day. Itrejuvenates the body. Itrestores the soul. It allowsus to awaken feelingrefreshed and renewed.BUT…..Can sleep help you controlyour weight?WebHealthForYou.com
  6. 6.  How do you lose weight while you sleep?Regular exercise bumps up your restingmetabolic rate and helps you burn morecalories at rest. Even while you sleep! ! Thus, ifyou do exercise regularly, you will soon beginto “lose weight while you sleep”.WebHealthForYou.com
  7. 7.  But there‟s another newer set of findings aboutsleep that may be just as important.Researchers are finding that sleep and howmuch of it you get regularly has an importanteffect on hormones that regulate your appetiteand regulate your metabolism. Need more information about this? Visit WebHealthForYou.comWebHealthForYou.com
  8. 8. Now, before you turn down the covers, fluff up yourpillows, and prepare to snore your way to a healthyweight, there‟s something you need to know aboutsleep and weight. Getting the right amount and theright kind of sleep is just as important as getting theright kind and the right amount of food.WebHealthForYou.com
  9. 9.  Sleeping too much may be a symptom ofdepression, but too much sleep can alsocontribute to depression. The impact ofdepression on the human body is welldocumented. It lowers energy levels andreduces motivation, and that makes it hard toestablish and maintain good diet and exercisehabits.WebHealthForYou.com
  10. 10.  A preventative as well as a solution fordepression is within everyone‟s reach andthat‟s the right amount of sleep. Just onenight of sleeping less than you‟re used to, astrategy called "wake therapy," has beenshown to induces rapid and dramaticimprovement of mood in about 60% of alldepressed patients. More info? Visit WebHealthForYou.comWebHealthForYou.com
  11. 11.  There‟s a common misconception about the best way tolose weight. For many people, the whole story can besummed up with the phrase, “Eat less and lose more.”That‟s true, but it‟s only part of the story. Eating less tolose weight may work in the short term, but it fails as along-term approach to achieving and maintaining youroptimum body weight. Here‟s why…WebHealthForYou.com
  12. 12.  Making sure you eat enough is the first wayyou can reset your Fat Furnace. Eating enoughfood actually counteracts the body‟smechanism of slowing down the burning ofcalories. In other words, eating is good fordieting.WebHealthForYou.com
  13. 13.  Your Resting Metabolic Rate can change inresponse to how much you eat. Thus, it isimportant to satisfy your hunger so that yourbody gets the signal that it has enough food tosurvive and that you are not starving. Thissignal tells your body that it doesnt have toslow down the burning of calories and that itdoesn‟t have to work to conserve body fat.WebHealthForYou.com
  14. 14. WebHealthForYou.com
  15. 15.  Every time you eat, your body begins to burn caloriesfaster as a result of the work it has to do to digest thefood. This actually contributes an increase to yourResting Metabolic Rate. Don‟t get too excited…yet.Because we all have our own natural eating pattern,and if you keep eating the same way you always have,there will be no net change in your metabolic rate.WebHealthForYou.com
  16. 16.  This makes it clear that to lose weight and turnup the heat on the Thermic Effect, you need tomake changes in your eating patterns. Formost people, those changes begin with theNatural Fat Burning Factor of eating enough.In addition, another Natural Fat Burning Factoris the type of foods you eat.WebHealthForYou.com
  17. 17.  What you eat will also have an effect on the rateat which you burn calories because certainfoods automatically cause you to burn caloriesfaster or slower; regardless of whether or notyou‟re were exercising.WebHealthForYou.com
  18. 18.  Lean body mass is just another way of sayingmuscle mass. Our Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR),what you now know is the rate at which we burncalories while we are at rest, is largely determinedby how much muscle mass we have in our bodies.(This is especially important when selecting aweight loss program, because most diets cause youto lose muscle mass as well as fat mass.)WebHealthForYou.com
  19. 19.  Why is lean body mass so important? Muscle burnsmore calories at rest than fat. This is because musclecells are much more active than fat cells due to theirbasic functions. Muscle cells are constantly burningenergy to allow our bodies to move, to repairthemselves, to grow in response to exercise, and toreplenish energy that they burns during activity. Bysharp contrast, the only real function of fat cells is tostore energy in the form of fat. This requires very littleenergy.WebHealthForYou.com
  20. 20.  Do simple, home-basedexercises that requirestrength such as push-ups, sit-ups, or stair-stepping for starters.Make strength traininga part of your life, andyou can retain themuscle mass that willhelp you burn caloriesfaster and help you loseweight while you sleep.WebHealthForYou.com
  21. 21. WebHealthForYou.com
  22. 22.  „Diet‟…‟weight loss‟…‟exercise‟… For mostpeople, these words have very negativeconnotations like deprivation and hard work.But I want to reverse the polarity of yourthinking and show you that what you think isnegative is actually positive. In this chapter,you‟re going to learn how to get a natural„high‟ -- and more fat burning potential – fromfunWebHealthForYou.com
  23. 23. One of the best ways to be active is to choosesomething to do that is fun. (Remember, thischapter isn‟t about „exercise‟ per se, it‟s abouthow to “play your fat away.”)Its important to choose something that youlike to do because thats the best way to ensurethat you‟ll keep doing it. As long as you‟rewilling to make a commitment, you‟ll seeresults.WebHealthForYou.com
  24. 24. WebHealthForYou.com
  25. 25.  The FDA regulates dietary supplements, butthey are regulated differently from other foodsand from drugs. That means you need to takeadditional care in choosing yours.WebHealthForYou.com
  26. 26.  Is intended to be eaten in addition to a regular diet Contains one or more dietary ingredients(including vitamins; minerals; herbs or otherbotanicals; amino acids; and other substances) ortheir constituents Is intended to be taken by mouth as a pill, capsule,tablet, or liquid Is labeled on the front panel as being a dietarysupplementWebHealthForYou.com
  27. 27.  You‟ve taken a giant step forward to achievingyour ideal weight goals. You‟ve increased yourknowledge and learned practical ways to applywhat you know to your daily life. You‟velearned to re-calibrate your “setpoint” at ahigher level, to fire up your “Fat Furnace,” soyou are burning calories the easy way, withouttrying to override your basic biological drives!WebHealthForYou.com
  28. 28. For more info visit:WebHealthForYou.comWebHealthForYou.com