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Hawaii Diet Cookbook 2013 (spiral- updated2b) by Dr.Terry Shintani (Paperback) - Lulu


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Hawaii Diet Cookbook 2013 (spiral- updated2b) by Dr.Terry Shintani (Paperback) - Lulu

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  3. 3. Doing What Comes Naturally: Fight back! The best thing you can do to compensate for a familial or genetic tendency to be overweight is to be proactive and maximize the Natural Fat Burning Factors
  4. 4. Natural Fat Burning Factors and Essential Strategies to Burn More Calories
  5. 5. – sleep more to weight less Sleep. that restful, healthful thing we do each day. It rejuvenates the body. It restores the soul. It allows us to awaken feeling refreshed and renewed. BUT….. Can sleep help you control your weight?
  6. 6.  How do you lose weight while you sleep? Regular exercise bumps up your resting metabolic rate and helps you burn more calories at rest. Even while you sleep! ! Thus, if you do exercise regularly, you will soon begin to “lose weight while you sleep”.
  7. 7.  But there‟s another newer set of findings about sleep that may be just as important. Researchers are finding that sleep and how much of it you get regularly has an important effect on hormones that regulate your appetite and regulate your metabolism.  Need more information about this?  Visit
  8. 8. Now, before you turn down the covers, fluff up your pillows, and prepare to snore your way to a healthy weight, there‟s something you need to know about sleep and weight. Getting the right amount and the right kind of sleep is just as important as getting the right kind and the right amount of food.
  9. 9.  Sleeping too much may be a symptom of depression, but too much sleep can also contribute to depression. The impact of depression on the human body is well documented. It lowers energy levels and reduces motivation, and that makes it hard to establish and maintain good diet and exercise habits.
  10. 10.  A preventative as well as a solution for depression is within everyone‟s reach and that‟s the right amount of sleep. Just one night of sleeping less than you‟re used to, a strategy called "wake therapy," has been shown to induces rapid and dramatic improvement of mood in about 60% of all depressed patients.  More info? Visit
  11. 11.  There‟s a common misconception about the best way to lose weight. For many people, the whole story can be summed up with the phrase, “Eat less and lose more.” That‟s true, but it‟s only part of the story. Eating less to lose weight may work in the short term, but it fails as a long-term approach to achieving and maintaining your optimum body weight.  Here‟s why…
  12. 12.  Making sure you eat enough is the first way you can reset your Fat Furnace. Eating enough food actually counteracts the body‟s mechanism of slowing down the burning of calories. In other words, eating is good for dieting.
  13. 13.  Your Resting Metabolic Rate can change in response to how much you eat. Thus, it is important to satisfy your hunger so that your body gets the signal that it has enough food to survive and that you are not starving. This signal tells your body that it doesn't have to slow down the burning of calories and that it doesn‟t have to work to conserve body fat.
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  15. 15.  Every time you eat, your body begins to burn calories faster as a result of the work it has to do to digest the food. This actually contributes an increase to your Resting Metabolic Rate. Don‟t get too excited…yet. Because we all have our own natural eating pattern, and if you keep eating the same way you always have, there will be no net change in your metabolic rate.
  16. 16.  This makes it clear that to lose weight and turn up the heat on the Thermic Effect, you need to make changes in your eating patterns. For most people, those changes begin with the Natural Fat Burning Factor of eating enough. In addition, another Natural Fat Burning Factor is the type of foods you eat.
  17. 17.  What you eat will also have an effect on the rate at which you burn calories because certain foods automatically cause you to burn calories faster or slower; regardless of whether or not you‟re we're exercising.
  18. 18.  Lean body mass is just another way of saying muscle mass. Our Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), what you now know is the rate at which we burn calories while we are at rest, is largely determined by how much muscle mass we have in our bodies. (This is especially important when selecting a weight loss program, because most diets cause you to lose muscle mass as well as fat mass.)
  19. 19.  Why is lean body mass so important? Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. This is because muscle cells are much more active than fat cells due to their basic functions. Muscle cells are constantly burning energy to allow our bodies to move, to repair themselves, to grow in response to exercise, and to replenish energy that they burns during activity. By sharp contrast, the only real function of fat cells is to store energy in the form of fat. This requires very little energy.
  20. 20.  Do simple, home-based exercises that require strength such as push- ups, sit-ups, or stair- stepping for starters. Make strength training a part of your life, and you can retain the muscle mass that will help you burn calories faster and help you lose weight while you sleep.
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  22. 22.  „Diet‟…‟weight loss‟…‟exercise‟… For most people, these words have very negative connotations like deprivation and hard work. But I want to reverse the polarity of your thinking and show you that what you think is negative is actually positive. In this chapter, you‟re going to learn how to get a natural „high‟ -- and more fat burning potential – from fun
  23. 23. One of the best ways to be active is to choose something to do that is fun. (Remember, this chapter isn‟t about „exercise‟ per se, it‟s about how to “play your fat away.”) It's important to choose something that you like to do because that's the best way to ensure that you‟ll keep doing it. As long as you‟re willing to make a commitment, you‟ll see results.
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  25. 25.  The FDA regulates dietary supplements, but they are regulated differently from other foods and from drugs. That means you need to take additional care in choosing yours.
  26. 26.  Is intended to be eaten in addition to a regular diet  Contains one or more dietary ingredients (including vitamins; minerals; herbs or other botanicals; amino acids; and other substances) or their constituents  Is intended to be taken by mouth as a pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid  Is labeled on the front panel as being a dietary supplement
  27. 27.  You‟ve taken a giant step forward to achieving your ideal weight goals. You‟ve increased your knowledge and learned practical ways to apply what you know to your daily life. You‟ve learned to re-calibrate your “setpoint” at a higher level, to fire up your “Fat Furnace,” so you are burning calories the easy way, without trying to override your basic biological drives!
  28. 28. For more info visit: