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Vicki Cammack, Tyze Personal Networks


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Vicki Cammack of Tyze Personal Network's presentation at the Business of Aging 2012 Summit held at the MaRS Discovery District, April 30, 2012.

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Vicki Cammack, Tyze Personal Networks

  1. 1. Care | Connect | Contribute Vickie Cammack President & CEO
  2. 2. Our Experience & Partners• Founded by PLAN, an organization that has been replicated internationally; 20 years of experience creating personal networks• Tyze was created to broadly distribute PLAN’s strategic approach to addressing isolation and creating networks.• Highlighted as one of the world’s most innovative ageing products in Financial Times
  3. 3. There are over4 million unpaid caregivers in Canada. Whoare they?
  4. 4. Working caregivers in Canada: Almost 1 in 10 quit work to care 22% take 1 or more months off work 41% say their mental health suffered 38% say their physical health sufferedCanadian Caregiver Coalition. (2010); Health Care in Canada Survey (2006); Cumming et al., (2008); Chambers, Ryan & Connor, (2001)
  5. 5. What do workingcaregivers want? Informational, Instrumental Multi-dimensional & & Emotional Support Flexible Programs Canadian Caregiver Coalition. (2010); Health Care in Canada Survey (2006); Cumming et al., (2008); Chambers, Ryan & Connor, (2001)
  6. 6. Tyze createspersonal, private, secure, online networks.
  7. 7. Features I was reflecting today how meaningful it’s been for me to be a member of Kim’s network. Being with you all on this journey has been amazing and inspiring. Kim really wants to take Ken to a Seahawk’s game and I say we help her make it happen! Who’s in?
  8. 8. How Tyze is Different:
  9. 9. Governments, health and social care providers benefit from cost efficiencies and increased serviceeffectiveness by employing collaborative approaches to care.
  10. 10. NetworkModel of Care
  11. 11. NetworkModel of Care
  12. 12. The First 100 Years
  13. 13. Where we are
  14. 14. Case Study • Change is fastCaregiver Perspective • Allows for global Updates updating of community • Visiting schedule complex Scheduling • Updates invaluable • Hand-picked and private Private • Staff involvement negotiated
  15. 15. Case Study • ExpandingStaff Perspective support to Empowering families • Staff and user empowerment • New use of technology Expansion • Learning and growth opportunities • Support for Health changes to Outcomes activities of daily living
  16. 16. Case StudyOrganizational • HealthPerspective Improved Outcomes Outcomes • Social Outcomes • Experience of care recipients • Relationship with Value to care recipients Organization and families • Health promotion • Innovation in collaborative care teams Innovation • Caregiver and person support • Technology
  17. 17. Research Areas
  18. 18. 80% Tyze “Tyze helps me plan social engagements.”Strengthens 78%Connections “Tyze helps me feel more connected” Phone calls – family dinners – celebrations
  19. 19. 91% Tyze “Tyze helps me Facilitates share information” Information“I was able to keep up to speed on a crisis situation, getting regular updates” Sharing Schedules – updates – appointments – photos
  20. 20. Tyze 75% “Tyze helped me work with others toHelps people provide care and support.”Help people. 70% “Tyze helped me contribute to a care task” Assign tasks – pitch in – contribute
  21. 21. Everyone Benefits • Cost efficiencies • Improved health • Improved health and and social outcomes Governments social outcomes Individuals • Practical tool for self- management• Reduced absenteeism Employers• Improved productivity • “Share the care” Caregivers • Reduced stress levels Organizations• Extension of services Community • Clear and simple way to• Communications & Healthcare contribute fundraising vehicle Providers • Improved care coordination
  22. 22. Care | Connect | ContributeWe are better together