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Social Networks and Health Care - MaRS Global Leadership Series


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Social networking platforms have changed the way we build and manage relationships, but how have they impacted health care?

Find out how social networks can fill gaps in our current system of health-care delivery and support improved quality of care.

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Social Networks and Health Care - MaRS Global Leadership Series

  1. 1. MaRS Global Leadership SeriesSocial Networksand Health CareWednesday, June 22nd, 2011
  2. 2. Joseph Hayduk, 86!The New York Times, Feb 13, 2009
  3. 3. Diabetes apps already flooding the marketfrom both hobbyists and diabetes productproviders.
  4. 4. The next generation diabetes app is ... mobile encourages active self monitoring provides teachable moments allows communication with " parents and providers creates engagement and adherence " through a social community promotes positive health behaviors " through rewards
  5. 5. 11  
  6. 6. MaRS  Global  Leadership  Series:  Social  Networks  and  Healthcare  Don  Dennison  Director,  eHealth  and  Regional  Health   22-­‐Jun-­‐2011  
  7. 7. About  Me  •  With  Agfa  HealthCare  for  almost  10  years  •  Based  in  Waterloo,  ON,  Canada  •  Manage  R&D  team  responsible  for  products  used  in   mulF-­‐facility  regional  projects  •  Director-­‐at-­‐Large,  Board  of  Directors  of  Society  for   Imaging  InformaFcs  in  Medicine  (SIIM),  2011-­‐2013  
  8. 8. Uses  for  Social  Networking  in  Healthcare  Delivery  is  Varied   •  OperaFonal:  Hospitals  to  engage   paFents  (appointment  reminders,   informaFon  events,  noFficaFon  of  test   results,  etc.)   •  Clinical:  PaFents  to  gather  informaFon   on  their  healthcare,  collaboraFon   among  care  team  members   •  PaFents  to  advocate  for  alternate   treatment  adopFon  (e.g.  weight   control  surgery  to  treat  type  II   Diabetes)   •  ParFcipaFon  in  palliaFve  care  
  9. 9. Social  media  sites  help  paDents   make  healthcare  decisions  22-­‐Mar-­‐2011  hTp://­‐media-­‐sites-­‐help-­‐paFents-­‐make-­‐healthcare-­‐decisions   Methods  Used  By  PaDents  to  Gather   Likely  or  Very  Likely  to  Use  Social  Media  to   InformaDon  (%)   Make  Healthcare  Decisions   100   Likely  or   94   Very   75%   Likely   75   25%   50   PaDents  Level  of  Trust  in  Social  Media   25   32   Very  Low   High  or   18   18   8%   2   Very  High   0   32%  
  10. 10. Study:  Hospitals  Facebook  use  is  Poor  28-­‐Feb-­‐2011  hTp://­‐hospitals-­‐facebook-­‐use-­‐poor   6%  of  Hospitals  have  >10,000  Fans   <40%  of  Hospitals  Posted  Daily   Posted  Less  Than   <10,000  Fans   Once  a  Day   Posted  Daily   >10,000  Fans   63%  of  Hospitals  had  no  Feedback   <50%  of  Hospitals  Posted  Info  on  Events   No  Feedback   No  Posted  Events   Feedback   Posted  Events  
  11. 11. Americans  not  ready  to  use  social   media   to  talk  to  their  doc  24-­‐Mar-­‐2011  hTp://­‐84-­‐percent-­‐americans-­‐wouldnt-­‐use-­‐social-­‐media-­‐talk-­‐their-­‐doc   PaDent  Preferred  Methods  to   More  Than  5  of  6  Respondents   Communicate  with  Their  Doctor  (%)   Would  Not  Use  Social  Media   to  Communicate  with  Doctor,  If  Offered   75   85%   56   50   52   50   48   18  to  29  Year  Olds:  %  That  Would   Use  Online  Forum,  If  Offered   Would   Use   25   21%   E-­‐mail   Online   Medical   Online  Bill   Appt.   Record   Payment   Booking   Access  
  12. 12. Americans  want  docs  to  be  online  3-­‐Mar-­‐2011  hTp://­‐want-­‐docs-­‐be-­‐online   PaDent  Preferred  Methods  to   Likelihood  to  Switch  Doctors  if  Online   Communicate  with  Their  Doctor  (%)   Access  Offered,  By  Demographic  (%)   100   75   75   81   59   50   50   56   25   29   25   0   0   Would  Schedule   Would  Like  Secure   GeneraFon  Y   Baby  Boomers   Appointments,   Method  to  Access,   Complete  Forms   Share  Their  Medical   Online   Info  
  13. 13. AddiDonal  Reading  Social  media  insights  from  a  digital  strategist  hTp://­‐media-­‐insights-­‐digital-­‐strategist  Social  networks  offer  opportuniFes,  pihalls  for  radiology  hTp://  
  14. 14. Social NetworkingImpacting the Healthcare Continuum
  15. 15. Social Networking? •  “Allows users to share Ideas, Activities, Events, and Interests, within their individual networks online”
  16. 16. Social Networking? •  Patient Centred vs. Group Based
  17. 17. Personal Impact •  Loss of my colleagues daughter
  18. 18. Great Example •
  19. 19. Scenario •  A Rare Genetic Disorder
  20. 20. Great Example •
  21. 21. Social Networking for Clinicians •  What about the big picture?????
  22. 22. Laying The Groundwork • eShift
  23. 23. Video
  24. 24. Inverted Pyramid