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Sales & Biz Dev with Krista Jones - Entrepreneurship 101


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How are you going to sell your product? Learn the principles of “selling value” to your customers, with a special emphasis on the challenges of sales for technology start-ups. Get tips for dealing with stakeholders and distributors and learn how to manage risks and problems.

Get practical tips for making sales calls, including how to successfully close a sale and follow-up with potential customers.

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Sales & Biz Dev with Krista Jones - Entrepreneurship 101

  1. 1. Sales & Biz Dev
  2. 2. Sales is a process
  3. 3. Sales Sales Skills Prospecting need Asking Questions Finding “Pain”special Uncovering Budget Gaining Commitment skills Personal Skills Goal Achieving Resilency Self-starter Reslts Oriented Self Management Job Skills Product or Industry Knowledge Sales Experience Market Knowledge Education
  4. 4. Sales has different channels Increasing Account Inside Direct Solution Size Sales Sales Selling And Importance Retail / Indirect / Online Partners Increasing Complexity of Transaction
  5. 5. Types of Indirect Channels Let your Customer help you choose Big is not always best for a start up PARTNER MARKETING
  6. 6. A Sales Funnel is fundamental Prospects 10% Validated 25% 1 in 10 chance of Qualified 10% Best Few 90% success at each stage Won Start up is closer to POST 1 in 25
  7. 7. Sales needs material Marketing campaigns Sales Sheets Presentations Reference Story Prospects 10% Solution Sales Sheets Customized Presentations Validated 25% Demo Sponsor Letter Custom Value Proposition Qualified 10% Solution Blue Print Proposal Best Few 90% Specific Pricing Won Implementation Billing POST Customer Management Stable Operations
  8. 8. Web based sellingSame odds, different tactics
  9. 9. Stakeholder   Map   Economic  Buyers   User  Buyers   final  authority  to   use  or  supervise  the   release  the  funds     use  of  your  product   Technical  Buyers   Coaches   judge  and  rule  on  your   guide  you  in  the  sale   product’s    specs   Create WIN WIN with each.Determine and rank degrees of influence honestly. Analyze your position with each honestly.
  10. 10. Deal Structures Partners Licensors Simplicity Pilot Reference Revenue Margin
  11. 11. The 10-3-1 rule For every You may get To generate 10 cold to make 3 1 sale calls made presentations
  12. 12. Good sales people face rejectionevery day and still smile!
  13. 13. Value Proposition is everything
  14. 14. The Sales Pitch Be clear on .. •  what’s in it for them •  meeting purpose •  your value proposition •  time alllotment •  who’s attending •  facilities
  15. 15. The 10 essential slides •  Title •  Problem hook •  Problem explanation •  Customer impact •  Big idea insight •  Solution (value proposition) •  Underlying magic •  Team and credentials •  Partners and customers •  Summary
  16. 16. Use Visual Communication
  17. 17. This is not art.This is business.
  18. 18. Appeal to their
  19. 19. Start Strong.
  20. 20. Have a memorable and actionableending. Have a memorable ending.
  21. 21. Every pitch is different.
  22. 22. A pitch is a dialoguenot a debate.
  23. 23. Your deck is not your script.
  24. 24. Honesty is the only policy.
  25. 25. Sales is a people process
  26. 26. Listen to the Customer 2 ears & 1 mouth Use in that proportion!
  27. 27. Sales & Biz Dev